A real Champion….

Trumans Surgery is complete, was successful, and everything went fantastically.
(pictures courtesy of Toph’s Camera Phone)
Truman truely is a champion, and was such a sweetheart during the whole process.

We were worried about his oxygen levels after surgery, as last time he kept holding his breath due to pain/anger, and his oxygen levels would drop so low they had the crash cart handy. It took us over 4 hours last time to get his levels up enough, then another hour or so to get them stabilized. It was horrible.
But this time, his levels were awesome–and we didn’t have any of the same problems. He came out of surgery, and the nurse said that as she was explaining things to him, apparently he’d respond with: ‘I know, I’ve had surgery before’, or ‘okay, I don’t mind’, and they thought he was so darling (Honestly how could you not!).
(Don’t mind Truman’s purple popsicle lips…)
We’re home now, and Truman appears to be recovering fantastically. I’m so proud of him, and his stellar attitude.

Thanks to you all for your calls, thoughts and prayers, dinners, and offers to watch and take care of my other children.
We’re grateful for all of you.



After having to cancel Trumans surgery 3 times, we’ve decided to take as many precautions as we can including doing our best to make sure that this time Truman stays healthy!

So we’ve been homebound. Trying to keep a healthy and happy Truman. 🙂

A few weeks ago we discovered this awesome band, Owl City. We love this song. The boys love it too… they say it sounds a little robotic.I can’t embed it, but just click here.

We’ve been listening to this song alot and it often times is on repeat…It’s helping us keep happy and cheerful while we’re trying to stay healthy here at home!

Hope it bring a little bit of sunshine your way…


School Work

A few random things that have appeared in my children’s backpacks lately, that really, really make me smile!

*Tucker made this monster at school, attached at the bottom was a little booklet about this pet monster, where the kids got to fill in the blanks. Here is Tuckers Response (my translation in parenthesis)

My pet monster’s name is: Koky (Cocky)
My favorite thing about my monster is: He is olwas helsy (He is always healthy)
My monsters favorite foods are: 1. Grbit (garbage) 2. Rotin thins (Rotten things) 3. Pinckons (Pine cones)
Monsters love to do tricks. I taught my monster how to: Jump
Just to be on the safe side you should never let your monster: Fly
Because: he cat (He can’t)
You know a monster is sick when: He is in bed.
The best way to make a sick monster better is to: Feed him rotin eggs (feed him rotten eggs)
When you monster is feeling better you should let it: Play.

*Another poem from our little poet, this one titled, “The Jug and the Slugs and the Bugs”. He wrote this at home, and then took it to school, to share with his class and teacher.

So fun to see him writing and expressing things!!

*Look at this darling little witchy, can you see the broom? I smiled so big when I saw this, and Tru was so proud of himself. (sorry it’s sideways..)

* Being the month of November and everything, they’ve been talking about gratitude at school. The other day he brought this home:
I am grateful for myself.
I laughed out loud. It makes me happy to see his confidence. I think it’s probably okay, as long as he doesn’t get too confident, right?

I Love to see their creative side shining through.


I would love some suggestions on what to do about this….


A Binky Addiction.

I never have had a child who likes binkies. And this little guy LOVES his. We try to limit it to bed time only, but I would love any suggestions on when/how to ween him! I know kids begin to form attachments to objects between 12 and 18 months. I would rather it was a stuffed animal or blanket instead of a binky!

Any advice is appreciated! 🙂

The above post was written at night and then the next morning we lost our Binky. It was last seen at 6:00 AM, at 6:30 AM we were searching frantically, not wanting to run to the store with all children in their jammies, and because I had to get Tuck off to school on time. After a search of the home from roof to floor, it is still missing. Elliot fusses a little bit at nap time, but has surprisingly not missed it too much.
So the solution for us? Loose your binky at the most impossible time, when mom can’t possibly run to the store, on a day that is full of racing from one place to the next. And so it seems, our child has adjusted just fine… Now lets hope it lasts!


This is why,

This closet is a mess.
My Linens Never stay folded,
and my sheets are all crinkled,
Nothing is ever where I left it,
My towels are never with their mates,
And why Tucker thinks we should have 2 more children (There are 2 more shelves above him.)

Some days this linen closet is a rocket, zooming to space. Other days it is a train car, with bunkbeds for sleeping in. It has even been a motor home taking us back to California.

Whatever it is, it is happy. And I love that this day, they REALLY wanted Elliot to be in the bottom bunk, to go on their adventures with them. As you can see, we didn’t really get a good shot, but we definitely captured the good memories.


Happy Veterans Day…

To the many men and women who have served our country. And to their families, who have supported them during their service.
And especially to my Grandfather, who is a hero in more ways than one.
Love you grandpa!


Art is in the eye of the beholder…

A few of the neighborhood kids went to town painting this box.
The moms were busy raking leaves, and cleaning up the yard.
And I thought, since they’re playing so nicely together, I think this activity should be a good one.
Their goal? To make sure the box was totally covered in paint.
When the box was finished, I overheard them talking to one another, “It sure looks good, doesn’t it?” , “Yeah, it really does”.

Agreed. Love a little art on a fall day.


Happiness is this…

Seeing your children learn and grow, and becoming such great little people.

Whilst playing a game of modified Scrabble with Tuck and Tru (and Elliot was trying to eat the scrabble pieces), Truman found these letters and said, Mommy look at this, I spelled a special word.
Yes he did.
Happiness right there, wish I could bottle it up.


Our VERY first ever…

With the cold winter weather, we thought we’d have to wait for spring to see any eggs, but we were wrong!
The Clementine and Goose are laying, and the children (and to be honest my husband too) are thrilled to go out daily and find eggs, layed by the ladies.


Wrestling Season…

Has begun…
Tucker is brushing up on the skills he learned last year, and mastering new ones.
(sorry for the crummy pics, the lighting in the wrestling room is equivalent to a bear cave, and it smells awesome too, just in case you were wondering.)
And to keep the other two children happy during the twice a week practices, I have had to get creative.
We bring lots of toys/games in Trumans Vintage Suitcase, and Elliot happily sits inside. (Keeps him from crawling all over the nasty floor and mats)
And Truman is learning these wrestling skills now, through careful observation. Next year he’ll be out there on the floor, already knowing the basics, take a look at this stance:
As as a mother, I am sometimes surprised at the places I have found myself. A wrestling room was NEVER in my vision of motherhood, but a place I am glad to be cheering my little men on!