Emily Life Truman

Truman Says…

Mom, take pictures of my faces..
I don’t more if I am just noticing it more, or if Trumans truely has become more expressive with his face. I just love watching him express emotions with his face…

Emily Life Truman Tucker

the Zoobalee Zoo…

So, when I was younger, I would watch this show…

Now every time we go to the Zoo, I can’t help but sing that song,
Wednesday was a Free Day at the Zoo, so we headed up to SLC. Naturally it was busy, but we had a great time, what’s not to love about the zoo?
Mapping out where to go–
The animals they wanted to see where the Monkeys, the Elephant, and the Penguins,
and Check-
Big Mouth Frog, I mean Tucker–
The White Alligator-
Since it was kind of busy, I told the boys that they either had to be in the wagon, or holding hands together, this is how they spent most of the day, holding hands running from place to place, cute boys…
On the elephant Trunk–
Another Frog, nope still Tucker–
Watching the penguins–
There favorite place was the Reptile House, the animals were surprisingly active there, most the snakes were awake, and it was also feeding day/time for alot of them. We spent alot of time there, and I have alot of pictures that look like this: Brothers staring and talking together.
Grand Adventures with us all–
I spy with my little eye…Binoculars–
The zoo is such a fun place, and as a child, it seems magical and HUGE. I am glad we were able to spend the day there.

Truman Tucker

The first of the seasons…

Tuesday Afternoon, the first of the Spring and Summer seasons out in the sandbox. Honestly, the first day the snow was melted out of it!
(They wouldn’t stop to look at me, so I could see there faces, they were just so excited!) I am looking forward to being out there more often, and building hundreds of sandcastles! Hurray!

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

If we were closer, I think we would live here…

alright, maybe not live here, just be here almost daily. I love this place, therefore more pics of this weeks FHE at the Childrens Museum. (Thanks again to the Great Hunsakers for our Christmas Present, we have already used it so much, that it has almost paid for
itself twice now…and it’s only February!)
At the ball pit-“beehive”:
Tuck at his favorite spot–the drill thing in the ball pit-
Happy Kids = Happy Parents-
Our everytime shot on the Motorcycle-
Gasing up-
My little blacksmith, sometimes you just can’t resist and have to try things out!
Cowboy up-
Here is video of Truman buying food at the market. Watch his facial expressions, what is not to love about this sweet boy?
Tucker discovered the Rock Climbing Wall, and did pretty good-
Building- (by the way, thanks Grandpa Phillips for the AWESOME shirts, Tucker sat in the window all afternoon, trying to get his lizards to change colors! We love them!)
Tucker also discovered the Tube to talk through, as well as the telescope, always something new and fun here (even if it’s been here every time we’ve already come)!
We went to a class where we had to build a sail on top of a strip with Magnets, then see if it would sail….
We did one first as a family, which didn’t do so good,
So, then we re-did it.
Then Tucker made his own, by himself. It did the best of all three, what a smart cookie.
Here’s a movie:
Then afterwords we met up with Eric, Amy and Dad for some good-eats at “Super Salad”.
Eric left before we got a pic with him, he’s a busy, busy working college student…
Me and Amy (pic by Tuck)
Toph and Dad (pic by Tuck again)
Just looking at those pictures makes me hungry, I love that place, yum, yum.
It truly is amazing to just go and have fun with your kids and watch them learn.

Topher Tucker

Drupal, Drupal, Drupal!

So I guess this is what you get when your hubby builds websites, finds a content management system that he loves.–Which by the way is Drupal, and it has its own theme song. Take a listen here:
During quiet time he listened to it for an hour over and over (the song is only 1 minute long, so like 60 times),
dwupal, dwupal, dwupal, dwupal!

Emily Truman Tucker

Matchey, Matchey, and Matchey…

So I have been noticing lately, that I dress myself and the boys the same, with out even realizing it.
Last week one day, I put us all in Red Tops and Jeans, (which my friend noticed, and asked if we were having family picures taken) then on Sunday I did this…
The boys in sweatervests, and cords, and myself in a sweater and cord skirt. I probably should have hopped in the picture, but it is funny that I don’t mean to, but yet, coordinate our outfits…

Emily Truman


So the other day, I went down to get Tru up from quiet time, and found this….
He has been pretty independent lately, getting himself dressed, undressed, jammies on, and etc.
But I guess during quiet time, he had tried to take his sweater off, by pulling it down instead of up. He had successfully gotten his arms out, but taken them through the head hole.
It took us like 5 minutes to get it back off the right way.
Can you tell by the look on his face, he was frustrated? But he was so patient, tell me, “Mom, we get it right next time.”
That is one thing about Truman, he mostly learns things the first time, and I betcha, he won’t make that mistake again!



