FHE Fishing

FHE Fishing from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

I can’t remember what we were supposed to do, or where we were supposed to go, but we had a change of plans…our picnic dinner was already packed, and no place to go. So after talking to the boys, they voted, and it was decided to go fishing at our local pond.

It was so much fun to see these boys in their element. They really enjoy doing this with their dad.

And when it started to rain, Lorelei and I may have snuck to the car, to turn on the heater. 🙂

I am grateful for an inspired program of FHE that encourages us to spend time together as a family!


I hope they call me on a mission!

Tucker played this song in Sacrament Meeting! (this video was taken a few minutes before we left)

Sacrament Meeting Song from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

He did such a good job, and I couldn’t have been prouder!


Lorelei’s First Word…

Here’s the video, complete with a little wave:

Lorelei’s first words! from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.



No less than 20….

of these darling signs were found around my house:

TRANSLATION: It is squishy and blue and it is easy to kick high.

TRANSLATION: Have you see this ball? I like it.

TRANSLATION: Have you seen this ball?

TRANSLATION: I need my ball.
Truman really loves that blue ball! We found it a week later, underneath the lawnmower! So glad I checked before I started it up!


Fun Run!

Our school fundraiser this year was a fun run again. It’s 2.62 miles, and just as the title states, ‘fun’! And seriously it was a lot more fun this year than last year when I was 7.5 months pregnant! 🙂

Unfortunately Toph, Lorelei and Elliot weren’t in tip top shape. And it was pouring rain up until a few minutes before the race. So we decided that they should stay home, and I would go with the big boys.

I was so amazed at how awesome they did. They ran more than half the way, and were just so awesome!

Here they are at the finish line. It was so fun to see the look of pride as they talked to their friends afterwords about completing the race!


Take my picture!

As I was taking pictures of the boys with their new books, as soon as the camera would click, Lorelei would stare at the camera and smile.

She is such a little ‘ham’.

This week, she got her top 4 teeth in all at the same time. And was not a happy girl, so it was funny to me that she would smile when the camera came out.

What a funny, funny girl!


I spy…

at back to school night, I love finding my kids art work and stories.

Fall back to school night had stories about summer vacation.

Tucker about the Cabin:

Truman about St. George:


Dad’s n doughnuts

Another great morning, (I forgot to take pics again! Drat!) But I did get a few shots after school, with the boys and their new books!
Tuck: Pokemon Black and White Book

Tru: Super Diaper Baby 2


Conference weekend at the Cabin

Not many picture from the weekend, but a few of horseback riding.

Love the cabin in all weather, but as the leaves are changing, and a tiny crisp in the air.

But I am very grateful that the words of our prophets are printed in the Ensign for us to read at a later date!


‘Lost a Tooth Club’

Both my boys, in first grade, have longed to be part of this club…

And FINALLY Truman lost his bottom tooth!

He was so excited!

And just couldn’t wait to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy!