Phillips Family Reunion: Time at the River

We spent a night at the river, eating at Big J’s on the way up, and catching a few minutes of the Preston Parade,
Elliot got this cowboy hat. A new big hit around our house. Oh the simple things!

Then off to enjoy the river we went!

We roast marshmallows and sang songs

We floated the river, these two finally started to ‘settle in’

played in the sandbox and the swings

enjoyed good food, and good company.
Miles shared his Thomas the Tank Engine

Cousins got to know each other

Patrick and Lorelei

cousins cooking together

With Grandma

Lorelei got to wear the hat

Elliot and Miles got to plant their trees! And make their stepping stones.

At the end of the two days, Elliot fell asleep eating a cracker, very shortly after he’d been buckled in.