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“The Best Christmas Ever”

According to Tucker this year/season was the ‘Best Christmas Ever’. And we wanted to document and record this wonderful season. This being said, feel free to stop reading now, as it is going to be a LONG post!
Obviously, I am WAY behind on my blogging. 🙂 I often blog during the boys quiet time or after they’ve gone to bed, but during the month of December, because I was pregnant and having contractions or just was exhausted, I would often go to bed early, or catch a nap while the boys were down. So Blogging just didn’t happen like I would have liked. So instead, I’m playing catch up! And here’s our Holiday Season Highlights.

* Making Christmas Ornaments for an ornament exchange

(The boys had alot of fun making the ornaments, and watching the mail for the others to come!)
* Putting up the fake tree
(Putting up this tree is always one of the first things we do when decorating the day before Thanksgiving, so it’s always a BIG DEAL. Tucker wanted to have a picture of every time we put a ‘layer’ of branches on the tree. It’s nice for the kids to have their own tree–they spent the month, moving around the ornaments, none were breakable, and they made their own ornaments to hang on it, and just enjoy ‘their’ tree. And I love the fact that Tucker is in shorts, and Truman is in his Hercules outfit. I love it.)
* Phillips Family Christmas Tree Hunt
As we look back on these pictures every year, It is always such a magical time. And you can see it in the pics…
I shot this at the beginning of the hike for the tree, it’s Toph and Tru, and I think it is SO sweet…
Thank goodness there were so many helping hands. Here is Jo and Tuck..
Patrick and Tuck..
We found the tree, Toph and Tuck starting the sawing…
After the tree had been found, it was time to head down the mountain…
Mikey just slid down like this…
And a horrible picture, but had to include it for memory sake…Cat had to help me down the mountain, I was sliding everywhere! Thanks again Cat for saving the big pregnant lady!
Warming back up with Grandpa in the Truck… (That’s a lot of little monkeys in there!)
Just Us..
My Sweetheart
And the BIG FAM shot…
* Festival of Lights
(Another tradition from Toph’s Childhood. Floats decorated with Christmas Lights, and Fireworks. A great way to welcome in the Holiday Season)
If you click on the Numbers below, it will open a quicktime video that we shot that night. It’s a horrible video, but you can see Santa on a float!
*Decorating our Tree
This is always ‘my job’. Toph is okay letting me do this one! And I don’t mind to do it. I love to put on a good pair of jammies, turn on the christmas music and enjoy the evening of putting up the tree!
Although I had lots of help from the younger boys with putting everything up,
including the very important train under the tree. Which gets played with ALL month long.
And the only picture I have with the whole tree is this one from Christmas Morning….so excuse the wrapping paper and mess everywhere!
I love Christmas Trees. A magical Part of Christmas.
*Advent Calendars
(a tradition from my childhood, thanks again Grams and Gramps! Nothing like a piece of chocolate to get your morning off to a great start!)

* Festival of Trees.
A fundraiser for our local children’s hospital. I love this event, and love the kids village where the kids can make and do so many fun things…

I love this shot… Truman whispering a secret about gingerbread houses to Tucker. They have so many beautiful trees and gingerbread houses that have been generously made and donated. They are on display for people to buy (the money is then donated to the hospital). And believe me there are some beautiful ones there!

Here is a picture of our Tree, we made for Enrichment for Relief Society. It turned out beautifully!
Again, if you click on the numbers below, There is another video. This one of Tucker in the ‘bubble machine’ from the kids village. I love the way he claps his hands in excitement at the end.

*Hanging of the special ornaments
(Another Phillips Family tradition. One special ornament is purchased every year, and then when we hang them up on the tree, we talk about what was eventful that year…)

A White, snowy Christmas!
Here are some pictures of the kids playing in the snow.
We didn’t have a lot up until right before Christmas, but then it came down, and it was cold.
We are blessed enough to live in a neighborhood with very nice neighbors and friends. Who constantly invite us in our their fun adventures…One family owns a four wheeler, and a sled was attached behind and our boys, rode and rode and rode in that sled. Our other neighbors have a snowmobile that the boys rode on for about an hour around our un-plowed circle. (The snowplows won’t plow it unless there are no cars parked on the road. There is always cars parked on the road, so it NEVER gets plowed! So it makes for a great place to go sledding behind a four wheeler, or on a snowmobile)
And of course, we always finish up the snowtime with HOT COCOA!

