Lorelei and her ‘pretties’

This girl, loves to have her hair done. Whenever she finds a hair bow, she puts it to her head, and continues to do it, until you put it in.

Somewhere along the line, the big brothers started to tell her it was so pretty when she tried to put them in, and then her bows/ribbons/flowers got shortened, and the boys began to called them her pretties.

This day I was cleaning out her closet, in the great label-ization project, and dumped out all her hair bow and barrettes, and of course she found them, and began to put them to her head, and it continued and continued.
At first I was just going to take a pic, but it just continued and continued.

Such a cutie.

Love that she loves being a girl already.


A weekend with Grandma Phillips and Table Tennis

I finally feel like my kids are at an age, where I don’t worry every single minute I am gone, and it’s easier for me to leave.

Recently, we had a couples only retreat, and Grandma Phillips came to ‘play’. Our kids literally pushed us out the door.
And the kids had a grand time with Grandma. Here’s a picture she sent us, of all the kids helping her make cinnamon rolls…

The kids of course loved it, and it was night to have a short get-away.

And while Grandma was here, they discovered on the wii how to play table tennis, and then quickly decided that they should try it in real life one night after FHE…

And so it seems, that with 4 children, someone is always crying. This day it was Elliot. He was past his bedtime, and missed his nap that day!


Snowy Goodness…

The snow finally made it’s arrival here, and actually stayed!

The big boys rushed home from school, quickly completed their jobs, and were THRILLED to be able to play in it. It was so fun to watch them playing and interacting…

Elliot saw the fun his brothers were having, and decided that he wanted to play out there too, but once he was out there, he realized yet again, that the snow was cold.

I was getting something ready for YW that night, so I stayed inside with Lorelei, who was pretty excited about her brothers playing in the snow. I think she really wanted to go out there too…sorry little girl! It’s moments like this, that with 3 kids in snow clothes, me trying to multi-task to get everything ready for YW, I wish I had a cook to make dinner, and a maid to clean the house, and a personal photographer to follow me around, so I could just play…

(Warning LONG video ahead!)

And please excuse the torn up ottoman Lorelei is standing on, the slipcover got covered in jam that morning, and was in the washing machine soaking….never a dull/clean moment with kids 🙂


Lego Man

One week, he rediscovered his bionicles and wanted his picture taken with his re-found friends.

I took the big pic,

And then he proceeded to take the rest:

We talked about taking pics from different angles. I think he’s got a real eye for photography!


It just happens overnight…

Sometimes it seems like overnight, my kids just grow BIGGER, and when I stop and look at them, I think, wow. That was quick.

So it was a morning last week.

Lorelei was sitting in her highchair, eating so big, with her pig-tails and boots,

And Elliot found some backpack pants (overalls) and Truman’s boots.

I remembering thinking, they weren’t this big yesterday, wow, they are just bigger.


Nora, Grams and Kangaroo Zoo.

For Elliot’s Mom and Me Class, we got to go to Kangaroo Zoo, a big building full of blow up toys.

It just so happened that Nora and Grams came down to see us and play that day too! So they came along!

We had so much fun! And this is the best pic, as the battery was dead on my big camera.

we did get a little video.

and afterwords, we had lunch at Mcdonalds.

It was a great morning! Love you mom!


Elliot the cup man.

One day he spent two hours doing this.

I love ‘stay at home’ days!


Linen Closet and the Labelizer…

When my husband got me a label maker for Christmas, I don’t think he knew what pandemonium was going to break loose in our house, as I began labeling everything in our home. (Everything that wasn’t moving at least!)

I am the type of cleaner that makes the mess bigger and messier before it gets cleaner. Dump everything out, make a big pile, wipe down, and re-organize, so the weeks after Christmas might have been a little crazy as I de-crap-ified our house. But I can blame it on my husband, as he gave me the present right? 🙂 Just kidding Hubba!

Now most of our closets are so organized and labeled…no one has an excuse NOT to put something back correctly!

And in the process of labeling everything, I emptied the linen closet, and this happened:

And it gave me flashbacks of this

Somethings never change.


Funny Phone Pics and Cute Head-

I don’t know when these pics were taken, but a pleasant surprise to find them.
Love this cute head.


Why I love having Boys…

And why I love their awesome father.