For over 13 years I have listened to the music of this band, Jars of Clay. The are a Christian Rock Band, and there music has been with me through many phases of my life! I have attended 5 band concerts in my life, and 2 of them have been Jars Concerts. One of their songs is on our wedding video. So when I heard they were coming to SLC, I was BEYOND, BEYOND, BEYOND excited.

My AWESOME husband, (Who knew I was a little excited) went early and waited in line to get the tickets,

and we ended up with six tickets on like the FIFTH row!

Eric came to the concert with us, and Amy and Grace joined us for a minute too!

It was an incredibly awesome night for me. Being at a concert with people I love,

listening to music that makes me uber happy, and then afterwords meeting the band, getting a setlist, and all the singers autographs.

The set list was:



Eyes Wide Open


If you love her

Like a child

Age of Imm. Mistakes

Oh My God


Fade to Gray


Dead Men


All my Tears

Love Song (still My favorite!)

To say it was an amazing night, would be an understatement.
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Just me and little sister.

Most days during Elliot’s preschool, Lorelei has speech appointments, but it just so happened that this day, her therapist called and was few minutes late, leaving us some extra time to PLAY!

Little girls play so differently than little boys! 🙂

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Canning with my sister…


Love doing it with my sis.
Love you Amys!

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The Bionicle Battles Again!

Sometime at the end of summer, the neighborhood boys began battling their bionicles. And it’s not something simple, their are complex rules, and regulations, on how they are built and battle. And they usually always take place in the yards, where each person has their own base. 🙂

So fun to see these cute boys together!

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?????? ????

Birthday Luau!

Traditionally for our birthday’s my parents take us out to eat. But we saw this fun Luau, and decided we’d love to do that with my parents instead. Eric’s birthday is right with ours, so naturally he came too, which we LOVE. The night of the Luau arrived, and unfortunately my parents got stuck in St. George, so they weren’t able to attend. Of course we missed them, but it still was an incredible evening!

Waiting to go in

Loved to see my boys RUNNING to meet Uncle Eric

Eric and Lorelei

Yummy food

Beautiful girl

EAt dinner on my belly? Yes please.

Handsome boy, growing bigger by the minute!

Truman is ready to go to Hawaii!

Hubba, Hubba.

Me and Lorelei

Beautiful backdrop for the night

I loved watching the dancers!

Awesome Uncle Eric, playing the balancing game. Sitting still can be hard! 🙂

Thanks again Mom and Dad! 🙂

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Toph’s Birthday Celebrating with the Phillips Family

To celebrate we the Phillips family, we meet halfway at a park
The Evelyns, Patrick, Paul and Mom and Dad were there.

We played

went for walks/short hikes

ate chicken

played at another park
(Emmy on one side and Lorelei on the other of the swing!)

and finished up the afternoon with some ice-cream!

So fun to be able to celebrate Toph with his family.
?????? ????


With big brothers gone at school, it’s amazing how much less I feel I have to do as a mother! Making more time for playing together with the littles during the day.

Love this video, as Elliot loves his ‘bubble wash’ magnetic car toy, and Lorelei plays in her kitchen.

And painting. Lorelei loves coloring/creating with her hands, so it’s fun to try different things!

(Lorelei painting pooh-bear)

(Elliot painting star wars)
Love being a mom.
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RIP Hammy

Our Loyal beloved hamster passed away, And here are a few pictures taken a couple days before, and at his funereal, and burial on the side of our home.

Hammy lived a LONG life, and the kids will certainly miss him!

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One of my FAVORITE Surprises

Is finding pictures that I didn’t take, and just ‘magically’ show up.

This is one of those delightful surprises. Cute, Cute Girl.
(I know I say this all the time, but I really do love this!)

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Happy Birthday, Day TOPH!

Celebrating Birthday’s on Sundays can sometimes be hard! Toph had meetings in the morning and afternoon. So mostly we celebrated his birthday at meal times,

And Truman wanted him to wear his birthday crown all day. (I thought he should wear them to his church meetings, but Toph refused! 🙂 )

Dinner (we were happy to have Eric come and join us for dinner that night).

How lucky we are to have such a good dad and husband in our lives! We love you Toph!

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