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Happy Birthday Brother Eric.

So, our kids are spoiled. They have so many aunts and uncles who love them.

And after our trip to Disneyland, it was apparent Uncle Eric was loved. He was chosen nearly every ride by either Tucker and Truman, as a ‘riding buddy’.

Eric is my youngest brother, and is an awesome one. And I am not going to wax on, but want him to know that the world is a better place because he is part of it.

I love you Eric. Happy Birthday!!

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A weekend with the Cousins, and another weekend with other Cousins….

First off, thanks for all the warm birthday comments, emails, phone calls…it was a fantastic day. I appreciate you thinking of me!

I’m still playing the catch-up game! 🙂 So here’s what we’ve been up to.
The past few weekend, we have been with cousins. Have I mentioned how much I love family??

Last weekend began the cousin weekend spree—

With a great event, my Cousin Leslies wedding. It was a beautiful wedding in Park City, and I loved being able to spend the day with Leslie and Brandon celebrating their union.

Somehow all our pictures of Leslie, came out blurry, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t in charge of photography 🙂
Here is her arrival on the fire engine:

During the ceremony, the bridesmaids, and look at Leslie’s Beautiful Dress, with the red inlay, it was so stunning (again, I wish ALL of my other shots weren’t blurry!):

How we kept Truman quiet during the ceremony:

Leslie and Brandon, during the ceremony:

And here are a few shots, while everything was getting ready:
Greene Cousins-


After the ceremony, we got a shot of the boys in the fireengine:

The location was beautiful, with a beautiful tree. The boys played, and played, and played in it.

Then after the tree, the boys couldn’t resist sitting on the fire engine:

It was such a good day, and such good company. We’re so happy to have Brandon in our family!

Also, that weekend, we were able to have dinner with some more cousins, Amy and Jordan Phillips. I wish I would’ve broken out the camera, but didn’t. We had a great Sunday Dinner with them, and a great visit, which we’re especially grateful for, considering they might be moving soon! Thanks again for coming guys!

Then this last weekend, Toph and the boys headed to Logan for more cousin-ey goodness…Big O’s Super Hero Birthday Bash. Which I am so sad that I missed. I have the most amazing sister in laws. Case and point. Take a look at the capes Em sewed for the guests… So DARLING. It has re-ignited the Super Hero in Truman. I wish our Air Conditioning in our car hadn’t gone out, so I could’ve been there, but here are the highlights, and my understanding of what happened:
The capes and treasure hunt:

Which led to a Pinata:

And of course the birthday boy and cake:

The boys always leave these events so happy and tired, and what wondeyful events and people to be celebrating!


Happy Birthday to Emily!

Hello Friends and Family of Emily Ann-

Take a moment to leave a Happy Birthday comment for my most wonderful hubba and mother who is celebrating her birthday today!

Happy Birthday Hubba!

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Ready or not, Kindergarten here we come!

As I write this post, Tucker is sitting in his Kindergarten Classroom–for his first day of Kindergarten. How time flies.

He was up late last night, with butterflies in his stomach because of nerves, (I used to get those too), then he woke up early this morning, got dressed, and came up this morning. He told me, “I didn’t know what time it was so I got dressed quick, so we wouldn’t be late.” We still had 3 hours until school started. Plenty of time, and nothing to worry about. But sweet that he was so excited to be there.

We had a leisurely morning of adjusting the new clothes (Can I tell you how much I love adjustable waistbands? They are the GREATEST thing ever.) And taking off all the tags, then some toast and eggs, get the backpack ready, Spiked up the hair with the gel, snapped a few pictures,

then it was time for the walk around the corner to school. (which we walked with our great neighbors, the Teasdales) For me, it was too short. But Tucker couldn’t seem to get there soon enough.

We found the door with the Stars (his classroom),

took a few pictures, then Tucker insisted on being first in the line after the bell rang, to get into classroom.

He didn’t even look back, he found his backpack hook, and his desk, and was ready for school!

Truman tagged along the whole way, (being a super Truman, hence the cape) and running alongside his big brother. Every once in awhile stating, Yeah, I am going to preschool next week. (Which I can’t believe either, but that’s another post, for another day!)

And in case you’re wondering, no I am not crying as I write this post. But I did get teary eyed as I walked away from the door!

And of course, I am excited to go pick him up, to find out how it went. But I am sure it was perfectly wonderful.

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A very Happy Unbirthday to You!

Well, I am behind on many things in my life, including Birthday Wishes to so many of the people I love…. I do believe that Late is better than Never!!! So happy birthday, love you all!

My Brother-in-Law, Dallin Paul

My niece, Sophie

My Brother-in-law, Patrick

My nephew Michael

My nephew Owen

And my niece Nora,

All of these Birthday are with in Three Weeks of Each other!!! Better late than Never, Love you all!

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Love this song. And I am sure it’s probably been around for a long time!
But I do love when I find songs that I feel comfortable listening to with my children. And that they like too… Don’t get me wrong, we do love Raffi, Wee Sing, Veggie Tales, etc… But this is nice, take a listen…

Plus, this song makes me want to be a better momma. What more can you want?

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Summer is Ending and I’m crying about it. Really.

Where has our summer gone? It’s ENDING!!!!

