How I miss my Boys

This weekend has been a very lonely weekend for me, you see my husband took Tuck and Tru up visit their Grandma and Grandpa Phillips. They left on Saturday Morning and are returning on Monday Afternoon/Evening. While they were gone, it was my job (and my choice) to repaint the kitchen cupboards. This has been a task that I have wanted to do for a long time, since we moved into our house last year, so I was grateful for my husband for taking the boys so I could finish this task in a reasonable amount of time, (instead of me trying to paint over the next month, while all our kitchen stuff is piled in our front room). But I have missed the little pitter patter of their feet. I have missed my husband joking with me as I paint everything 3 times. I miss hearing the words Mom and Hubba.
I am excited for my kitchen cabinets to be painted and finished, but I am more excited to see my sweet husband and boys again. The depth of my love runs deep. It is not material things that matter in life, it is our family and our relationships that matter most.For that reason, I am pumped to see them tomorrow. I love you My boys!


Star Wars Party (Again :) )

On Thursday afternoon, Tucker and his friend Andy decided they wanted to have a Star Wars Party after seeing a display at the Post Office. Tucker really enjoyed his cousin Annabelle’s Star Wars Birthday party a few weeks ago(see previous post), but mostly his interest in Star Wars peaked when he was introduced to C-3PO and RTD2 (I don’t know if I spelled those right-) They are robots, and really cool ones in the eyes of a 4 year old. He likes the idea of the Good Guys getting the Bad Guys, but mostly it is the robots that intrigue him in Star Wars.
Well since Andy would be at our house all day on Friday,I thought, “We could plan the party today, have it on Friday, and the boys will be so happy to be working towards something they really want for the next two days. So the planning began.
I asked the boys what they wanted to do at their party, and they said they wanted to have a Star Wars Cake and “have activities” and Build a Rocket. I thought, great, great and great! Nothing makes a Mama Happier than Happy Children. So we planned ourselves a party.
)We were on our way to Target to return a few things, so we began our search there. Our party must have been meant to be, because waiting for us in the dollar bins were 3 yes 3 Star Wars Sippie Cups. Tuck, Andy and Truman all got one.
Then came the difficult part. the cake.
I thought, we can just make a regular cake, and call it a star wars cake, or maybe use chocolate frosting with the star sprinkles and call it intergalactic or something, and the boys would be good, but no. They had a vision of a GRAND cake. We search the bakery department, but to no luck. They described it to me, it was going to be something special, something like I had never seen before, from the description of it. Since the perfect cake was not there, we decided to look around and see what else they had there at Target, and move on to our next item. The Rocket.
What is any good rocket built out of? Boxes of course, with a touch of imagination. We asked a nice target lady if she had any boxes to build a rocket out of, and after a smile of glee, she gave us two boxes that fit nicely in the Trunk of our little car.
My job for the party was the activities, we came back and printed off a few coloring pictures off the internet, and decided to play “Luke, Luke, Darth Vader” (Duck, Duck Goose).
Now we only had the cake to worry about. We went down to the storage room to see if we could find any inspiration there, found a cookie mix that the boys agreed upon, and made a cookie cake. After seeing many beautifully decorated cakes, and the big deal about the perfect cake, I was grateful for such a simple solution. Now all that was left, was to wait until Friday for the party to begin.
On Friday, Tucker and Truman were pumped when they realized what that day would hold. They were up and dressed early, and Andy arrived early as well, so we began our day. I had a few errands to run, including buying paint at Home Depot, before the party could get started.
We arrived at home Depot, and while we were there, we decided that another big box would be wonderful addition for our rocket. We searched the store until we found an old Lawn mower box, that was proclaimed to be perfect for our rocket.
We got the paint and head back to the car with our perfect box. The only problem was, the afore mentioned box, was bigger than the trunk of our car. But we were not leaving with out our box, now that we had found it, it was an important part of our party.
That is when I remembered the Bungie Cords in our Trunk, Thinking of the many times Toph had strapped things in, I tried to remember how he had done it. After a little bit of awkwardness while I tried to hold the box and strap it in, we were set. I loaded the boys, and we were off to our house, anxious for the Star Wars Party To begin.
Tucker and Andy wanted to invite there friends Andrea and Austin to come over to celebrate with them. Austin wasn’t able to come, but Andrea did. She arrived, just as we were beginning the rockets assembly and painting. The party was a success, the boys had fun planning and participating in the party. And it was complete with the boys dressing up Andy was Darth Vader, Truman was Yorda, and Tucker decided he wanted to be the red ranger instead of Luke, but it was an incredible party. I was proud of the boys for working so hard to complete a goal. What good kids I have been blessed with!
Andrea Painting so Carefully, she was such a good painter that she had like one dot of paint on her hand!:
Andy mixing the paint:
Tucker concentrating so hard, so that the rocket will be perfect…
Truman on the other hand, is a little more free spirited, take a look at that hair!
They named this part of the ship “The Motherboard”. Don’t ask me why they know such words.
3….2….1… Blast off!
Truman is inside driving the Rocket when they blast off!


