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Halloween Events!

We took a few pictures before the Ward Soup-Tacular, a fun church event where you bring your muffin tins and a crock pot of your favorite soup, and taste a little bit of lots of peoples! It was so much fun!

TRUMAN (Hercules):

Tucker (Sock Monkey):

Truman’s Preschool Program and carnival
Took this before we left, Love these Hercules Muscles:

Truman was glad Grams was able to come(and so was I, it is always nice to be with my momma):

They always have so many fun games:

The classic Cake Walk:

Blow up toys

Cotton Candy

And of course, buckets and buckets of CANDY!

And honestly, I love the program they put on.

They do the cutest things, you can watch a few clips below!

Tuckers school party and parade
This is how he went to school, with his banana butt hanging out of his bag:

And wanted to take a picture like this, because this is how sock monkeys sit:

I was able to go the class party, what a good teacher Tucker has, and how fun to be in the classroom, we played Bingo, did an art project, Halloween Freeze, and ghost bowling.
Class Photshoot (can you see the girl in the top left corner? Yeah, she’s Rainbow Bright. Wicked Awesome!)

And the classroom parade:

and a great song tucker started singing in the garage, adn I couldn’t get him to sing again later, sorry about the bad quality! 🙂

Visiting the Great Grandparents, Greenes, and Ikey, Belle, and Eleanor
Great Grandpa Greene, look at how handsome he is, and that big smile. I love this man.

And the Great Hunsakers, who we are happy they are almost moved into the Condo, so we’ll get to see them more! While we were there, I noticed Grandma had a plaque, that said, “There’s no place like home, unless it’s Grandma’s.” So True, So True.

On the way home, we picked up Toph, and he took this picture of Tucker, while I was driving. He was trying to scare people. I don’t think sock monkeys are scary, do you?

Trick or treating

More pictures coming later
And yes, the shirt Truman LOVES (and wears practically year round), has been worn now on Halloween, and can finally be put up in the box for when baby brother gets to be a bit bigger.

A great Halloween season again comes to an end!

Emily Topher Tucker

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

It takes a village to raise a child, and in addition to raising a child, it also takes a village to help sew a Halloween Costume.

Evidence found below…
**Search for and go shopping for material in Logan with Cat, Grandma Phillips, and Grandpa Phillips.

**Once the material has been found and purchased, use a pattern from my childhood, and with the help of Grams, (and Gramps watching the children) cut out pattern stretchy material.

**At cabin, get help from Aunt Rosemary and Great Grandma Hunsaker in sewing a zipper, learning about a stretch stitch, stretchy material, interfacing, and more. (Again, the children being watched by Toph and the Hunsaker Girls)

**Calling my mom again, about putting elastics in, and many other trivial sewing questions (and my husbands patience with sewing stuff all over the place)…

But the end result, one awesome looking Banana Butt, or as it is known to the majority of the world a Sock Monkey Costume.

Tucker was thrilled with the end result, and honestly I think he looked adorable, thanks again to the village for rallying around us, we love you all.

Elliot Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Happy, Happy Halloween!

You better believe there is more details and pics to come, but for now, we are wishing you a wonderful day, full of SUGAR,



Because these are the favorite things at our house this holiday, and we like it that way.

Elliot Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Carving of the Pumpkins

The annual pumpkin carving at grams and gramps, with the Greenes, Amy and Eric. Gramps entertain Eleanor, while Grams made the yummy pumpkin seeds, and helped wash the pumpkin guts off the grandkids hands. And the rest of us, we carved.

Have I mentioned I HEART pumpkins?

Elliot Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Fall Break.

Now that Tucker is in school, we are a slave to the district school schedule.

A little bit ago, we had our Fall Break, or UEA as I used to call it, and we had a great few days. It was such a good time to spend together as a family, I only wish all of life could be as wonderful as this. Here is the rundown of some of our adventures.
With lots of help from Grams, began cutting out Tuckers’ Halloween Costume (more on that later):

Lunch with Dad at his work:

(Where Tucker rediscovered the ‘dirty dishes/tray’ machine)

Playing with Belle, Ikey, and a visit to see sweet baby Eleanor:

Dinner with Aunt Amy:

Off to the Cabin:

Where Tucker remembered and re-visited his love of grapefruit, (as soon as we arrived, he insisted on eating the whole thing right then)

While at the cabin, we had many grand adventures (we were glad the Great Hunsakers and Hunsakers were there, so we could spend time with them too, the boys now are requesting to play with the big Hunsakers often):
The boys helped Great Grandpa, un-dam the creek, so they could float their boats down. Tucker told me later, he thought the beavers would be mad about it. I betcha he’s probably right! 🙂

Hiking, and looking for supplies to build a fairy house, (Which I should have gotten a picture of, oops!)

Tucker found the burrs, and had them all over his entire body,

Four Wheeler Rides:

and thanks to the help of the Hunsaker Cousins, (who kept my children entertained) and my sweet hubba, I got started on sewing Tucker’s Halloween Costume. Here is the zipper. My first one that I’ve done correctly and I’m grateful for my Aunt Rosemary and My grandma’s help and guidance to complete it!

Another great day at the cabin,
Saturday Morning Cartoons,

Building and floating ships,

Building a bridge,

Hot tub fun,

Tucker learning to play chess,

And again, I spent some time behind the sewing machine, sewing Tucks Costume.

