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Where have you been?

A question asked by my friend why she hasn’t seen me in a week. And this is why….

(this picture was actually taken a few days before the sprinkling system project, but it does describe how we are all covered by mud perfectly.)

Yeah, we’re covered in Mud. Mud created by the new sprinkler system being installed in our yard. I keep telling myself over and over and over and over again, it will be worth it when it’s done. No more hauling hoses around our yard, but for now, it’s a MESS!!! But really I know it will be wonderful when it’s done, and the yard has recooped.

But I do keep wondering, will anything grow back besides weeds? We are getting closer to being done, thanks to all the help we received from Dad, Ry, Lee, and Neighbors. Sprinkling system installation is hard work! We still have many trenches to fill in, sprinklers to be adjusted so they’re not spraying the house and sidewalk, but slowly but surely, every day it’s getting closer and closer to being done. I will have to post more pictures later of the full process so you can fully appreciate the muddy mess I’m talking about!

So that’s why I haven’t posted in awhile (or you haven’t seen/heard from me), all strength and energy is being directed to the yard, and keeping the mud on the outside of our home, and not inside our home…oh, boys will be boys.

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Great Things Can Happen…

When you’re so sick. Impossible you say? Well….

When your sick, your husband gets put in charge of not only being the breadwinner, but also taking care of the children the moment he walks in the door, misc. errands, and a large majority of the house upkeep and laundry. So what happens? The Dishwasher I have been waiting to buy, until after the sprinklers were installed? Well Tuesday this showed up at our house! Do I have the sweetest husband ever? Yep (either he’s the sweetest, or he’s sick of washing dishes by hand and keeping up with everything else around him) 🙂

Or more great things can happen, when you think you’re well enough to begin a project you’ve been wanting to do for months….like put together your kids bunkbeds,

and you get 1/3 the way through and realize you were crazy, you may think you are superwoman, but superwoman didn’t have morning sickness like this. So your husband has to come home and bail you out, help you finish putting them together, and you feel foolish in making him try to get it done in the 45 minutes he has before his meetings start…because then he’s gone for the evening, and if it’s not done your children are going to have to sleep on the floor…Good thing for me, he’s NOT ONLY helpful–he’s very speedy. By the way, the boys have slept well the past few nights in their beds, and they have already stuffed them full of stuffed animals and books.

Even greater things can happen. First, let me state that I have great in-laws. They came down last Friday, when I was starting my new medicine, that was supposed to help me feel better, but instead had the opposite effect, I stayed in bed or on the couch, unable to function or move due to the side effects. They took the children back to Logan, where they had grand adventures of floating in river (again, and again, and again), getting new toys, clothes, being spoiled rotten, went on carnival rides, playing with cousins, making playdough, jumping on the tramp, and not wanting to talk to their mother who was missing them dearly, because they were having so much fun. For further details and pictures look here. They ended up staying until Monday afternoon. I can’t even thank the Phillips Crew enough…I know it was a group effort, and I’m very grateful for everyones help! Sure love you guys, and thanks again!

So, although I am looking forward to holding down meals for 24 hours, and having energy and strength to play with my kids again, I am blessed to have many good things happen in the interim.

And by the way, thank you all for your kind words and well wishes with the announcement of our third child. With every comment, it made my heart lighter and happier!

Elliot Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Our Big News…

Well, in case you have been wondering why I can’t keep up with my BLOG, my house is a mess, I seem to leaving the room at the sight/smell/thought of food, I have been gaining weight, have wicked crazy mood swings, don’t leave my house unless I absolutely have to, have been a horrible friend, can fall asleep before you say good night, and just in general seem to be sicker than a dog…it’s because we’re pregnant again!
Yesterday we went into the Doctor and heard the heart beat for the first time. What an amazing sweet sound that is! So it’s official!
Come the end of January we’ll welcome baby number 3, and the boys are thrilled about being a brother again, and Toph and I?
We’ll I can’t speak for Toph, but I will sure be glad to be past sick phase, (hopefully in the next month or two!) and life returns to a somewhat normal state again, so I can really enjoy being Pregnant. But for now, it’s off to go find the saltines….

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Ant Farm Surprise!

So months ago, Tucker got an ant farm at a garage sale. He loves bugs, and thought it would be a fun way to collect the ants from the yard. Unfortunately, the ants around us, are so small, they fit out the air holes of the farm… Therefore, making the farm defunct.
We read the instruction manual that came with the farm, and Tucker was pleased to find out, you could order Harvester Ants that would come in the mail.
Tucker was thrilled. As I read on, I read about the Harvester Ants. Do not Touch them with your skin, they can cause serious allergic reactions, if you have been bitten, and are having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention. I was not thrilled.
We ordered them, and after 6 weeks of waiting, they arrived. Dead. I hate to admit this, but I was secretly a little relieved. But Tucker was sad. So…
We called the company, got new ones in 3 days. Again, I was still not thrilled, how did we wait 6 weeks, then they arrived shortly in 3 days?
I read the directions again skipping over the allergic biting part, to find the best way to put them in the farm.
The instructions stated:
Put them in the fridge for 10 minutes (to slow them down) then use a paper funnel to place them in the farm.
Okay. I could do that.
But it wasn’t that simple. After the fridge time, and the paper funnel ready, we began to poor them in. But instead of going inside, they started climbing up the edges towards us. No matter how hard I thumped the funnel, or shook it, they were all still climbing the wrong direction. I was getting frantic, and began to thump harder. They were about out of the funnel, what was I to do. I crumpled the top, and began to shake them frantically into the farm.
A few went in, and a few went on our counter, and began to dash in different directions.
I began freaking out, closed the ant farm lid, with the 10 ants that made it in, and began to wage war with the escapeys.
Tucker told me later, I have never heard you scream like that mom.
Yep. I was screaming, and probably not as calm as I should have been. I squished 10 ants, we didn’t need any allergic reactions at our house.
So Tucker is happy, some ants made it into the farm, I am happy, they can’t escape, and the surviving ants seem to be happy in their home.

**Later Toph asked me why I didn’t just scoop the ants up and put them in the farm. Like I had time to think about that. I was protecting our children and our home! They were like practically poisonous little buggers. Sheesh.

Emily Topher Truman

Ninja Truman

Got some new Jammies! We thought they were so cute, we couldn’t help post pictures. What a cutie.

Just like a ninja!

Emily Life Truman Tucker

Ready to Enjoy the Summer

As of this week, T-ball and Swimming Lessons are done! We completed them last week, now we are ready to sit back, and enjoy the rest of summer, with no more lessons or sports, we can breath the fresh air, and have no place to be running too! Have I mentioned I love this month of July?

T-Ball Sum Up.

T-Ball! The age where children want to participate, and play, but don’t quite fully understand the game at first! It was a fun season to watch.
As with his teammates, Tucker enjoyed hitting the ball,

but was a little bored (and therefore becoming a little mischevious) when in the outfield, waiting his turn to bat, sitting on the bases waiting for others to bat so he could run,

and almost everything else about it. As parents, we would sit on the sidelines, and kind of giggle at our children, and learning group sports.
We had really good coaches,

who taught Tucker alot, and to them we are very grateful! I think Tucker and his teammates kept them pretty busy with there antics, of eating grass, poking teammates, eating mitts,

playing in the dirt instead of catching the ball,

and etc. They were patient and guided them with care. Now Tucker understands the sport, can hit a ball, and run to all bases, is good at throwing the ball to first base, and has overall mastered T-ball.
Hurray for T-ball and the Red Dragons!

We’re looking forward to coach pitch next year!

Swimming Lessons

They learned what they needed to learn: Tucker passed Level 2 and Truman passed Level 1.
They have loved the things they learned about swimming, and have tried to apply them around the house. Last night I walked into their room, Truman was standing on his bed watching his shadow as he did: Chicken, Airplane, Soilder (the steps to the backstroke), and Tucker is constantly cannon bombing off everything, the kitchen table, the couch, you name it.
The last day, was free family swim day, so I got to get in the water with the boys and see what they learned, and let me tell you, two weeks is not a lot, but when you’ve got great teachers, alot can be learned! I loved seeing my little fisheys!