Yeah, so the past two weeks, I have spent HOURS upon HOURS looking for lost items.
I consider myself a pretty organized person.
Now I don’t have the perfectly clean house, but we don’t live in a tornado either, I consider it a nice ‘lived-in’ home.
The missing items: My keys, Tuckers’ birth certificate, and lastly Trumans white ‘ace from space’ action figure.
All things that could be replaced, but SHOULD be where I remember leaving them, but no.
The search for the keys was the most drastic. It wouldn’t be so bad, except I had the church keys on them, and those are so expensive to replace, and take a long time, and I usually put them in the same place…so the search began..(I figured it would not take me long to find them, there was only so many places they could be right? WRONG)
–DEEP cleaned/scrubbed/vaccumed out the car
–Went through all of my clothes (DI-ing a huge batch), looking in pockets of all pants/sweaters
–Went through all of my coats, and Toph’s coats, again looking through the pockets
–Going through all of the baskets that are underneath where I hang keys, behind the cabinet, all around it.
–Searched/Vacuumed out all of our couches, underneath the couches and underneath all beds
–Went through all of our Toy bins, and Games Closet, and Movies (thinking maybe the kids put them there…) (again DI-ing a huge batch, and even bigger batch for the sandbox this summer)
–Calling ALL of the stores I frequent, and asking them if they had my keys, calling the stores I don’t frequent that often, but have been to lately, and any place else I go: post office, preschool, library, etc. (this took like 3 hours, by the way, my new pet peeve, people who put hard rock on their phone systems, that you are forced to listen to while you wait for people to pick up the phone.)

Finally after literally 2 weeks of looking, I prayed telling the Lord, I had done it all, I didn’t know what else to do…
Of course, when I finished my prayer, I have the thought, look behind the cabinet underneath the keys again. Sure enough. There they were, stuck on the telephone cords, where I hadn’t seen them the first few times I’d looked.
Sometimes I need a reminder, Rely on the Lord.
Good Reminder. Point Taken.
Plus now I have many clean sections of my home, they won’t stay clean for long, but I’ll enjoy it while they do.
(Notice, you can actually sit on th toy bench)
(Now there is room for all toys to have a “home”)
(Now the kids can actually see all the games, hopefully this will help, so we are not playing the lego game everytime!)
Mostly I’m grateful to have my keys back, safe. And I am writing to this to help cement that reminder–Rely on the Lord, and ask for help, he will help you.


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Hurray, I got tagged by Rachelle, so here goes it…
1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was a senior in High School, twitterpated over my high-school crush, finishing up the final yearbook deadlines, practicing singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to get ready for Concert Choir California Tour. Working at Eat-a-Burger, eating yummy french fries, doing homework, and waiting to hear if I had been accepted to what I considered my dream school of BYU-Hawaii.

2. 5 things on my to-do list today?
-Clean House/Laundry
-Return books to Library
-Get paperwork in order for Tuckers School Registration on Monday
-Relief Society Phone Calls
-Check Blogs 🙂

3. 5 snacks that I enjoy:
-Anything with Cheese, (My latest favorite has been Cracked Pepper Crackers with Tomatoes and Cheese)
– Cucumbers and Salt
-Cinnamon Rolls
-Nature Valley Yogurt Granola Bars
-Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies, straight out of the oven.

4. 3 bad habits:
-Starting the Washing Machine with a load, getting distracted, and not remembering until I’m in bed…then having to get up and change it, so it doesn’t sit all night and get all yucky.
– Getting into the middle of a ‘project’, loosing total track of time, then hurrying to finish it, when I reality sets in!
– Dreaming too big, and trying to make those dreams happen, then getting disappointed when they don’t.

5. What would you do if you were instantly a billionaire?
-Pay off our Mortgage, put in a sprinkling system, finish the treehouse
-Set aside money for our Kids for college
-Set aside money for me to go to college when my kids are older
-Help Extended Family
-Be anonymous donor, friends and family
-Pay for others restaurant tabs
-Move to Europe for a few years
-Donate to Organizations that better people’s lives
-Build a pool, and invite family, neighbors and friends there often throughout the summer
-Do many ‘volunteer vacations’ with our family
-possibly hire someone to come clean my house, and wash my windows 🙂
–the possibilities are endless….

6. Places I’ve lived:
Holladay, Utah
Logan, Utah
Boston (Quincy), MA
Providence, Utah
Pleasant Grove, Utah
(Yeah, I have moved SO MANY times, but it is to all the same places! HA!)

7. Jobs I’ve had:
EAt-A-Burger Counter Gal
BRASC (center for kids with disabilities)Employee
Utah State Alum Phone Caller
Study Abroad Assistant
Massachusetts College Financing Person
MOM, Mommy, and Momma

8. 5 things people don’t know about me:
-I prefer baths not showers.
-I don’t mind shoveling snow or mowing the lawn.
-My favorite gifts to receive are the handmade ones.
-I am constantly cold from about September to March.
-My favorite item of clothing is a good pair of jeans.

I tag Cousin Pat, Jensa Anderson, Emily Huff, and Wendy Nixon.
Can’t wait to read yours ladies!

Emily Truman Tucker

No one ever told me….

that being a mother can sometimes be a job like this…
The PoopSmith.
Those of you who aren’t familiar with Homestar Runner, you really should be. He’s a funny, funny, little cartoon man.

My children are for the most part potty trained, so therefore, I should be past this “poop-smith-ness” for a while right? I would think so, but my children, are proving this otherwise.

Maybe I should just be eating some fluffy-puff marshmallows and a tall glass of melonade… to keep things in perspective.