Talk about Growing up…

It’s happening again, they’re still growing and learning, and it happened over night! Yesterday something clicked in Tucker’s brain.
The sight words he’s been working on for over a year now, are really starting to fall into place, and he is beginning those baby steps in reading! I don’t know what happened between yesterday morning, last night and today, but this morning, I could hear the boys downstairs, and couldn’t figure why they weren’t coming out for breakfast. Thinking they were getting in trouble, I decided to investigate… I found Tucker ‘reading’ to Truman down in there room. This has never happened, in fact Tucker really shys away from reading to Truman, when sugguested he try it, he acts like it’s something overly painful, and can’t believe I would even think of asking him to do it.
So it is a big deal that they spent 20 minutes ‘reading’ together. During Breakfast Tucker told me “I wasn’t really reading, we were just talking about the books and the pictures”.
I’m not sure if it’s because we rearranged the boys room yesterday putting the bookshelf in their room that encouraged this, (we starting to get ready for baby, and finally they are past the phase of pulling ALL the books off the shelf), or just the fact Tucker is realizing he can read by himself (which he can, especially the words I, a, the and you) but whatever it is.. I JUST LOVE THESE MOMENTS~

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Before my Eyes….

My children are growing older, and the last few weeks it seems like I can visually see them getting bigger on a DAILY basis.

This week is safety week at Tuck’s school. Which he is still loving (if he can just get used to the going every day thing 🙂 )

They have had so many great activities to promote safety: walk to school day (using the cross-walks, etc.), ride your bike to school day (wearing the proper gear)–seeing him riding there especially made him seem so grown up, even with the training wheels,

Bike Obstacle Course, get/decorate a bicycle helmet day (which he wore for a few days, including at breakfast),

track your steps with a pedometer for a day, Stranger Danger Day, Celebrity (local College Mascots) Crossing Guards, water bottles and tomorrow they are giving away two free bicycles per classroom. Tucker has LOVED this week. And watching him participate, and talk about this stuff, makes me realize how BIG he is, not just how big he seems.

Truman too has grown into being a preschooler. Complete with the dress up/superhero/rollerskating antics..

Not one ounce of baby left in him. NONE. He has always been pretty independent, but recently, he just looks older, acts older, and of course actually is older.

But I don’t like watching it happen. it makes me want to freeze time.:) But it is inevitable, and I do love watching them learn. Here are some pics from our field trip to the firestation today, where yet again, I kept looking at Truman and wondering where this grown up boy came from…

And a big deal to Truman, being able to take his own lunch to school, in his own spiderman lunch box…

For now, I am going to treasure the fact that my boys are still small enough to get excited about bike days and lunch boxes. I hope that as they grow up, they’ll still share the things that make them happy with me. Because these boys make me happy.


I heart Baby Eleanor

Nothing sweeter than seeing a new baby fresh from heaven. So beautiful so innocent, and so wonderful…

(Above picture taken by Tuck)
Our family is so excited about the safe arrival of my niece Baby Eleanor. (Daughter of Ry and Tiff)

She is truly a beautiful little princess, and we can’t wait to get to know her better. Isn’t she a beautiful little baby? Congrats again Ry and Tiff!


Happy Birthday to you!

My brother-in-law Brian is older and wiser now that he is one year older!
If you have never met Brian, he’s the type of person you just love to be around. Which makes having him and his family so far away such a hard thing. I am grateful for the bond he has with his family, including his brother (and my hubba), Christopher. I can’t even begin to tell you how many stories have started with something like this: “There was this one time when Brian…. (Insert Crazy/Awesome Story here)…” I know Brian is an adventurous fellow, and hope his adventures in Michigan were especially great for his birthday. Happy Birthday Brian!!


Our First Pictures of our….

New Baby.

And SURPRISE, it’s a beautiful baby BOY!!

Everything looked healthy and well, which is the best and most wonderful thing any mother wants to hear. We are so excited to welcome another boy into our family!

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10 Reasons why we love sister Emily….

(no this post is not about me, Emily. This is about my sis-in-law Emily…. Let’s just clarify that from the start! 🙂 ) And yes it is another list. See? I am a chronic list maker.

Anyways, drumroll please…

1–she brings her children to our house, and comes and stays with us.
2–her children are darling, and our kids have such a great time together.
3–I get to stay up late having great conversations, about things like child birth 🙂
4–she just might like the show, Gilmore Girls.
5–she lets us borrow her car, (as ours has been in the shop for a week) so we can do essential things like take Truman to preschool.
6–she gets excited when she gets to go pick up Tuck from school.
7–she can make Ninja Eggs. Yep. Just ask her about it.
8–when she found out we weren’t doing anything big for Toph’s birthday, she stayed an extra day so we could go on a date, and she watched our kids.
9–she gets excited about our DI book finds. (almost as excited as Toph and me)
10–she is a good teacher, and helped me with my bread making phobia, and made these,

they were yummy trust me…

Thanks again Emily for a great few days. Tell you husband to go out of town more often, so you can come hang out with us again. 🙂

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Dear Truman,

This week you started Pre-School.

After watching your brother go to school for the past few years, you have been excited, and often talked of the days when you could go to school too.

Last week we, mom and dad, went to your ‘meet the teacher’, where you some what hesitantly explored the classroom, and learned about your new environment. You found a pirate ship toy, that you liked, but were confused when there were no pirates to play with. Mrs. Vonda showed you the room, where to put your backpack, where the bathrooms were, and your cubby–Which by the way was marked with a frog symbol.

