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Saturday Business

What a busy day we had on Saturday….I love a productive day, but I love being with family even more, lucky for me, my day included both! We began by building the joists for the treehouse,
When we got a phone call from the Phillips saying they were on there way down to supervise the situation. Boy were we grateful to see them.
They showed us the right way to box in the tree,
Played with they boys
Fixed the truck (apparently it just needed a little bit of gas in the carberator, was all it needed, who knew?)
Mom and I got the whole mess of our future stream/fountain, all clean and virutally leaf free,
Got some lumber for the flooring of the treehouse,
while Toph and I purchased it, The Grandparents and Cat stopped by the lawn mower department
Toph learned how to trim the apple tree (it’s not done yet…)
They boys went and got their hair cut, and then got to take a trip for some new toys (and shirts) with Aunt Cat.
Lastly they read robot stories, and played with Grandma and Grandpa, (you can also see by the boys dirty faces, we had spagetti for dinner 🙂 )
(Can you tell you these boys are brothers? They look exactly the same after their haircuts)
It was a busy day full of good people.
Thanks for all your help Cat, Grandma and Grandpa!

Topher Truman Tucker

Talent, Talent, Talent

So, yep, I have some talented boys. Grams and Gramps just got back from Hawaii, and with them they brought back the boys some Ukulele’s. They play them often, but on Saturday Morning Tuck pulled out Toph’s Guitar and asked for some lessons–the boys are constantly looking up to their father, and want to do anything that he does.
After watching this video-
You might agree that practice make perfect, and they might need a little more practice 🙂 But I will remember the smiles on their faces. These boys are lucky to have such a good, loving, patient father.

Emily Truman Tucker

Red Butte Gardens…

So did you know that during this last week was Earth Day and Arbor Day?
I must admit, I didn’t realize Earth Day was on Tuesday, we actually went to the dump, to take some trash there. Woops. Not a good way to celebrate Earth Day!
But we did celebrate Arbor Day at Red Butte Gardens. Can I tell you, I love this place? Especially the Children’s Garden. We spent a majority of our time there…
Fish Pond (Truman especially like it here)
This is why I rarely try to get posed shots
I usually just follow them around and take pictures, like in this hut
or on a lizard
Or in the dragons mouth
The staining Sand Pit
Just love this pic

After we’d been there a while, Amy, Ry and Tiff, Cousin Belle and Ike came to meet us there too!
Belle and Tuck on Bridge
Looking at the fish together, people used to always think they were twins, you can kind of see it in this picture,
Map Questing
Cute Cousins
Handsome Ike
A beautiful day to be outside and enjoying God’s creations.

Emily Truman Tucker

“SEA”ing the WORLD in Utah…

So Wednesday afternoon, my good friend Jamie, calls me up informs me some animals from Sea World are at her BANK (Yeah, random I know), and so we are off for an adventure I am sure my kids will not forget.
When we arrived, they were having a show, and explained about the animals,
The boys watched with such interest!
Look at those teeth! I think she said they belonged to a whale:
Then we waited in line for a few minutes, in line, headed upstairs,
and got a hands on experience with many of the animals.
Petting Simon:
Pac Man Frog, that Tucker really loved:
If you look in the background, you can see the penguin. I am not sure if this was penny or pete, but either way, the boys stood and watched it for a while. (You couldn’t pet it, but they boys didn’t mind. They were VERY close to a penguin!)
Ever since the PBS Kids Show Big, Big World, the boys care about sloths. Here is one we met:
Petting a tortoise:
They also gave them kids there own shamu stuffed whale.
All the boys watching the show with their stuffed animals:
Truman was fascinated by the presentation–Love the expression on his face:
Since Wednesday, we have watched Utube clips of Shamu, Tucker and Truman have checked out books from the library about animals that live in the sea, especially whales, and have colored many pictures of dolphins and sea life.
I love exposing my children to new things!

