Happy Birthday LIttle Brother!!

Today is Erics Birthday. Eric is my only younger brother, and we’ve had many adventures in our day…

Eric is always willing to lend a helping hand, and an all around awesome guy.

Love you buddy, hope your day is fantastic!


Laugh out Loud….

Seriously. I think I’ve seen this before, but I still laughed out loud, and after a difficult shopping trip, It makes me appreciate shopping with ‘ONLY’ my three little children. Can you imagine shopping with this man?

honestly, I’ll take my three children any day.


Who would of thought..

that fancy toenails, and shaved legs would keep me smiling all day long?
It’s sometimes the little things, that don’t happen as much with three little children, that just make you happy.


So True…

“Spiritually, we need children as much as they need us.
They are our spiritual wealth.
Children teach us the joy of building goodness that will outlive our own.
They teach us the joy of loving someone more than self. That love lifts one to give from the abundance of one’s own life to help a child.”

Russell M. Nelson


the Hunsaker and Call Family Reunions

One of the wonderful things about Reunions, is the chance to get together as family. Especially with the Calls, we don’t get to see them often enough, and plus the reunion was at the Cabin. The boys love being at the cabin.

We were able to be there to celebrate Grandma Hunsakers Birthday with her.

Don’t you love the matching shirts? They have become the favorites of my boys. They wear them often.

And at the end, there was even a canoe race. Jeremy and Ryan vs. Ellis and Eric. Ellis and Eric won the race, but it wasn’t without a price: their canoe tipped at the finish line!



My oldest baby is growing up, and today he’s gone.
ALL. DAY. LONG. (Which is seeming like forever without this sweet face)
First Grade, where did the time go?

And he was so excited to go (He even chose out his ‘awesome-est robot shirt’ to make a good impression with the teacher), And he was ready to go until he remembered about the mean bully Preston. Then he got sick to his stomach, and couldn’t sleep the night before last.
We visited the classroom yesterday, met the teacher, (she’s new this year), and found out Bully Preston wasn’t in his class. (hurray!)

He was excited to see his very own desk,
which he is going to fill with his Robot Pencil box, created by himself, since we couldn’t find a robot one,
And he gets to sit next to our next door neighbor, and a good friend. All wonderful things!

The only bad news is, that Bully Preston is a smart one. He’s got a ‘army’ of classmates, who he recruits to link hands, and go capture others during recess.

Tucker is worried about that army. And can you blame him?

Thank heavens for the Power of the Priesthood, and the comforts of a fathers blessing.

It was the perfect way for him and me, to begin this year.
We headed off this morning, and with no trepidation or looking back, he went right into his classroom and then to his desk.
I can’t wait for him to come home, so I can hear how first grade was…And what he had for lunch…And if he got to use his new school supplies…And how his teacher was….What books they read…. Only 117 minutes to go, ’till I can find out 🙂

And oh yeah, that Preston had better stay far, far away from my boy.

And, no we haven’t finished our summer adventure posts yet…there’s more of those to come! 🙂


Make New Friends,

But keep the old,
for one is Silver but the others’ Gold.

One of the most amazing gifts my Heavenly Father has blessed me with was my college roommates. These ladies have seen me through some crazy moments, as well as as wonderful and some not some wonderful. They helped me, loved me, were patient with me in so many ways.

As my roomie Abby said, after meeting together “I love seeing you fulfill your role as mothers.” And I echo her remarks. I hope we can stay friends through all the many phases of life…… Right through to retirement.

Love you girls, can’t wait to see you all again.


A big Happy Birthday

to the Big O.
It’s nice to have a pal like Owen around, when fighting bad guys, or just playing cars.
We love you buddy! Hope your 4th Birthday is a terrific one!


Yummy, yummy

We’ve started it,
And it took him a few minutes, but once he figured out that the food in front of him was better than the saftey belt strap, there’s been no looking back.


Happy Birthday

We hope all your magical wishes and dreams come true today, and this day is full of nothing but sunshine and rainbows!
We love you and wish you were closer, ‘Cause the boys want to party today with you!
Happy Birthday, and know we Love you!