Trafalga, la-la-la-la-LA! (Part one of #15 Boondocks, golfing and rides …(The rides part!) )

A perfect way to spend the summer day! This day, was a busy one at the park, and I felt especially outnumbered, and felt like I was constantly counting kids, so hence the lack of pics.

WE always start with the bumper boats, (Perfect for a hot summer day, but not any other time of the year!)

The boys LOVE the laser tag part, Truman especially and the two big boys did it a couple times that day. Tucker climbed all the way to the top of the rock wall, I missed video-ing it, but I did get his next climb. He’s a brave little boy!

Elliot loves the airplanes, and Lorelei was content just to be. (We are so lucky to have such a relaxed baby! We love her so much!)
A great afternoon.