Emily Topher Tucker

Dangerous Things and Aunt Amy

Now please note: the two things listed in the title, have very little to do with each other, except when it has to do with my children. Read On—- Last weekend, while Christopher was out of town, my sister Amy saved my sanity. Not because the ratio of children to adult was exhausting, but because of the adventurous nature of children–especially Tucker.
Now before you read on, please watch this:
Yep. 5 Dangerous Things That You Should Let Your Children Do.
A few months ago Toph showed me this video, I found it interesting and pulled a few things from it…And I would like to think that, Tucker is going to be more confident, aware child because he is so adventurous, and I allow him (with in limits) to do this. So with that said, I want to write down what happened this last weekend, the fear I felt, and then the relief that I felt knowing that my child was going to be okay.
Friday after night, after helping some neighbors, Tucker proceeded home and immediately went to the trees. This is where he likes to be lately. I love the quote from the presentation, “Kids are always going to figure out how to do the most dangerous things they can, with whatever they are given.” That sums my Tucker up perfectly.
While in the tree he somehow lost his balance sending him falling out, head first, and therefore landing on his head. On the Cement Curbing. I heard a loud noise. I was an arms length away, trimming the tree and was there within seconds.
Having heard the noise. I was afraid it was his neck. Seeing him fall down on his head, it scared me. The wind was knocked out of him, and he couldn’ t move for a few seconds. Again, panic shot through my body. But after a few seconds, he caught his breath and the screaming and tears came out freely.
Luckily our neighbor is engaged to an EMT (or else we would have been to the ER for the second time in a little under a week), he came over looked him over, and since there was no blood coming out of the ears, eyes, nose and his eyes were dilating properly, he told me to wake him up every few hours that night, and watch for signs of concussion. If the symptoms were to occur, what was I going to do with Truman while I rushed to the ER in the middle of the night? I could take him with me….
Christopher was in Connecticut, my parents were in Hawaii, then I knew what to do. I knew Amy, my sister, would come down and help me. She has helped us in 3 other previous ER visits. Which she did this time too.
Amy rushed down to our house, and by that time the ice pack on the back of Tuckers head had releaved the swelling goose egg (That literally was the size of a goose egg!) to a much smaller egg, and he was very drowsy (normal again with a head trauma).
He went to sleep, and Amy helped me to wake him up every few hours through the night, and as you can now see, she helped save my sanity. Thanks again Amy, you’re the best, and I’m so blessed to be your sister.
And Tucker? Even though it’s been a week, he still has a little bump on his head, other than that, shows no signs of the ‘trauma’.
And as said in the video, I am hoping that this experience will have taught him more about the world around him. Gravity maybe?

Topher Tucker

Tucker was tagged

Tucker was tagged by his cousin Sophie, and since you hear my perspective constantly, I asked Toph to write this one!
Tucker loves to do things simply for the sake of doing them
He loves robots and bugs
He enjoying listening to books about robots even if he doesn’t understand everything
He does not like talking on the phone unless he is bored (in the car for example)
Scared of toilets when he was younger, Tucker still refers to loud ones as “monster potties”
Tucker wants to tag Dallin Paul, Patrick, Cathrine, and Aunt Amy.

Topher Truman

Truman was Tagged

Truman was tagged by his cousin Nora, and again, since you hear my perspective constantly, again, I asked Toph to write this one!
Truman finds joy both in emulating his older brother as well as in being different from him, depending on the day.
He loves Planet Heroes action figures
He loves to run, jump, kick and throw
His little eyes “scream” delight when he is excited about something
Truman is an excellent snuggler.
When I asked Truman who he wanted to tag he said “My Grandmas and Grandpas”. So there you go 🙂


Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jog.

Toph is home.

Toph flew on an airplane, and rode in taxis and shuttles.

Through it all he was safe.

Toph rocks.

I can climb in bed again, and not stay awake for hours, ’cause I know he’s here, and will keep my feet warm all night long.

Glad he is back.

Tuck is glad he is back.

Tru is glad is too.

Some sort of normalcy can resume at our home.

Thank Goodness.

Emily Truman

Crafting Time…

Tucker could do ‘projects’ constantly. This week he made himself a scripture bag for himself.
He designed it, cut the letters out, and sewed them on by hand, all by himself. I just was the sewing machine operator, and needle puller througher (sewing by hand through levi material is hard for a five year old.) I love his little creative mind.

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Did I forget?

-About Pete and how long he lived, and everything that goes with him…
-How bad I hate the smell of fish?
-And how looking at a dirty fish tank gives me the chills?
-How for some reason, in a child’s mind, putting fish flakes in the tank is the greatest thing ever, and gets requested at least 15 times a day by each child?
Did I forget:
-How having a pet makes children feel responsible and happy?
-About the smiles that come from fish that swim around, and do ‘tricks’ like swimming through the tunnel?
-How calmly and quietly kids can sit by a fish tank and just watch?
-The joy of pets?

Yes I did. For better or for worse. 🙂
Introducing Pete (Trumans new fish) He likes to hid under the filter and behind the shell, making it hard to get pics:
And Water (Tuckers fish):
I am choosing now not to forget these happy faces: