Almost Haloween…

Although I’m not caught up on my October posts, I couldn’t help posting our Halloween Jib Jab–

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Halloween is almost here you know! And if only I could move like this at 8 months pregnant, that would be awesome!


Safety Week!

Our School is awesome, we have such a great community to live in, and women in our PTA really go the extra mile. When you think Safety Week, you think no big deal right? WRONG! It is a huge deal! The boys learned all about being safe all week through different activities and things. Here are some of the highlights:

Walking to school day, and celebrity crossing guard: The JAZZ BEAR!

Riding your bike to school day–(Thankfully Toph was home this morning, and was willing to ride his bike with the boys to school…) At school that day they did a bike Rodeo, which Truman thought was pretty cool.

Through turning in your safety pledges (pledging to be safe), your name got entered into a drawing…and TRUMAN WON!

A Razor Scooter!

They were backordered, so we just barely got it this week,

scooter boy 1 from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

but he was so excited as you can tell from this video.

scooter boy 2 from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

As I was ending the video, Truman was hoping off to tell me he wasn’t being safe without his helmet. awesome.
On another side note, Truman insist on sleeping with this scooter. I finally convinced him, it was better to have the scooter on the floor instead of in bed with him.

The week finished with the PTA fundraiser, ‘a family fun run’, to which Cat was awesome enough to come down and run with us. It was 2.62 miles, and from what I understand Tucker and Truman ran a good bit of it! Toph took the stroller, and I anticipated walking with them, but the boys wanted to run, so I was left behind, but ended up taking a short cut thru the field so I could see them finish!


Here is Tucker with his Teacher.

An Awesome, Awesome Week…Here’s to being safer!



Seems like there is never enough time/energy in the day to get everything done you want to do…

If we could, I would love to get together with family, and friends and reconnect every day of the week!
Seeing Cousin Pat and the Ermolaevs was so wonderful…

I guess for now, I’ll settle with seeing loved ones every now and then, and wish we got to see them more!


One compliment can go a LONG way.

Truman was complimented at school the other day, for being an excellent sorter.

That day he came home and sorted everything in our house…including this box of legos from his Lego Game.
It has been sorted by color and size.
He was so proud of himself, and I am grateful for a sweet boy who listens so well, and shows me the simple joys of appreciating a good thing.


To be able to sleep like this…

Here is Tuck asleep ONTOP of his clean laundry. (Full on ASLEEP, mouth open ASLEEP!)

Here’s the laundry box…

Classic. Don’t you remember being able to do this? And falling asleep in the weirdest places? So darling.


Cowboy Tuck…

Riding Cowgirl. She was in a spunky mood this day, so much so that Tru and Eli didn’t get to really ride her. There were kids running in a track meet through the fence making cowgirl nervous…

Cowboy Tuck from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

But it was fun to see Tucker up there riding away, and being so confident and excited. And the boys are loving learning about taking care of her, and saddling her up.


September always bring the FAIR

And so much other goodness. But the Fair is one of my favorite things from the month!

We were lucky enough to get to go with Grams and the Great Hunsakers. We had a great time, and are glad we have such great people to be with.

We pretended to be animals

Walked and saw the animals

Thank heavens we had extra hands, the boys were wandering everywhere!
Got to ride in an army jeep (it wasn’t moving 🙂 )

Ate some fair food (a necessity, and we even got to try a deep fried oreo.)

Visited the little kid farm country

Saw Tuckers BLUE RIBBON! for his quilt 🙂

It was also Ice Cream night, yum, yum. I was excited about our aggie ice cream. So we ate lots and lots of ice cream, except for my mom, she just manned the table, and kept us smiling!

And as luck would have it, got to meet a real live robot…the boys were giddy.

And of course, I am already dreaming of the fair next year…maybe I’ll even enter something in?


September Trip to Logan

The camera didn’t even get pulled out. We were all so tired after Elliot was up all night with a ’bout of croup, but after a trip to the Insta care, we all slept much better the following night. Hate that croup.

Thankfully, there were a few shots with my camera phone. So the highlights.

Have you seen this?

About a year ago Aunt Cat introduced this video to my boys. They love it, and laugh out loud.

One afternoon the kids all gathered around to watch the video together. I thought it was pretty cute, to see all the neices and nephews and Toph and Dallin Paul enjoying it together.

the kiddos and sunshine. from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

They all knew the video, and knew what was coming… so funny.

Also whilst we were up there, Tucker it one of his silly, silly moods bit Uncle Patricks Sock while at the park (I am not sure why, I wasn’t there?) And his other front tooth just popped out!

So now we have a totally little front-toothless boy.

And of course there was a trip to Mooches for Saturday Business and Candy.

There it is. The highlights. 🙂


This Pregnancy…

Just had to record a few things….as this pregnancy has been so different from my others. I don’t know the reasons, because it’s a little girl? because I am getting older? because it is my fourth? But there are a few things I do know.


I have LOVED them. Thankfully our neighbors have taken pity on me, and offered (and have) shared them with us, in big red bucketfuls. I know I say it all the time, but we love our neighborhood and neighbors!

Balled up Ice (like the kind from Sonic)

At the end of a long day, when I crawl into bed…that is what I want. A big glass with ice. with more ice. On the rocks 🙂 Toph has kept the freezer well stocked with ice, and is sweet enough to get me lots, and lots of it.

Getting Big, Bigger, Biggest!

Seriously! With this last pregnancy, when I hit my last trimester, I pulled out and on a pair of my favorite stretchy pants that I wore to the hospital with Tucker (So I wore my whole pregnancy!) and they were tight, almost too small! It was a sad day, as I loved those stretchy pants, but on a happier note, with this pregnancy I haven’t been as throwy-upy. Still super sick, but able to keep down my food better than any other pregnancy…so keeping down food, even if that means my belly is bigger, is totally good!


With other pregnancies, up until the day my babies were born, I was lifting their big brothers, now with this pregnancy I have found that my muscles are a little more ‘shot’, and if I am lifting, I am SUPER sore by the end of the day. So much so I have to lay down, to lessen the pain/pressure.

It is still just as magical, amazing the fourth time around. The little kicks, hearing the heartbeat, dreaming of what she will look like, and how she will fit into our family…hard to believe that in less than two months she’ll be here!



At the beginning of the year, we began a chore/job system, called accountable kids. It has worked great for our family!

One of the things I love most is that thru being responsible and getting their jobs done the kids earn one on one dates with us (the parents).

Here is some pics/video of my latest adventure with Truman. (We ALWAYS go one on one with each child….but due to a crazy busy schedule, it would be over 3 weeks before I could go alone with just Truman, so we decided to just go during the day while Tuck was in school, and let Elliot come along…)

Because we went while everyone else was in school, the park was virtually empty. The employees followed us from ride to ride to start them up for us…therefore we went on lots of rides,

The boats

truman on the boats from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

The bumper cars

go carts from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

and had the whole miniature golf course to ourselves.

golfing from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my dates with my boys…a chance to talk, laugh, and enjoy one another. Hopefully they will remember them with as much fondness too!