A non-wanted break..

Due to the fact my computer is having a melt down,and is choosing to freeze, not open my applications, and etc.
I am forcing myself to take a break from blogging. This is why there have been no posts in the last week, and will be no post until our little apple decides to function properly. 🙂
If not I would spend countless hours trying to make ONE post. So, when I come back be prepared for an onslaught of posts 🙂

Truman Tucker

More Quoteable QUotes

At Church today, the boys were hilarious.
First, Tucker Said: I need to get me a CTR Ring.
Toph: I bet we could find one for you this week.
Tuck: I’ve been doing pretty good anyways though.

The speaker in church was talking about prayers, and Truman was sitting on my lap, eating snacks. I wouldn’t have even thought he was listening. But suddenly he exclaimed: Yea! We do Pray! and we do family home evening. Yay!

They said some other funny things today, but I can’t remember them. I need to do better at writing these things down!

Topher Truman Tucker

Its Beginning to LOOK alot like…

So while I was gone on Saturday for a few hours, I had some VERY busy boys. I came home to this pleasant surprise!
Can you believe it is already time to start thinking about such things?
Thanks Hubba!

Truman Tucker

More Robots

Here are the Latest in The Robot Obsession:
Found this video on YouTube, Tucker SOOO wants to make one of these bean bots:

So much so, that walks around talking about transistors, and light sensors….(he doesn’t have a clue what they are or what they do, just that they are part of these bots.)
He cut up a Dell Christmas Magazine, and made this robot out of electronic/computer pieces (notice the colors-pink and black, and the face is made of a pair of headphones turned upside down. The arms pink controllers, and computer screens. The legs a tripod, all I can say is: Classic.)–
And another few fun robot movies, again from You Tube, that my boys love:


School Pictures…

I don’t know what they do at these Studios, Tucker always smiles so big.
When I asked him about it, he said something about a chicken, and if I am remembering correctly, it was possibly falling off the camera.
I don’t know. but his pictures always turn out pretty good!

Emily Topher Truman Tucker

See you Later Leafeys

Previous Leaf Total: 37
Mowed up: 6 bags
Raked up: 2 bags
New Total: 45 Bags
A house up the street from ours, had a sign out front
“Bagged Leaves Wanted”.
Tuck and Toph loaded up the truck and took care of that, the sign isn’t there anymore.



We got a great deal on lunchables last week.
Tucker and Truman chose out a few, then came home and wrote their names on the packages, so they could keep them straight.
Truman pulled one out for lunch today, and when I asked him if it was his, he replied,
“Yep, Mom, can you see? It says ‘mine’.”


Ever Wonder…

Ever wonder what you would like if you were a robot?
I probably haven’t ever wondered that, but now I don’t have to ever wonder any more.
Tucker has drawn me…the robot mother.



Through Prayers, I think you can see into the souls of other people.
Yesterday my sweet Tucker said these words during our dinner prayer…
“Heavenly Father, I was wondering…..(short pause)
Why are we here? and What are we made of?
I was just wondering.”
That four year old mind, is always working isn’t it?


Quote of the Day…

Like 4 times yesterday, Truman said this, SO seriously.
“Mom, this is making me have an appetite.”
He doesn’t even know what appetite means! I was laughing so hard, because I would ask him if he wanted a snack, right after he would say that, and he would say, No.
But he was talking so big, and I think it made him feel big to say a grownup word like “Appetite”.