You looked so grown up, and were so ready to be there, but we could tell you still felt a little nervous. Mom and Dad both watched you, and smiled at each other the whole time…we are so proud of you.

So when it came time this week to drop you off, me and you headed to the school, and you told me your teachers name, and asked if your Walley (Beloved stuffed animal) was still secretly stashed in your backpack, which it was. You smiled a little bit about that.

You were excited to see your classroom and teachers again, you entered, placed your backpack (the spiderman one, which looks Ginormous on your little body) in the slot, and looked around at the other children. We kissed goodbye, and I waited outside the door, to make sure you were okay.

I heard you crying, then I shot of fear rushed through my body, as my mind automatically jumped to the worst case scenario…but shortly thereafter I heard you laughing. That silenced my fears.

I left, and anxiously waited when the time would come for me to go pick you up. Our home felt so empty with out the smiles and laughter of my boys! (luckily for me, Owen, Ava and Em were still here to ease the transition…)

I arrived a few minutes early and waited outside your door, eager to hear how my first day of school went for my trubie.

The kids began to pour out the door, and no Truman, and no Truman and no Truman. I began to get that sick feeling in my tummy again…Then you ecstatically exited tell me, “Mom, it was fun. It was SO fun.” It made my heart skip.

This is a big week for you. Starting school is always an exciting thing, and I am so proud of you, and how you are growing and getting so big!

It makes me want to tell you: remember little man, you may be getting bigger, but you’ll always be my little man…but most of all remember that I love you very, very much.


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Happy Birthday to you, you old man you!

Today is my sweethearts birthday….

This year he’s turning the ripe old age of 32.

Because I love lists, and I love him, I thought making a list of things I love about him, might be an appropriate thing to do…

1. I love how you come home from work, empty your pockets, and you have post it notes with random notes on them, and later when I ask you them, you can’t for the life of you figure out why they are important.
2.I love that you bought this song from Itunes, and that you like it too:

3.I love that during the delivery of our children, you were so nervous, and sweet, and excited. And right by my side the whole time.
4. I love how when you’re hungry, you totally cook or make food for yourself, even if it is only a bowl of cereal.
6. I love that you don’t care about the sprinkling system, but knew I cared. So you did it. And it wasn’t easy. And it wasn’t cheap. But you did it anyways.

7. I love that you love to find toys from your childhood, Construx, GI Joes, and play them with the boys.
8. I love that you never complain about being the Children’s Favorite Parent. Even thought I know it’s not always the easiest thing! ( I want daddy to read to me tonight, no I want daddy to read to me! No me! No me!) Not even when they’re both constantly hanging on you…

9. I love that you no longer have an appendix, and that you had to have it out 2 weeks before Truman was born, making me feel like I was going into Labor.
10. I love that you likes Licorice, but not just any licorice, it’s a certain kind, and one of these days, I am going to remember which kind it is. I think red Twizzlers. But I get it wrong everytime. So don’t quote me on that one, but just know, I know that you love some kind of red licorice….. and once I figure it out, I am going to write it down.
11. I love that you are currently reading 7 books. Similtaniously. And that you enjoy a good read, when you can find time for it.
12. I love how every once in awhile you talk in your sleep, and sometimes it’s in Albanian.
13. I love that you love breakfast, but not just any breakfast, a good breakfast.
14. The sound of water. You love it, and find it therapeutic, and want to live someplace close to water for the rest of our lives.

15. You are my Tech support, and a majority of our families too. I love that you are so willing to share this talent with so many people.
16. I love how wild and crazy you are… like when your out late playing strategy board games, like Settlers of Catan. Out of Control I know, but honestly, what’s not to love about that?
17. I love that even though I can’t match your socks (And sometimes I accidentally match the navy ones to the black ones), you don’t ever complain, and just fix it, matching them up right, with out saying a word.
18. Growing up in Idaho Rural Community has done wonders for your love for the state, and how you can belt out the Idaho State song like no ones business.
19. I love that I am married to the real Napolean Dynamite. As you were the original, signing the rose song, and all.

20. I love the fact that you heart Drupal, and that you are a Photoshop wiz. If you don’t know how to do it, you find a free tutorial, and teach yourself how. Amazing, I always just get flustered by those Tutorials. Not you.
21. I love the way you happily walk in the door every day from work. Greet all of us with a smile, and tell us all that you missed us. Everyday.

22. I love that you can flip channels like no one’s business. And when we’re anywhere where there is more than 10 channels, you don’t stop to watch a show, but just flip, flip, flip.
23. I love that you are the best father any kid could want. You even built them a rad treehouse for heaven sakes!
24. I love how you’re always willing to go get food for me when I am pregnant, anything that will sound good, even if it’s a pain!
25. I love that you love Mac Computers. And have converted me, completely. (And that you like the commercials too–)

26. I love that you go by Toph and not Chris. You are Toph or Topher. I love that.
27. I love that one of your goals in life, is knowing where the Lord wants you to be. With work, with family, with church. Everything. I really love that.
28. I love that in your closet, you have all neutral earth colors.
29. I love that you have such kissable lips.
30. I love that sometimes you get up with the kids in the middle of the night, but have forgotten about it by the morning.
31. I love that you could careless about the acolades of the world. You do things because they are goals, or because they need to be done. not for any recognition.
32. I love that everytime you see this video, you fall over laughing. ‘Cause you think it’s so funny.

Happy Birthday Toph, I love you,

Even if you just keep getting older and older 🙂

What is not to love. Have a wonderful day sweetheart, I LOVE YOU!