* Dipping Chocolates.
One of my favorite parts of Dipping with the Phillips Sisters is making the centers.
It is fun to stand around the oven, taking turns stirring the centers, and just chatting and catching up on life.
And honestly what is not to love about having a handful of chocolate? (Truman got in on the action)
And so did Tuck. (Mixing the chocolate with Grandma)
mixing Yummy, Yummy, Chocolates are an important part of Christmas!
And I love this pic. While the little boys weren’t ‘helping’ us make the chocolates, the men folk were watching them—Here is a picture of Tucker schooling his younger cousin on pbskids. Got to love it. 🙂

* The Book Find Another Phillips Family Tradition…consisting of MANY different kinds of wrapping paper, hidden books, smiles and laughter, and alot of fun..
Tucker got Desperaux, which was an amazing book, we just finished reading it last week. I loved it and he loved it, and Truman listened to it too, and he loved it!! Can’t wait to see the movie of this one!
Truman got the book, The Mitten, with a mitten full of animals. I think the official count is now at 739,087 times I have read this book. Truman loves it (and now has it memorized) , and loves playing with the animals inside and out of the mitten.
I finished my book during the holiday season, The miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and Toph got a beautiful copy of Mark Twains most popular stories.
What a fun Tradition.

*Making Gingerbread. I wasn’t going to make gingerbread this year, as it is a lengthy process, but the boys kept asking and Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas, with out the smell/taste of Gingerbread, and Tucker asked me about it quite a few times. I only did a single batch instead of 4 or 5 I usually make, so it wasn’t quite as big of a process.
I love these end shots where the boys are covered with flour.
(not only is gingerbread a lengthy process, it is also a messy process!)
Decorating/Frosting the cookies (Truman was quite liberal on the sprinkles this year, I had to laugh, because I remember that being my favorite part too!)
And the plates we delivered to neighbors (Gingerbread and Chocolate).

*Reindeer Dust
At the beginning of the season, Truman found some ‘reindeer dust’. He was infatuated with it, and asked everyday if it was the day to put out the dust (a mix of oats and glitter)
Finally Christmas Eve arrived, and it was the day. The day to sprinkle the dust, for the reindeer…I had to include these pictures, so I could remember the daily question of ‘is today the day we get to put out the reindeer dust?’

*School Programs
What fun these days are, when you get to see your children with their peers, singing and performing. I love it!
A few pictures…
After the program, he got to sit on Santa’s Lap for the second time. We had already done it a week or too earlier at the ward party.
Love this picture…

* Christmas Eve with the Greenes
Exchanging presents, and enjoying being together.
First though, seeing this mantle, makes me so happy!
Cute Aunt Amy..
Atti Dog…
Eleanor (don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks? I do…)
Gramps and Atti…
Truman and Hercules..
Eric and Ikey…
Opening Presents…
* And More Christmas Eve with the Extended Greenes
More Enjoying being together, as well as
Eating food.
Sharing Presents…
Getting Hugs
and Kisses
and Tickles
Exchanging presents…
And did I mention enjoying good company?

* Christmas Day (This day was supposed to be spent with the Phillips, but because of bad weather conditions, we weren’t able to travel. We stayed at home instead, and played with our new Christmas Toys, and enjoyed a nap, and our little family! Of course we missed being with the Phillips, and we were grateful for Video Chat!!)
On the stairs waiting to see what Santa brought:
Opening Presents:
Tuckers Big present this year, was an enormous Bionicle set.
Truman got the Planet Heroes Rescue Command Center.
And the biggest/best present, and true labor of love was this playroom. It’s the area under our stairs. It was just storage before. Now it’s a little playroom for the boys. It was unfinished, Christopher did the framing, drywall, electrical (with the help of an electrician), mudding, painting, and layed the carpet. He started it two weeks before Christmas. It was finished very late Christmas Eve/or Early Christmas Morning…. The boys LOVE their own little area,
And slept in the cubby area all Christmas Break Long.

* Ice Skating Party
My mom’s Cousin Patty invited us again this year to her party. The kids love this, as they can skate using buckets to help them balance, and this year, near the end of the party Tucker skated without the buckets. That is impressive for any 6 year old! And he was pretty excited about it too! In my pregnant state, I watched from up above with my niece Eleanor, and we had a great evening!

To hold with tradition the boys did write letters to Santa, and I scanned them to post, before sending them off, along with Pictures of them sitting on Santa’s Lap at our Ward Christmas Party. What a cute Santa…
(Can you see the word Santa written? I love it, and the Orange Marker)
(Make look like jibberish to you and me, but they are actually the names of Bionicles that he wanted)

If you made it this far, thanks for reading, I felt it was important to document this important season of our life. So much time was spent with family. It was wonderful, and although it was not documented with pictures, I want to remember the small moments too, where we spent remembering our Savior. The most important thing during this time.
Hope your season was wonderful, and you too have taken time to recover from this busy season!


