Door Open

Now that Truman is out of his crib, we insist on having the door open when he goes to sleep. It doesn’t have to be all the way open, just open enough, so you know it is open, just the tiniest sliver. He reminds you two or three times during the bed time routine, and if you forget, he busts into tears, and sobs very deeply (and very sincerely) until you open the door back up.
I don’t forget now, and I find myself telling Truman that I will leave the door open, before he even has to remind me. But Topher isn’t quite used to the routine yet, and forgets, but Tru will remind him, and he will learn!


Just the Girls

Lexie just sent me this picture…
Don’t the Phillips have good genes and aren’t they all so CUTE?
That’s Another Reason why I love Christopher, someday we’ll have some pretty cute little girls to add to this group…(I AM NOT PREGNANT, I said SOMEDAY…)


Mr. Phillips

I am babysitting while some moms are at girls camp this week, one of the little boys, Ethan, keeps calling me Mr. Phillips.
“Um, excuse me Mr. Phillips?”
At first I tried to correct him, “Oh, there is no Mr. PHillips here, but you can call me Sister Phillips”, but he keeps calling Mr. Phillips.
I think it is kind of funny, my neighbor overheard him calling me that, and she thought it was funny too. I don’t know if it really is, or if I have been around little children too much, but it does make me smile!


New Song

Truman has been singing this same line over and over and over and over ALL DAY today,
“I hope you call me on a mission”
“I hope you call me on a mission”
Everytime he says “you” he stops and thinks, and then goes on singing.
It is a bright song, and makes me smile…


A new Version of an Old Favorite…

A while back we got some books from the Great Hunsakers. We have enjoyed them, this week we started to read one called “Bible Stories from the Old Testament”. We have looked at the pictures, and talked about the stories, but I have never read the text. Well this last week, Tucker asked me to read the “real words”, I was making lunch (mustard, cheese and meat sandwiches of course), and I was just reading aloud the text while I focused all of my attention toward making sandwiches. Not really paying much attention to what I was reading….
Here is the paragraph out of the book I was reading. We were talking about the story of the Creation…
After I read it, I half thought in my head, Did I just tell the boys that our Lord created Sea Monsters? On rereading, I discovered Yep. I did.
The boys needed some clarification after reading that story….


Family Togetherness

We got together with my family on Saturday Night, My cousin Chad and his family were in town. I brought my camera to get some pictures, but somehow, I got distracted, and my camera got put away, and didn’t get any pictures after this one, but it was worth posting…


Phillips Family Girlys Day

On Saturday, the Ladies of the Phillips Family met together to enjoy each others company, (it was so nice to be together with out having to separate my children!) We had a great time at Gardners Village looking at the shops, Walking Around, and enjoying lunch as well as each others company. It was so fun to be just the girls together.
I took my camera, but didn’t get many pictures…
This was the first time I had met Madeline, it was so fun to hold her and see her, and we truly had a great time!
Thanks Ladies, I am so glad to be part of your Family….


Playdate with Hinckley

Our good friend Hinckley came to play, Tucker and Truman love to play with him, but we just don’t get together as often as we would all like. It is hard when life is so busy.
Here are a few shots of them playing together.


Strawberry Days…

What Can I say?I love our local Celebration, it is wonderful, and we have enjoyed it over the past few
days. Toph loves the strawberries and cream that they serve, and what child is not
going to love the carnival rides? And what parent is not going to love watching their children on the
We started the festivities by participating in the Childrens Parade. It is really actually kind of a dumb thing. All of the children from the area, line up and walk around a parade route, but the thing is, all of the children are IN the parade, so NO ONE is watching the parade, it is at 5:00 in the afternoon, and I really think it was around 100 degrees that day. My Friend Diana and I went, and she pulled the wagon with my children in it. I was very hot, and I was grateful for her, and needless to say, we had some tired, overheated children, but it was alot of fun.
Tucker and Truman wanted to dress up in Hawaiian theme, and so that is what we did.The real theme was “All American” so I gave them a flag, and counted that as good.
The next night we went to the Carnival, Tucker and Truman started out on the Dragon Rollercoaster, After it had circled twice another little girl on the ride was screaming, she wanted off. Truman wasn’t crying, but had a very terrified look on his face, and he wanted to get off, so we pulled him off, and Tucker finished the Roller Coaster with a big smile and a giggle.
The children went on a few other rides, including a train, the monster truck, motorcycle and the fun house.
There is nothing like being a kid!
It is great to live in a wonderful community, and to be part of their celebrations!


Aiken Drum

At Library Class, we learned a new song about
the man in the moon.
Here are the lyrics,
There was a man lived in the moon
lived in the moon, lived in the moon
There was a man lived in the moon
and his name was Aiken Drum
And he played upon a ladle, a ladle, a ladle
He played upon a ladle and his name was Aiken Drum
And his head was made of cream cheese…
And his name was Aiken Drum and etc
We came home and loaded it on the Ipod, and he played
it all afternoon. While in the car later that night,
Tucker started to sing it again, and Truman said, No
Tucker it’s Aiken Bum…. and the argument had begun.
Tucker: Its Aiken Drum
Truman: No, It Aiken Bum

I am going to try to get a video of Tucker Singing the
song and if/when I do, I will post it.