Saturday Afternoon, My lawn and flower beds, were virtually leaf free, after 5 hours of raking and bagging those leaves.
Tuesday Afternoon (as you can see) my lawn and flower beds can’t be seen because they are covered in leaves.
Think of the MASSIVE leaf piles, we get to play in, and for that reason only, I will begin raking this afternoon.
And still tons more on the tree!

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Favorite Fall Festivities

So a few Sundays ago, we went to my parents to carve pumpkins with my family.
It was such a fun night, we not only carved pumpkins, but also made sugar cookies, caramel apples, and pumpkin seeds.
This night embraced so many of my favorite fall activities, plus what could be better than doing it together with family?
Making Sugar Cookies:
Carving the Pumpkins:
(side note, I let the boys choose out any pumpkin they wanted, Tucker choose out a Mammoth 29 pounder. Seriously, it almost weighed as much as he did. Tucker carved his into a Robot, and Truman wanted one with a tongue sticking out. Funny kids)
Finished Pumpkins:
Making Caramel Apples:

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Leaves, Leaves, Go Away, Don’t Come Again Another Day.

I am keeping a tally of how many bags of leaves I rake up from our 14 Trees in our yard.
Previous Total: 4
Last Monday: 2 Bags
Last Friday: 2 Bags
Last Saturday: 6 Bags
Plus our neighborhood kids were sad that they didn’t have any leaves to play in, so they asked if they could have so of mine. It would be greedy not to share right? So they came and bagged up like 2 big bags to take back to their yards. I am sure their parents LOVE us 😉
So that puts the grand total to…
16 Bags
(and don’t you worry, we still have fully leaved trees in our backyard, so we are not even half way done yet.)



There are a few of the Funny things Truman has said from this past week.
While waiting for the car to get fixed, we walked over to the mall. There we got a “Stick-on-a-HotDog” Which he loved, (deep fried and delicious right?) and wants to get again.
While visiting the Phillips, he met the new dog, Dodger, who looks similar to the old dog Zander. When asked how he liked Dodger he replied, “Good as new.”
While playing with the camera with Tucker, it stopped working. In Trumans words, “It’s broken, it’s not picturing”
I Loving watching children develop their speech.

Truman Tucker

The world needs more Grandparents

So this past week, we have spent time with both sets of Grandparents. (More details to come in Future Posts)
There is nothing like a Grandparent.
This week, I watched as my children climbed into each of their grandparents laps.
As they did this, each grandparent brought out the best in each child. Yet, they all nurtured different qualities, and saw different things in each child.
How we all need people in our lives to love us, and to love us the way our grandparents do. For who we are, and yet who all see us differently, and love us for our uniqueness.
The love that they each have for my children was apparent in their eyes, in their actions, and in their words.
How I wish every person in this world knew just how much they were loved, and could feel it deep in their souls.
How I love the grandparents in my life, and the parents who are grandparents to my children.
Thanks for loving my children, and seeing them for the beautiful people they are.



I was tagged by my Sister-in-Law Lexie…
For those of you who don’t know how this works, here are the rules:
A: Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
B: At the end of the post, the player then tags people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog for these rules.

So here goes…..

1. Right now my favorite time in the week is Wednesday Afternoons. By this point in the week, our family (and the house) have recovered from the weekend. The next weekend is not here yet, and on Wednesday it is just me and my 2 boys together working on whatever crazy projects we can come up with. I love that afternoon and look forward to just “being a mom” on those days all week.

2.Food: I am a Cheese Addict. Currently Tillamook cheese is my favorite, I could eat cheese all day long, and would IF I didn’t have other mouths that I was responsible for feeding. I also have a strong aversion to Tuna Fish and occasionally Chinese food, but other than that I am not a picky eater, but do love things with cheese on top.

3. I am slowly becoming a frugal, coupon freak. I have a hard time paying full price for things, and try to buy things only when they are on sale AND with a coupon. Can you say C-R-A-Z-Y? (at least I know it, and can admit to it, right?)

4. I would love someday to go and live overseas with my hubby and children, as long as I knew it was not going to be a permanent thing. I love learning about other cultures, and immersing yourselves completely within it, and feel like it would be an awesome thing for our family to experience together.

5. I love home projects, and doing things with my hands. If I inherited a large sum of money, I would love to just re-do things, by myself, without worrying about the costs (sometime in my projects, it ends up just being cheaper to buy a new thing, instead of re-doing an old thing… I love doing it, but the cost also plays a role!)

6. I hate growing up. My mom used to always say that I had “Peter-Pan Syndrome”. I still hate growing up. The best point of life is always right now. I do know that life gets “better” the older we get, but that “better” always comes with the price of having more responsibility and the death of loved ones. Of course, I would not trade any of my responsibilities for the world, but I would like to wisk off to never-never land every once in a while to be able to freeze time and enjoy my family a little more.

I am tagging…. Toph (you know you want to do it) JoAnna, and Cat. (you can put them on your myspace page if you want to!) 🙂


Starting them off while they are young…

As parents, we try to instill in our children the most important things while they are young.
I am beginning now, with something I loved from an early age.
The story begins with my mother. She worked at Marie Callender’s Restaurant to support herself through college, and I believe my mom learned there and then the goodness of their pies.
We had Marie Callendar’s pies, to celebrate many family events in my growing years. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, I can remember them often, in their little cardboard boxes.
I love them, and when Toph surprised me with my own pie the other day, as tempting as it was to eat the whole thing by myself, I resisted.
I would like to think it is because I am starting my boys off right while they are young.
…But it just might be that if I ate that entire pie I will gain 10 pounds.
Either way, I think it is a good call.


full names…

Tucker asked me this questions yesterday.
Tuck: Mom, why don’t you call me by my full name?
Mom: All 3 names?
Tuck: Yea.
Mom: (In my head I am thinking: “Seriously? The only time you get the full name is when you are in BIG TROUBLE”).
Me: I don’t know. Would you like me to call you by your full name more often.
Tuck: You Betcha, that would be great mom.

All-righty then. So when you here me call my son his full name, he’s not in trouble. He just likes the sound of it.



I promise not to post a picture everytime my kids get their hair cut, but Truman hair got CUT.
When we went to the hairdresser, he said, “I want it Spikey Like Tuckers'”
That is what we got. Spikey.
Still amazes me how much a child ages with a simple hair cut.
Goodbye my sweet baby Tru, Hello Preschooler.

Emily Truman Tucker

Ikea’n it.

So one of my new favorite places to go is Ikea.
It is really great. I love to just walk around and look at the showroom and get ideas, and just see there stuff.
So when Amy called me up, suggested that we all meet up, I was pumped.
Amy was babysitting a little boy named Conrad, and so we were evenly spread out. My mom, Amy and Me, with 3 kids. We thought we had pretty good odds. Three on Three.
We met up, and after some browsing, my boys got hungry, so we got a bite to eat. I love their kid friendly restaurant.
e ladies sat at a counter by them. (picture courtesty of Tuck)
and the boys sat at a little table with Conrad,
That is until Conrad became a running escape artist.
Like I said our odds were pretty good as long as Conrad didn’t start to run. When he did, he gave Amy a run for her money. He was fast and when Ikea was full of people, a little kid can get lost easy. But he didn’t because Amy was just as fast.
We had a great time, and after a great weekend with the Huffs and my Momma and Amy, I remembered how much I enjoy living close to family.