Still More TBL

Since today is my actual due date, I thought it appropriate to show my TBL (the baby list), what got done–and what didn’t–on the day (TODAY!) we planned for Elliots Arrival.

I have had a running list on my blog. I haven’t posted about it for awhile. Something were fun, others work, but all things I wanted to get done for the arrival of our little man.

Sorry, this is a boring post, mostly with out pictures!

In November the TBL included:
Saw the movie Twilight, with my good friend/former neighbor Jenny and her teenage daughters. Made me grateful that I have only sons. I think I appreciated the movie because I had read the books, otherwise, I might have had a different opinion on it.

Remember the leaf posts from last year? Yeah, well part of the reason I have not posted about it is, for the most part, Toph has been doing the raking this year. We’re not done yet (Thank goodness it has been warm this year, and we’ve been able to rake late into the season), but the bag total is Emily: 9 Christopher: 47.

Thanksgiving Decorations down/Indoor Christmas Decorations up.
Love it. They decorated it themselves, and for the most part the decorations look pretty uniform. HURRAY for Christmas Decorations. What a wonderful time of the year! ps–have you ever seen a hercules decorating a tree before? Well, it’s your lucky day. If you want to see one brushing his teeth, eating lunch or just plain old playing cars, stop by our house sometime. Chances are you’ll see Truman as Hercules doing these and many more things.

1/2 of baby brothers Quilt Cut Out. Not sure what material I am going to use for the other half…I love material shopping!

Homemade Family Christmas Presents started…
Madalyn’s almost done! Can’t wait to give it to her!
Miles, I am still trying to find that perfect gift.
Belle and Ikey close to completion.
Em and Jo: Started, but far from finished.

Material shopping, and chosen out for my Baby Bag (Thanks again Mom!)

Neighbor gifts Delivered. (a relief to have done!)

Ward Christmas Party done. (Somehow in this Ward, the Relief Society Enrichment Counselor is in charge of the Adult Ward Christmas Party. Luckily for me, we decided to combine with the Ward Activities Committee and do a Family Dinner this year.) This was the first weekend of the month. A big check to check off on my list!

Tucker and Trumans Gifts purchased. Tucker and Trumans Gifts wrapped. (Always a fun part of Christmas, shopping for children’s presents!)

Family Presents finished being made/purchased/wrapped/mailed.

A mommy date with just me and the boys. (See upcoming Post)

CHRISTMAS! (see upcoming Christmas post)

Christmas Decorations down, and put away.

Tucker Birthday Invitations delivered.

Tucker Birthday Cake Made.

**The things with the stars, are all things that happened AFTER Elliots Arrival!!! I was planning on finishing Christmas and Tuckers Birthday, then taking the time in the remainder of the month to prepare for Elliot! Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned! Elliot was ready to come!**

Tuckers Friend Birthday Party (Again, see upcoming post)

* Baby/Hospital bag packed. (When my water broke, I sent Christopher running around the house, packing things up! Not the way I had envisioned it, but we got the most important things there like the Camera 🙂 )

* a name picked out for the baby to come…we had some ideas, but again, this didn’t happen until right before Elliots Arrival!

*Baby Clothes down and washed and sorted.

*Finish baby shopping (baby wash, baby lotion, diapers, ointment, etc.) –Thanks to my mom and amy who took care of this while I was in the hospital! d
(Yeah, there was a REALLY good sale on diapers the week Elliot was born. My neighbors/friends helped me rack up all these diapers. Sad thing is, this picture plus 5 more packs we’ve used in the past week, is $100 in diapers. That’s alot of money for things you throw away! But well worth every penny in my opinion!)

*Car Seat Down and Washed (We ended up having to buy a new one, as our old was was just that, too old. Christopher had to go purchase this while we were at the hospital)carseat1

*Crib Finished Painting and put Up. (Somehow the paint went skiwampus on us, and Christopher had to paint it like 3 times more, and it took like 40 times longer than it should’ve. My patient husband who is so willing to put up with me and my crazy ideas. Thanks again sweetheart.) I think it looks great!
*Changing Station up and organized.

*Most closets in the home cleaned out and organized.

Still to be completed:
Carpets Cleaned (to be done this week!) Hurray!

