Squinkie Book

One of Elliots’ current obsessions is squinkies. So for his birthday, it was darling to see this gift.
A Squinkie book that Truman made for Elliot with his favorite super hero squinkies.
It has since fallen to pieces, because it was read so many times.

So cute to see.


the Davinci

Recently a new museum opened up in Downtown.

We thought it would be a fun activity to do with the kids, and we went on a Friday night, and the museum was strangely empty. We found lost of fun things to do there.

The lasers in the gelatin were fun to watch bend and refract the light

We created some ‘schmooshed’ art.

The dancing animation room was a hit

We all loved the green screen,

but Elliot could NOT get enough of the green screen.

‘still’ animation was fun to create.

And I was a little mesmerized by the painting on the screen. It was strangely therapeutic. (and NO MESS! 🙂 )

Tucker got to try on the boots with feet on the bottom to simulate a prosthetic limb, and was good after some practice.

And Lorelei was PLEASED as PUNCH to play on the bean bag chairs with dad.

The museum itself was wonderful, and I think we’ll go back again another time, it will be interesting to watch it ‘evolve’. 🙂


Truman and Lorelei.

So often when these two are left alone, they both are happy, and Lorelei is giggling.

This day, I went to get a clean diaper and wipes, and this is what I returned too…
(Sorry about at the saggy diaper, I wasn’t about to interrupt this goodness!)

and then this…

And this…

And then this…

EVERY FAMILY NEEDS A TRUMAN. Who will love, play, gently wrestle, smile and adore you. ‘Cause he is awesome at that.


Behind the Lens Truman.

Truman found the camera, I took this pic, and then turned the camera over to him.

He took some cute pics, I wanted to share, love the things he captured… my favorites:


February 14th <3 Valentines!

Such a fun holiday to celebrate the people we love in our lives…

I love watching my children write their valentines too, and see how much there handwriting has changed over the year…

I spent the day with my kiddos.
Mom n’me class with the littles
Elliot was SO Excited to pass out his valentines!

Chocolate suckers

A quick Lunch date at Costco (I love their sauerkraut hot dogs! And Elliot loves Pizza)

We got to help at Truman’s Class Party, what a cute class he has! We played Bingo, and it was so fun to see these cute first graders, yelling ‘bingo!’

The boys arrived home, and of course, going thru the ‘spoils’ of valentines day is always exciting!

(notice Tucker’s awesome Lego valentines box)

And I loved Elliots superhero box too!

and then later in the day, my sweet Tuck brought home a treat for me (he won it at school, and he said he got the last one, according to him, when he saw it, he knew I’d love the color…Green looks beautiful on my nails, he said)

Honestly, I’ve only had 2, but this truthfully was THE Best Manicure ever. I felt incredibly loved.

And WE Hope your day was full of lots of LOVE, too!

Happy Valentines day!


Look who can dress himself–


Let the fun, adventures of seeing the silly outfits begin!


My New Parenting Thoughts…

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Doctor’s Offices/Hospitals lately, providing me time to wait, and also do a little reading.

I have been carrying a book around in my purse for about 1.5 years, and recently I finally got to reading it, (seems like before the book was read the (first few pages), and then a couple of months go by, and I’d pick it up again, and couldn’t remember everything that I read, so I would re-read, and then that cycle would continue!)… So, now, I am recording A few of the ‘gems’ I want to remember:

The reminder that ‘It takes a long, long time to grow.’ (how often do I want my kids to learn and adjust quickly, when in reality it takes time!)

I really liked this quote:

and then this from the Ensign, from Elder Faust:
“In my opinion, the teaching, rearing, and training of children requires more intelligence, intuitive understanding, humility, strength, wisdom, spirituality, perseverance and hard work than only other challenge we might have in a life.”
Grateful for the acknowledgement from a man of God, that parenting is indeed a ‘challenge’ sometimes. 🙂

Nothing profound, but important for me to learn and rediscover.

(NOTE: Pictures are from a few Sunday’s ago, when Toph returned early from meetings…therefore allowing for a few extra minutes before the ‘rush’ out the door for church! Yes, Truman does have a black eye. He ran into someone at the school dance…. And Elliot finally got a big boy haircut…Yeah, it doubled his age.)


More Lorelei Video

Just playing…


Tell us a song, you’re the piano man!

Tucker is LOVING learning to play the piano. He has a great teacher, who totally gets him.

Lately, he can’t walk past our piano with out playing it, and I am constantly having to remind him to play quietly because his siblings are sleeping. He especially loves to play early in the morning and late at night.

I can tell what kind of mood he is in, by what he is playing, and lately he’s taken to combining/composing music and just ‘playing’. Whenever he is playing, Lorelei likes to be close to him (when she is awake that is!), and this day, he brought her stool in to the piano, so she could be close to him, and ‘play’.

Heres a video of the two cute kiddos.

Love that Tucker’s hair was crazy, and that I trip over the vacuum while I am filming…ha.



I have a few favorite things right now….
Something daily, I look forward to listening to, is the Mormon Channel, specifically the Conversations section.

I have it on my phone, and LOVE to listen to conversations and conference, my kids love the scripture stories and articles from the friend, and I love that I can have something uplifting, and thought provoking to listen to, at any time!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!