Choir Concert…

Tucker loves to sing! I hear him singing around the house, especially first thing in the morning when he jumps (Seriously jumps) out of bed. It was fun to go the concert and hear him sing…

He did a fantastic job!
Another song, this one is one of our favorites too, as Tucker knows all the words to this song! 🙂 He’s on the front row between the man and woman’s heads on the front row…

Untitled from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

And during the concert, Elliot insisted on holding Lorelei.

So much fun.


a taste for independence…

Yes, it is a happy sight to see my children growing older and accomplishing things, in this case, Truman has become the ‘toast-master’ at our house. He LOVES to work the toaster

And Tucker is now the scramble egg making pro.

So if anyone needs some breakfast, stop on by…chances are my kids would LOVE to share their cusine! Because now that they each are learning more about cooking, that’s the only snack they want. The snack they make themsevles.


Oh how happy you have made me…

Toph used to sing this song to Ms. Lorelei every single day when he came home from work for like a week! I loved it so much, one Sunday I caught it on Camera. This was when she was just really starting to interact with us, and this song seemed to just excite her so much, that she’d even laugh.

oh how happy you have made me… from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

And I love to see the relationship of Toph and Lorelei. What goodness.


did I seriously just run into a tree?!?!

Yes, Yes I did. And not only was my pride hurt…

And I have the huge gashes on my head to prove it.


Want to know a secret about Cookie Monster?

At our house, when he’s playing with Elliot, he loves to drive the Tank around.

And say pow, pow, pow.

Love watching Elliots imagination grow.


Rice Cereal.

Is is possible that my babe can really be so big?

Apparently so!

Eating like a champ, who knows how to spit! She’s not very happy with it!

But still a little sweet pea.


Why my kids beg to go to the dentist…

So they can play with the giant chess set in the waiting room.


Little Surprises!

Truman grabbed my phone one day and recorded this sweet video, that I didn’t see until I uploaded my pics to my computer..

singing baby from Emily Phillips on Vimeo.

What a sweet surprise to see this sweetie singing!

And then that same day, Tucker brought home this sweet not from school, and gave to me!

Wow a great day! Pleasant Singing Noises instead of screetching! And notes of gratitude? A Lovely day!



I’ve said it before, but one of the most rewarding thing for me as a parent, is watching my children ‘love’ each other. I watch for it, and just LOVE to see it. Having a little family where I get to see moments of love and bonding is such a fantastic thing.

And Truman is just a sweetheart in his desire to take care of Elliot and Lorelei..and he already has a bond with both of them, I think it’s mostly because he is wanting to help and take care of them.

He is willing and ready to be a helping hand! Sure love him!

And look at that sweet baby, still loving dressing her


Just me and My boy…in BOXCAR CHILDREN HEAVEN!

So Tucker LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the Boxcar Children Books, and so it was a VERY pleasant surprise to hear at our local university they were doing the play!
(bad but only picture at the theater!)

Of course we had to get tickets, we bought them before Lorelei was born, and initially Toph was planning on taking Tuck, as I didn’t know how the baby would be doing at that point…but unfortunately Toph was asked to present at a conference that day, and was unable to come, so Tucker and I got to go together, and we had a great time, just the two of us! I think it was fun to see his ‘beloved characters’ that he reads weekly, on stage!

We had a great time, and I enjoyed (as I always do) having one on one time with my sweet boy.

My mom graciously took the other 3 kids (thanks Mom!) it was wonderful to be at the theater with my little boy.