Here are a few videos:
Truman was so happy once he got in the water, he would just bounce around:
Trumans class learning to kick:
Tuckers class playing fishey in the basket, he was constantly underwater during lessons, making it hard to get shots of him!:
Tucker Ice-Cream Scoop hands, then going underwater, again:
Here is the last day, Tucker and Trumans class played ring around the rosies together:

What a fun thing to see your children learn to love to swim, and enjoy the water. Love it!

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

One Big Party,

To celebrate that our Stake has been organized for 10 Years, they threw a huge party. It was such a fun night. Way funner than I expected! We packed a picnic, then walked over to the stake property with our wagon.

People brought refreshments for dessert, and they provided popsicles, watermelon, and the entertainment.

When I say entertainment, I mean entertainment. It was a fun night. They had wonderful music, a candy cannon that shot taffy out to the kids who were eagerly waiting,
a fishing pond for the kids, face painting (Truman insisted on having his whole face painted like a tiger, then went around roaring at everyone the rest of the night, )

Truman thought it was especially funny when it was pitch black dark outside and he had his matching orange sweater on. He went around scaring everyone we knew.
There was Relay races, kickball, and so many other things.

The night ended with one of the most amazing firework shows that I have ever seen.
It was such a fun night, and a great way to celebrate 10 years of being a stake.


July is a wonderful Month~

I love July. One of my favorite reasons I love July, is I love celebrating the 4th at my grandparents cabin. It is such a magical place for a child to be, with fun things all around.
Again, my camera battery died, and I forgot my other one, so, only half of our adventures are here, but it’s all good 🙂

Here is the Oakley Parade Group….
Oakley is a great parade to go to, they throw lots of candy, and it’s relatively shorty, you don’t have to go too early to get a good spot, and it reminds me of good old times, of riding on the Weller Repair Float.

(Grandma and Grandpa were judges this year, how fun to watch and listen to them as the floats go by!)

We played in the dirt, throwing sticks and things through the tube, and watching them come out the other side,

We all got dirty, (an essential part of the cabin)

The boys went for a ride on Cowgirl, with Grams,

Played in the hot tub,

Eric and Amy graciously took the kids on four wheeler rides,

Celebrated with some sparklers,

Caught some fish–Thanks to Uncle Jeremy and Uncle Robb, (this is where my camera died)

Played with cousins, ate good food, ate lots of candy at the Rodeo, Toph stacked wood and helped put up some new shelves in the Tack Room, AND JUST HAD A GREAT TIME.

Oh, I love July and I love the Cabin.

Emily Life Truman Tucker

The contest we won’t be winning…

So a few weeks ago, while at our local library, my boys found out about a bug making contest. They were excited, and really wanted to participate. We had a busy few weeks, so in between everything, we made some bugs, a little here and a little there. The boys had a great time, and made them completely and totally by themselves, and did really work hard on them.

Last week, everyones bugs went on display. When we went to go find our bugs, we looked around, and saw that there was alot of bugs that looked very nice. When I say very nice, I mean, like, VERY NICE, like maybe mom and dad helped a lot, very nice.

It made me feel sad for my boys, that they had worked so hard, and probably would not get any credit for that, because there bugs didn’t look professionally done. But at the same time, it’s a good lesson to learn: it doesn’t matter whether you win or loose, we had fun in making and creating.

Trumans bug is the blue bug

Tuckers is the Green bug

Emily Truman

Always Surprising Me….

Truman keeps me on my toes, and is always saying and doing things that make me smile. Here are two of favorite moments from last week:

Falling asleep inside the Pillowcase, with the pillow.

Finding my Jewelry Box
He’s also saying funny, funny things all the time. But I don’t write them down, and I always think I will remember them, but I don’t. But he does keep a smile on my face. I’m one lucky Mama.