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Cheap School Supplies

I love when school starts, because that means cheap school supplies.
Needless to say the past week or so, we have painted, colored, started a robot book, glued, traced, cut, and any other arts and craft type thing that excites a 2 and 4 year old. I love the smell of new markers, and I get excited just thinking about the fun we will continue to have.
Did I mention that Tucker and Truman painted with watercolors for 1.5 hours the other day? Another reason new supplies make life better.


The Construction Countdown…

The City of Pleasant Grove has been installing secondary water pipes to all homes in the area. That means all of our roads have been/are being torn up to pieces, and we have been left with “Reverse Speedbumps” as my neighbor calls them. Don’t get me wrong, we are so grateful to have secondary water, It will be saving us a TON of money, but we are even more grateful that hopefully in the next two days, the holes will be filled in, and we can go back to somewhat normal driving habits, without worrying about getting stuck in the holes.
This morning, the men were working in front of our house, and 3 out of the 4 men were not wearing shirts. To which Tucker and Andy came to the consensuses that “There mom forgot to teach them to wear their shirts, but they did teach them to remember to wear their pants!”
To which I had to agree, It did appear that way!!
Like I said, we will be grateful when it is all done!

Emily Topher Truman Tucker

My Other Surprise Birthday Present..

Don’t be jealous, because I have cute kids, be jealous because my kids smiled like this for the camera.
These darling pictures, along with Breakfast in Bed, nap after church, red velvet birthday cake, lettuce wraps and chicken curry were a few of the things that made my B-day so special. I am glad I have a good hubba and darling children.

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Sometimes good things, Just Can’t Last….

So the day is Friday—my wonderful husband took the kids, and I spent an Educational and Spritually uplifting day on the BYU Campus for Education Week. While I was gone the carpets got cleaned (the only thing I wanted for my birthday), and the boys spent a fabulous day together. I think that my children would love it if, Toph was the stay at home dad. They always have so much fun while they are together.
I came home refreshed, and loved seeing the clean, clean carpets!
After the family had all climbed into bed, and were asleep, I heard the noise, that I most didn’t want to hear.
The sound of throw-up.
I got down stairs at the same time as Toph, and I was the most unsympathetic person, I feel horrible to admit it. Normally when our children are sick, It makes me sick for them, but when I saw the Blue Gatorade Throwup all over my newly clean carpet, I didn’t feel one ounce of sympathy, (Now I feel incredibly guilty, because at the time I had to “muster up” feelings of sympathy).
I am happy to announce that it was a 24 hour bug, and we didn’t have any more throw-up. And there is only a slight tinge of blue left in the carpet, but that same day Truman did have a few blowout diapers…
But like I said, sometime good things just don’t last.

Emily Topher Truman Tucker

Prime Rib Picnic…

Last Thursday, Tuck, Tru, Andy and I, set out out to SLC. If I had know what an adventure it would have been, I might have stayed at home.
It really wasn’t that bad..but I have forgotten how hard it is to keep track of 3 preschoolers that all have their own idea of what they want to do and where they want to do it at.
We were coming up to have lunch with Topher at his office, so they boys could see where he worked, and decided to stop at the DI in Murrray that was having its grand re-opening.
Lets just say, I never knew how many people/children could fit into a DI. There was a line all the way around the store when we got there at 10:05. It opened at 10:00 so there was already 5 minutes worth of people who had entered the store, by the time I parked the car, the line was lessened considerably, and when I entered with 3 boys, there was only 2 carts left in the cart area.
Anyone who has been to a DI knows that for some reason the Carts there are not regular sized. I put Tru in the seat of the cart, and made Andy and hold the sides, but within 2 seconds they both had let go and were running in directions to get the free balloons that they were handing out. So in order not to loose anyone, I threw both of the 4 year olds in the tiny cart, and began to push them around the PACKED store.
After an hours of making ONE loop around the store, we had acquired 2 Halloween costumes, a movie and some pairs of pants for Tucker. We were all anxious to leave, and I don’t know how the boys stayed inside the cart so long, if I had my camera, you would see a pictures of two boys entangled together inside a cart.
After the DI the kids were overwhelmed, overstimulated, and we were off to the Church Office Building for Lunch (words that should not all be in the same sentence). Thank goodness My sister Amy met us there, and I was grateful for her helping hands, with Toph, each child had an adult hand to help guide him to the cafeteria.
We walked into a grand piano playing beautiful music, and we ate Prime Roast. The kids loved being there, but I felt out of place bringing my crazy children to what felt like and adult restaurant. They did magnificantly, they did not throw food, or burp, they just fought over the apple juice. But I will take it.
After we left, Tucker said we should have more of those “Prime Rib Picnics”.
I agree.
I can’t wait to have lunch with Toph again.
PS-(the favorite part of the day was parking under ground… they talked about it all the way home)


The Andy-Man

Last week, School in Utah County began, and so we are happy to announce, that Andy (Or Candy Pants as Tuck calls him) is back at our house on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He always makes our adventures brighter.


Happy Birthday to Emily Ann!

(from Christopher) Ha! I’ve infiltrated your blog- all to wish you a happy happy birthday and a great big thanks for taking such good care of our family- we love you lots!
Happy Birthday, Emily

Take a moment to leave a comment to tell Emily Happy Birthday-

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The Sand Man Made a Visit to our Tree House…

Unfortunately, there is no pictures today, as we are awaiting our cameras return to the state of Utah, but we have made significant progress in the tree house process.
Yesterday 15 tons of sand was dumped on our driveway, and we made all preparations to move the load. We finished digging out the sandbox area, lined it with the weed blocker, stapled it down, and the sand moving process began.
Thanks to some willing and incredibly helpful neighbors, we have moved well over half of the sand, and we are going to get some more moved today. The load was dumped at 5:00 and we worked until we couldn’t see any more. The boys mostly just played in the huge sandpile in the front yard, and Tuck was shocked to see his sandbox in the back at the end of the night. I don’t know where he thought we were hauling, it but, it was fun to see the boys diving in the sand, and just giggling with delight!
The boys had so much fun playing in it yesterday. Toph said, think of how much time they are going to spend in that sandbox, and I added think of the memories that are going to be made there.
I can’t wait to get our camera back in a few days, so you can see the incredible transformation that has taken place!

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Love Notes from Tucker

Tucker leaves notes all over the house for Christopher they usually look something like this:
He knows how to spell DAD and is getting pretty good at drawing bodies.


After all…

I accidentally knocked Tucker in the head today with my elbow. I could tell it hurt him as he cringed, and started to rub his head. When I apologize to him, his response was classic: “It’s okay, I am a big brother after all.”