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Look at those Mad Sk-zils…

Truman got a new swing for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Phillips, and Truman wanted it up….after a trip to the hardware store, Toph was ready to hang it, little did I know how he was going to do that….Look at this:
And done…
Yeah, I am the luckiest woman alive….now I know where my children get there ‘part monkey’ genetics from….
Once it was hung, we had to try it out…
Truman of course was first, it was his birthday present after all…
Tucker couldn’t wait to get on it, but soon was swinging so high, and off he went,
Then Truman jumped on again….
To help with the learning process with the swing, it is like 2 inches from the ground, perfect for the little legs to get on, and closer to the ground when they fall! Can you tell by the huge smiles on their faces that they love it? Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Phillips, Truman and Tucker will have HOURS of fun on the swing!

Topher Tucker

Art Work

Lately Tucker has been really into art again. He has his spurts where he enjoys doing different creative things, right now he is into drawing, and I LOVE these pictures from his notebooks…
(I love the little ‘robot tv’s’ that he draws in this one…and just the crazy world they live in, swooping lines, and happy thoughts)
(This is the first time I have seen him draw a volcano, and he drew a top secret door, which leads to a top secret lab in that one…creative little mind at work)
(I love the rocket with the robot snapping at the top of that one and all of the crazy stairs! Do you see that rainbow thing in the middle? That is actually a cave, with another top secret door…)
Funny thing is, Toph always talks about his notebooks, he used to love to do the same thing when he was younger. Genetics are a strong thing!

Emily Tucker


So, this school year has been a great one for our Tucker.
Being there a couple times of week he can’t help but learn and grow in many ways, and for the most part enjoys going to school. It is fun to watch his growth…My friend Jamie (Austin’s Mom), recently got to attend an Easter Party at Tuckers Class, and took a few shots of him in action in the classroom. I love these pictures, because they remind me of a couple of things about this year, I don’t want to forget.
Tucker loves to play with they toys in his classroom. He loves it so much, that he wants to be one of the first ones in the classroom, and therefore is a stickler for being on time. He likes to be there first so that he can finish his worksheets quickly, and get to have some ‘freetime’ to play with the toys, before the next activity. And when I say finish his worksheets quickly that is what he does. I have watched from the door, as well as seen his worksheets that he brings home. He sits at the table, only to grab the first crayon he can reach, and scribble through the work. If the page requires coloring, he slashes the crayon around coloring everything in a quick motion. His concentration is intense, and he works hard and then as quickly as possible, he is off to the toys, which brings up another story. Apparently, after playing, when it is time to put away the toys, Tucker wanted to be able to play with the same toys again, at the next ‘freetime’, so instead of putting them away, he had been hiding them in the piano. yep. In the piano….At first I didn’t know whether to laugh or scold, after I heard this story. But after a good discussion, about the piano story, we came to the conclusion, that it is important to share toys, put them back where they go, and listen to teachers. He told me he won’t hide the toys in the piano anymore. Now I can think I can get a little bit of a chuckle out of it.

Topher Truman Tucker

Another First of the Season…

Warm enough to get a good tree climbing session in.
Toph was cleaning our car, it needed a good cleaning, I was inside still being sick. While Toph was working hard, the boys, and neighbor, Austin, climbed, and climbed and climbed.
I love this picture, even while he is climbing in trees his pants won’t stay on!
Cute head…
I think these boys might be part monkey…

Emily Truman

Where did you learn that?

So Truman loves to do this….We have gotten a lot of stickers during the past week, for random things (Easter, Dr.’s Appointments, in the mail), and everytime, this is what Truman does with them…
What?! And then, he leaves them there for a couple of hours. I think it’s funny, and it’s even funnier to think about that this is where he thinks stickers should go, and I love the fact that he doesn’t care what others say about it either–If only he can remember this and be true to himself throughout his life. It is more important to do things that you love, than to worry about what others think. I hope as a mother, I can help you learn this lesson early on, and help you be true to yourself, even if it is a little bit silly!

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Easter Traditions,

Toph took the boys to the Phillips Last weekend to participate in the Phillips Family Easter Celebrations, here are some of the wonderful pics he and my sis-in-law Em took.
Hanging out with the cousins

Dying the Easter Eggs

Tuck Man
Cutie Madalyn
Riding in the car up to throw the eggs down the hill
Have you seen a bigger smile?