Elliots Baby Blanket finished cut out, sewn together, and quilted. (not expected to be happening for a bit!)

Things that were on the list, but that won’t be happening or until I figure out this thing of being a momma of three boys!
Floor boards, doors and walls all wiped down.
Freezer meals made and in the freezer (Although the night before we had Elliot, we went to the store and we bought the ingredients for alot of freezer meals!)
Paint touch ups.
Pictures/things up on the walls in Elliots Room.

There is more little things, but this is the basic gist of things. Fun for me to look at and remember my lofty goals of things I wanted to get done, feel good about the things that did get done, and laugh about the things that will someday get done!

Elliot Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Big, Bigger, Biggest

How does it happen so fast?
Big (3 weeks old! And growing chubbier, longer, cuter by the day!)
Bigger (3 Years Old, and looks and acts so much bigger after having Elliot at home! What is it about a newborn that makes your little ones grow up so fast?)
Biggest (6 Years Old and Proud of it! He has become the independent one of our house since Elliots arrival, and the self designated ‘babysitter’ and helper.)

What a blessing these boys are in our lives!

Elliot Emily Life

Two weeks old

And I am remembering why I love newborns, especially my little Eli,
* First off, they are just cute, you just look at ’em, and they’re just precious.

*They smell great, I love the newborn smell.

*When they are crying, and stop when they hear and recognize your voice.

*When they fall asleep on your chest, and just lay there and are all warm, and you can feel them breathing.
*baby hiccups.

*How tiny they look when they’re all swaddled up.

*newborn grunts, squeaks and noises.

*How their bodies just ‘fold up’, their arms tuck in, and legs fold up.

*After baths, how their newborn hair is all fuzzy, and they are so clean, fresh and beautiful.

*The spirit that just radiates from them, they are so fresh from heaven.

*The smiles that come when they’re asleep.

*Middle of the night feedings, just the two of us.

Still just loving this little one….

Truman Tucker

This Years favorites, according to our boys…

An interview with each of our boys, documenting their current favorites this year.

(This pictures is appropriate for this year, as poor Tru has had a scrape somewhere on his face, as well as mismatched clothes on for the majority of the year. With me being pregnant last year, I had to pick my battles, and to be honest, when I was really sick, I was just grateful he could dress himself. Didn’t matter to me too much, what he was wearing 🙂 )

* cereal–Marshmallow kind (Lucky Charms)
* vegetable–Grapes (nice veggie, eh?)
* drink–Pop
* toy–Power Rangers
* TV Show–Hercules
* game–Planet Heroes Game
* book–Hercules Book
* restaurant–the one that has the grapes on it (Olive Garden)
* holiday–Halloween because we get candy
* animal–Horse and Kitty

If you could change your name, what would you choose?

What do you love about each person in our family?
Tucker–Because he uh, gives us hugs and kisses
Daddy–He loves me.
Mommy–she loves me too.
Elliot–I love him, because he give me kisses.

Where would you like to go on vacation this year?
New York City, because I like New York City, and we didn’t go there yet.

What are some of your wishes for this year?
To be happy, and learn how to be a super hero.


* cereal–Rice Krispies
* vegetable–Broccoli
* drink–Orange Juice
* toy–Bionicles
* TV Show–Sid the Science Kid
* game–war
* book–Bionicle Chapter Books
* restaurant–Spankys (a local restaurant)
* holiday–Christmas
* animal–Dog

If you could change your name, what would you choose?

What do you love about each person in our family?
Truman–That he’s my best friend, and he’s my brother.
Elliot–He’s my next best friend.
Dad–He plays spore with me.
Mom–That she has babies.

Where would you like to go on vacation this year?

What are some of your wishes for this year?
I want to learn to do a triple somersault.

Elliot Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

One Week and Counting…

I have had one of the most wonderful weeks of my life enjoying so many small moments like these…

Thanks to so many friends and family who have taken care of my older boys, given us thoughtful gifts, brought in meals, cleaned my house, done my laundry, shopped for me, and so much more so that I can rest, heal, bond with my sweet Elliot, and enjoy these magical moments.


Elliot and Family


Elliot Christopher has Arrived!


Emily usually has her babies a week or two early, but we were both a little surprised when our new little guy let us know he was on his way. Emily was incredible and the entire experience was truly awesome. Baby and mom and healthy and well.


He came out a little bruised
He came out a little bruised

Emily rocks motherhood- she was amazing!
Emily rocks motherhood- she was amazing!

The Proud Papa
The Proud Papa

Elliot Christopher


Thanks for your love and prayers!