Big Brothers are Awesome.

Especially when they’re named RYAN. Today is his Birthday, happy birthday big brother!

Big brothers are special because they teach you many things throughout your lifetime.
I have been taught some important lessons….
–If your big brother cuts your hair off, and sticks it under the rug, and then your mom finds you, you still have to go get your hair cut, and you still look like a boy.
–At a young age, drinking Benadryl, even though your big brother says it’s lemonaide, is still Benadryl.
–Helping and serving others does make you happier.
–If you have an older sibling who is awesome at school, the teachers just assume you’re awesome too.
–Volvo’s are very sturdy cars in crashes.
–Big brother’s can get younger siblings to do anything, like clean up other siblings throwup, Stay in their rooms, and so on, and so on.
–Caveman games and Vegas Dreams are awesome Nintendo games.
–Happiness does come from Choosing the Right and Serving the Lord.
–Being willing to help those around you blesses their lives. (I would know considering you’ve helped us move and move, and then put up crown molding, and put in sprinkling systems, and etc.)
(I am sure Amy and Eric could add many a things to this list too! 🙂 )
I’m a lucky girl to have a big brother like him.
Hope your day is fantastic Ry-Guy. Love you!


I know we’re not supposed to have favorites…..

But I do. How can you not love this man?

His conference messages, always spoke to my heart. I always heard and FELT his words.

Especially the last conference about compassion, and the most recent one about ‘come what may and love it’. The messages were pure, inspired, and stuck with me. I remember them clearly as if he just spoke them.

I hope I can remember his words always, I am a better person because of the messages he has shared. I will miss seeing him at conference, sharing his wisdom and whit. But am excited for his reunion with his wife.

God Speed Elder Wirthlin.