Phillips Family Reunion: Family Pictures

A BIG thanks to Emily and Lexie for sharing these pics with me! They do good work, as you can see from these pictures!

The whole family:

Grandparents and Grandkids:

The babies:

Our Family:

Hubba, Hubba:





Some of my favorite pictures ever of my kiddos.


Phillips Family Reunion: Willow Park

Willow Park, it changes, but it doesn’t. If that makes any sense at all.

We took a stroll around the the zoo after listening to some live music and eating some pizza.


Phillips Family Reunion: hanging out

We spent plenty of time in the backyard, we ate many dinners there, including one for Sophie’s Baptism

There were minute to win it’s, there were handstand contests, we had lots of good times back there. 🙂

Lorelei loved to play with Issac and Issac’s toys. 🙂

We also got tried to get a few shots of the babies (all born with in a year), so fun to see them all together!


Phillips Family Reunion: Time at the River

We spent a night at the river, eating at Big J’s on the way up, and catching a few minutes of the Preston Parade,
Elliot got this cowboy hat. A new big hit around our house. Oh the simple things!

Then off to enjoy the river we went!

We roast marshmallows and sang songs

We floated the river, these two finally started to ‘settle in’

played in the sandbox and the swings

enjoyed good food, and good company.
Miles shared his Thomas the Tank Engine

Cousins got to know each other

Patrick and Lorelei

cousins cooking together

With Grandma

Lorelei got to wear the hat

Elliot and Miles got to plant their trees! And make their stepping stones.

At the end of the two days, Elliot fell asleep eating a cracker, very shortly after he’d been buckled in.


Phillips Family Reunion: Swimming at Logan Pool and Farmers Market (#1 Going to the pool for fun.)

I came home from Girls Camp, and left later that afternoon with happy kids to Logan! Brian and Lexie came to town, so for two weeks, we ran back and forth from Logan and Idaho to home, enjoying the company and fun of family.

The following posts are some of the highlights, all gathered from our camera, families blogs and Facebook pages. Thanks family for letting me steal your pics!

First swimming at Logan Pool



Tucker jumped off the high dive for the first time.

And Lorelei and I just relaxed next to the pool

And then the Farmer’s market, where we listened to some fun music and grandma bought the kids some balloon animals


Phillips Family Reunion: North Logan Parade

I love parades, and I believe that this parade is one of the best. It draws a big crowd, with big floats, good candy, but it’s still has that ‘little town’ feel.


Girls Camp : Camp Hashi

Hashi is the indian word meaning Sun. And I happily and excitedly helped in all the preparations leading to camp, but as it got closer, there was a shortage of leaders. So with our bishops approval, Lorelei and I got to go spend the week with the Young Women in the ward. It was an AMAZING week. I am surrounded by girls and leaders who are amazing, and the unity and love just was shared in abundance. I know the girls and leaders, testimonies grew, and I will forever remember this camp, the girls and our campsite in the shadow of the Manti temple.

The YW and other leaders, including the priesthood took such good care of Lorelei. She did phenomenal. (She had a rough night one night, but was EXCELLENT the rest of the week!) We shared a tent together and she was loved and cuddled by so many people (I think she was hardly ever put down!).

I know it was such a great week due to all the hard work put in by so many of the leaders.
One of the YW (Jessie Wind) put together this video

I put a password on this video, because it is not just a majority of me and my family. For those of you in the ward it is our Bishop’s Last Name. Any one else, please leave me a message/comment on this post and I will send it to you, or email me. 🙂

And lastly, the only reason I was able to go and help, was because of an incredibly supportive HUSBAND! and family and friends who helped me watch my older children. A huge thanks to all those who helped with Camp Hashi!


Trafalga, la-la-la-la-LA! (Part one of #15 Boondocks, golfing and rides …(The rides part!) )

A perfect way to spend the summer day! This day, was a busy one at the park, and I felt especially outnumbered, and felt like I was constantly counting kids, so hence the lack of pics.

WE always start with the bumper boats, (Perfect for a hot summer day, but not any other time of the year!)

The boys LOVE the laser tag part, Truman especially and the two big boys did it a couple times that day. Tucker climbed all the way to the top of the rock wall, I missed video-ing it, but I did get his next climb. He’s a brave little boy!

Elliot loves the airplanes, and Lorelei was content just to be. (We are so lucky to have such a relaxed baby! We love her so much!)
A great afternoon.


Greene Cousin Day and Tucker get’s his WOLF!

When the stars align, and we didn’t have anything planned for the day after Horseback riding lessons, we were grateful when Ikey and Belle were able to come and spend the day with us!
What a great day it was!
We did lots of fun things, including paper crafting:

and playing Wii
(I can’t get the video to work of this, I’ll keep trying and post it later)

and that night, we all went to celebrate Tucker earning his WOLF!

Toph was out of town, so I was grateful for my mom coming to help!

Tucker also was the spokesman for the flag ceremony.

Sure proud of this boy! It was a lot of work to get his BEAR, but he happily and excitedly worked hard to get it! Congrats Tuck!

WE love you, and keep working hard, because we know you can do Hard things!


New Park = Better than gold!

We just discovered a new Splash park a short ten minute drive from our house, you better believe that we became frequent visitors of the splash pad and park!

(This day the boys were cold, as the sun had disappeared behind the clouds! Hence the grouchy faces!)
It is nice because there is a playground and splash pad, with tables between…so I can watch everyone! Can’t wait for the warm weather to return, so we can return there too!