Throwing the Eggs down the hill
(please note, I STILL don’t understand this tradition of throwing eggs, but the boys love it! )

Walking down the Hill


Easter Egg Hunt

Waiting to begin
Team Work
Silly Tuck by his tree
The spoils
Uncle Patrick and Paul
Madalyn–look at that sweet face…
Trumans Last Birthday Party
Opening Presents
He got a new orange ball!
A new lightening shirt (that he wants to wear all the time! Ka-Chow!!)
Ava sleeping….
And another tradition…the hot dog roast…
And what is a holiday without traditions? Now this years traditions have been recorded.

Emily Topher Tucker

Back on my Feet…

I still have not been feeling quite up to par, this was a bad cold for me, and today, I feel like I am finally getting my feet back under me.
It has been over a week now, and Tucker did something that made me laugh. A few days ago, He posted this sign next to our front door….
He used a couple of colors, although the pencil is hard to see, he has written the word ‘Mom’ on the bottom. I am not entirely sure the other letters are, but he told me it was to let everyone know I was sick.
Apparently he was marking our house as contaminated, which I don’t blame him, I haven’t gone out but twice since I’ve been sick, and the only reason I am in somewhat good shape today is because of my hubba (who took a day off of work) and my mom…
…And how is it that Moms know just what to do to make you feel better?
My mom arrived for three days this week, cleaned my house, made me chicken noodle, split pea soup, and ham and potato casserole. She brought me water while I lay in bed, made sure I took my medicine, let me nap, and watched my children, so I could do so!
There is great comfort in mothers. I am blessed to have one who cares so much about me and my family.
Thanks to her and my hubba
who ‘held the fort down’ which is no easy task with my two crazy boys, trust me, I know…I am one lucky woman.


my Easter thoughts….

“i am not what I ought to be, i am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world; but still i am not what i once used to be, and by the grace of God i am what i am” (john newton)

This Easter Weekend, my body finally succumbed to the cold bug that has been circulating around the neighborhood, and it WIPED me out. I was left in my bed, too tired to move, but unable to sleep. My thought wandered, and I didn’t do a whole lot of pondering, but did do a little bit of thinking.

My thoughts turned to our Savior, to his resurrection, and the true meaning of this season. I do not have a life threatening disease, I do not have any chronic illnesses, but being sick in any form, makes you long for healthier better days. Whatever they may be. But I am blessed. Blessed with the knowledge that our Savior has risen again, and overcome the chains of these earthly bodies.

For me, my weekend was not filled with wonderful Easter Services, egg hunts, deviled eggs, and time spend with extended family, but I did have my testimony strengthened by the reminder “i am not what I ought to be, i am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world; but still i am not what i once used to be, and by the grace of God i am what i am” (john newton)

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Dinosaur Museum…

Last week we had another adventure, (and of course a wonderful time) at the Thanksgiving Pointe Dinosaur Museum.
Unfortunately, our camera battery died, 🙁
Fortunately we accidentally started at the end of the museum, where there were more hands on exhibits were, and therefore more fun pictures….
Excavating some Dino Bones
Building a Dinosaur Habitat
Do you think these boys are brothers?
I had to post these pictures, because they make me laugh. I was trying to get the boys to look at me and the camera… First they look one way, and then the other, oh well!
The Dinosaur we Built–After I took this picture, I saw the big sign, “PARENTS DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN CLIMB ON THE DINOSAUR”. oops.
After the battery died, Toph came and we went to the 3-D Dinosaur Movie, and I *wish* I would have had my camera, so I could have taken video of Truman grabbing at the 3D Images that stuck out. He really thought that he should be able to get them, and continued time after time to keep grabbing them!
I love going to museums, and this was no exception. But one of the most awe inspiring things for me was standing underneath the brontosaurus bones, and looking up, at how huge and tall it was. Toph said it perfectly when he stated, “It gives me a new appreciation for our Creator, and the majesty of his creations.” True, true…


Super Truman!

(I wrote this post like 2 months ago, I don’t know why I didn’t Publish it…So I know there has been alot of Tru posts lately, but here is one more!)
So one thing Truman just loves is, Superheroes. Here are some of the fun things he is doing:
Wearing his Cape constantly–being Dash or Hercules, depending on the day.
Dressing in Red–Because Dash wears red.
Playing Planet Heroes, wearing containers on his head to be like Ace in Space (he’s an astronaut type figure)
(like the halloween shirt? I keep hiding it, and he keeps finding it. I have got to find better hiding spots!)
When we are creating things, he likes to create superhero items, Here is Ace in his cake box rocket. Awesome, uh?
Here he is pretending to be Spiderman on his scooter(filmed with the help of Tucker)—
When I ask Truman what he wants to be when he grows up, he says, he wants to grow up to be a hero. With that kind of attitude, you can’t fail…