And with being so pregnant, this was not the summer I imagined it would be! I had big plans for this summer…the summer before Tucker starts school was going to be one he remembered full of grand adventure, bonding moments, learning teaching moments…

The reality of my boys getting bigger and older is weighing heavily on me right now. I feel like I haven’t been able to be the best mom for my two little boys over the past few months. And there were so many things we were going to do this summer, that just didn’t happen. And I am having a hard time grasping the end of the summer is approaching, and my boys are growing, and Tucker is starting Kindergarten next week! I have began wondering if I have taught him everything he needs to know. Does he know he is a Child of God, and so should never worry about what that inevitable bully is going to say, will he remember to say please and thank you, does he know that he is such the sunshine of my soul and that smile of his can light up any room, does he know not to talk to strangers, and what to do in case of a fire? These and so many other questions and thought have been running over in my mind! I can’t believe how fast the past 5 1/2 years have gone by!

So when my Friend Diana posted about this song on her BLOG, I found it on you tube, and promptly began to cry and cry and cry as I watched it.

I would like to blame it on my pregnancy hormones that brought on the tears…but I don’t know if that is a fair statement!

I’m going to treasure these moments, and I will remember them, ’cause I know I am going to miss them, even if they aren’t all grand adventures–

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Vacation Day Ten–Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog.

Again, my prego body was not handling this vacation thing too well, I woke up this day feeling not so good. Thankful again for so many helping hands, to help getting things packed, loaded, watching children, cleaning up things, and get ready for Condo checkout.

In the car, we were off– not sure if we were going to crash in Vegas or go all the way home. I was grateful again for the DVD Player, especially as I fell asleep, Toph was able to drive, and the boys were content to watch movies for a few hours. I didn’t even wake up when they stopped for gas, stopped to go to the restroom and get snacks, or anything. What good travelers my boys are!

And I was grateful that I was able to sleep (I NEVER can sleep in the car, except apparently when I am pregnant?!?! when I apparently can sleep through everything?!?!?). Toph Drove, Drove, and Drove.

Traveling was going so good, that we decided to keep on driving all the way home. We arrived shortly after 11 PM. And I was grateful to climb into my bed.

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jog.

Now, if only I can convince Truman that we went to California when he says, “Phalifornia (California) here, wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee come!!!”

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Vacation Day Nine–California Adventure

We weren’t sure if we were going to spend three days of Disneyland and California Adventure, but after watching your children on the rides, and having fun together as a family, it was enough for me. The boys were having a great time, so we headed back for our last day.

I wasn’t feel stellar, but was excited to be there, and again, thanks to the help of the other 5 adults, I didn’t hardly push a stroller, or lift a child. Making it alot easier to be healthier!

Again, the highlights.
The carousel:

Watching the riders:

While walking around we met some characters:


Walle: (They were super excited!!! Tucker even decided to be in this one!)

By the way, Toph didn’t shave the whole time we were on vacation, look at that scruff:


Amy and Tuck:

Love this shot of us all walking:

While the big kids went on the Tower of Terror, mom and the boys and I went to the Playhouse Disney show, and the boys loved it,

we saw Little Einsteins,

Handy Manney,

and Mickey,

It was a fun interactive show, complete with ‘leaves’ falling from the ceiling, bubbles, and a good time!
What’s not to Love about the Bugs Life Section of California Adventure:
Before the movie:

The Heimlich ride:

The bumper bugs:

look at Amy and Erics Funny faces on this one, good laugh:

The twisty teacup lady bugs:

The flying high juicebox ride:

Another one of our favorite rides, was the Buzz Lightyear Shooting ride:
My potato head talks to you:

It was a 3D shooting ride, and lots of fun. Tru and I rocked the house 🙂 :

Another favorite was this soaring ride, so much fun:

There were alot more ‘big kid’ rides at California Adventure, here’s a pic on the Screamer:

With the help of Trumans lifts, he was able to get on all the rides he wanted to go on, besides the Jellyfish one. The man checking height was pretty particular. Tuck and Gramps were able to go though:

The boys, minus Truman, went on this wild ride, not getting as wet as we thought they were going to!

All our days at Disneyland, the boys searched for Wall-E toys, only to be disappointed that the good ones had been totally wiped out. They only had little small yellow plastic wall-e’s and weren’t planning on getting any more or new stuff in until Christmas. What?!?!?!
There was nothing to be found anywhere, so Tucker and Truman had to choose a different toy, Buzz Lightyear, Zurg, their cars, and some of those plastic Wall-E toys. Thanks Grams and Gramps!

The pixar parade was by far one of my favorite moments of our time at Disneyland. And honestly, the funnest parade I have ever seen! So much fun! We saw so many of the characters that the boys love, while they sprayed water at us!! Christopher was behind the camera, but I think I was just as excited as the boys were! I love seeing things they’ll love.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube with the fun Parade:

Yummy, yummy dinner at the Italian Restaurant…

Then all the kids left the park, and my mom and dad stayed to watch the fireworks, and enjoy Disneyland just the two of them.

Hurray for vacation!!

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Vacation Day Eight–Recovering, Balboa and the Beach…

This day, being pregnant became a reality again. I wasn’t able to go out with the family this day, and spent the day recovering on the couch. And honestly, I was grateful, I was able to get to this point, with out being this sick, and having to rest up like this any sooner. This week was the best I had felt this whole pregnancy up to this point! So I didn’t feel to bad about recovering on the couch, although of course I felt back to miss out on the sights and being with the fam!

My understanding of the day was this: They went to Balboa Beach, got a frozen banana and then back to Corona Del Mar Beach, to see if they could dig and find more of those creatures.

They didn’t find any more creatures, but they did make their own pool…

And of course, they found the seaweed:

Obviously not too many pics, but from what I heard, it was a great day.