There is nothing like the refuge of the mountains, away from the internet, phone calls, and etc. To enjoy time together as a family, and getting projects done! Hurray for long school vacations.

Emily Life Truman Tucker

It’s been SO LONG since we’ve

Created treasures out of trash….

(A three seated Rocket to be exact, with ‘control panels’ and ‘blaster offers’)

We’ve had any major battle wounds…

(Nice Shiner, eh? Tucker fell and hit his eye on the door frame, thank goodness it was the afternoon after make up pictures)

(Truman fell off the bleachers at wrestling practice last night, and has gotten himself a bruise right next to his eye)
Neither are very good pictures, but they both have big bruises. Is it a genetic thing you think that they both fall on the right sides of their heads? Hmm…

Since I’ve had a ride on a school bus…

(Pumpkinland field trip, See other post for details)

Goodness, goodness. Time Flies Right By.


Can’t believe it, slow down time!

I say it daily. Slow down time! This time, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY mean it!!

Today hits the beginning of my third trimester. By this point with my two previous children I was far more prepared: Crib put up, clothes out, etc. etc. etc. None of which has been done yet! 🙂

But on that same note, I can believe in 3 months, are sweet little boy will be here. I can’t wait to see his handsome little face, count his finger and toes, hold him, cuddle him, introduce him to adoring big brothers and welcome him into the world.

But then reality sets in, I’ve got so much to do to prepare for his arrival!

Emily Tucker


One of the series of books that Tucker loves includes, Junie B. Jones. The first of the series is entitled Junie B. Jones and The Stupid Smelly Bus

Ever since reading this book over a year ago, Tucker has wondered aloud about buses. Well last week, we were able to ride on one for the first time, with Tuckers class field trip to Pumpkinland. Was it as great as he had hope? I think so. He was just as excited to get on the bus at the end of the trip, as he was at the beginning. 🙂

It was nice to have some time with Tuck, and

Let me tell you, it was a crazy ride.
Why? There were so many kids there, (Three schools), and I had the fear of loosing someone elses child. Lucky for me, the 4 boys I had in our group were awesome listeners.

It was fun to watch Tucker interact with his peers, and we had a great time,

And no I didn’t loose any of the kids, and yes, I got my school bus fix– I had forgot how much school buses stink, and how I get car sick when I am in them. Or maybe that’s just me being pregnant. Either way, next time we’re sitting at the front of the bus by the doors. 🙂

Emily Truman Tucker

Being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever do…

Yeah, I’ve heard it, I know it, but IT’S HARD when you have days where your heart just breaks, and you feel like just crying.

Today I sent both of my boys to school Crying.


This has never happened.

And the crazy thing is, there is no logical excuse for it happening. We had a little bit of a rough morning (it took us longer to get their rooms cleaned before school, but nothing big!), and the boys both got a good night sleep, and were excited and ready to be at school. They both had smiles on their faces, backpacks on their backs, and were chattering away until we got to their classroom doors. Then what happened? I don’t know, at their doors, they both fell apart.

Tucker began crying as the students began lining up for school. And wanting to be at home playing with me instead of at school, and wanting me to be there to pick him up, the second it was over. After a bit of talking, hugging, expressing love, he went into class. Still a little teary eyed, but okay.

So we rushed home, gathered Trumans stuff, and ran off to preschool. Truman got to be the special helper today. He has been talking about this day for WEEKS. He chose to take Oreos for snack, and was so excited to be able to pass them out, and lead the class, and so on and so on. We walked in his building, and all of the sudden, right as we were about to walk into the classroom, he just froze and started to bawl. He didn’t want to go either. He wanted to go home. Again, after some talking, hugging, and looking at the fun pumpkin stamp they were using today, Truman decided to go (I knew this day meant so much to him!). Again, he was still teary eyed, but okay (and even a little bit excited to use the stamp), so I left.

Then I got home. I just sat in my kitchen for a few minutes, and wondered what had happened today, I was kind of in shock. I came to no conclusions, as to why today happened as it did. There is nothing harder than walking away from your little ones when they are upset, (even if it is just a little bit). And I began to rack my brain for preventive solutions for next time. Did they need more sleep? No. Were they hungry? No. Were they feeling a big emotion? No. And on and on, and on. But came up with nothing….

But then as I begin to take an ‘Eternal Perspective’ and realized that our Savior does not swoop down and make everything alright for us when we have our trials. He gives us tools, like the comforter, to aide us through our hard times, but he doesn’t solve our problems for us. As a mom, I so often want to make the world a perfect place for my children and help them solve their problems, but we don’t live in a perfect world, and I can never make it so. So today I am reminded, yet again, of how important it is to give my children the tools and teach them the important things they need to survive in this crazy world we live in. And begin to wonder now, what have I taught them?

Because no matter how well things are going, we need them. Even on those good mornings, when seemingly nothing is wrong.

And yet again, their is the reminder that being a parent is rough. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m just getting into it…so many things I still have to learn.


Happy Birthday Brother Matt–

Today is my Brother-in-Law Matt’s Birthday.

If you don’t know Matt, he is the type of guy every family needs one of. (You’ll have to talk to Sister Emily about renting him out!) He is an excellent cook, patient father, and all around good guy.
I hope that he has a day that is as wonderful as he is (Cliche I know, but hopefully it’s a fantastic birthday!)