Mix and Match

Truman is going thru a phase, at least I hope it is a phase….he has been really into mixing different foods together. This morning for breakfast he mixed oatmeal, milk and golden grahams. Now that is not so bad, but a few days ago he mixed his fruit smoothie with spagetti-o’s together. Now that was not so good.


Triathlon Pictures

The Women of Steel Triathlon was honestly an amazing event for me. It was a very personal thing, and a wonderfully life changing event. It was an awesome goal to accomplish, and renewed my vision for myself.
For the event, I have been training for since February with two good friends, Diana and Jamie. Those are the darling ladies you will see in the pictures.
The Ladies:
I am ready:
Getting ready for the competition to start:
(if you are looking for me, I am at the end 🙂 )
Getting my final instructions:
The Biking Portion:
Starting the 5K:
Sprinting to the finish line:
Thumbs up for finishing:
We all completed the race:
Look how tough we look with our “Body Markings”:

The Results site:
Professional Photographer (Zazoosh):


Videos are up!

I finally got the Videos to work I think! It took me a few days to get it all figured out. Take a look at the previous post of Tuckers Preschool Graduation to see them.


Preschool Graduation

Tuckers Class did a little graduation program at his Preschool. It was so fun to hear them sing the songs they had worked on through the year, and see them as they stared at their teacher to help them remember their words… Tucker was so fun to watch, as were the other 4 and 5 years olds, Tuck yawned(I don’t know what it is about programs, he yawned through the Christmas program too!) , lifted up his shirt, and even sang an occasional song. Here are a few pictures, and at the bottom are a few videos (coming soon):
Here is Tuck:
Watching Mrs. Staci and Sariah:
Grams and Truman:
All the Proud Moms:
Saying Thank you to Mrs. Staci and Sariah:

Mrs. Staci and Sariah were amazing teachers, we are so grateful for the positive influence they were in Tuckers Life. He loved preschool, and learned so much this year!

Here are the videos, please note that to you they might be quite boring but to a mother they are priceless. There is nothing like watching your child yawning, picking his nose, dazing off into the distance, and even mumbling a few words when he is supposed to be sing a song. Hope you enjoy as much as me. (If you are only going to watch one, Watch the “Nice Words” video, it gives a pretty good feeling as to how the program went! My Second Favorite is the Black and White one!)

Mrs. Staci Welcomes Everyone:
The Pledge of Allegiance:
What does the A say?:
I have 5 Vowels (Long and Short):
5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree:
There are 7 days in a week:
The Months in the Year:
I know my numbers and shapes:
What is Red?
Colors and Shapes:
Black and White Song:
There was a little turtle:
I use my Nice Words:
10 little fingers:
Mrs. Staci Goodbye Speech:
Tucker Getting his Diploma:
( and in case you were wondering, Yes, he does ask if his present is chocolate 🙂 )
Isabella Getting her Diploma:
Tucker getting Chocolate from his dad, Daddies always know what we want.


Make New Friends, But Keep the Old…

When I was in Girl Scouts (ages ago) we used to sing a song, it went something like this,
“Make New Friends, but keep the old, one is Silver and the other’s Gold”
Earlier this week I got together with my college roomies, it was so fun to see them, and totally reminded me of this song. I have not thought of this song for YEARS, so funny I should remember it now-
I had such an enjoyable evening with these ladies, and it was so fun to catch up with them and hear about their lives, occupations and families. I don’t keep in contact as well as I should, but I hope that my children will be blessed enough to have wonderful friends around them, whom when they see them, feel comfortable, and loved (Even when they haven’t seen them in a few years!) Love Ya Ladies!


“I like to Move it”

Somehow Christopher got this song stuck in his head at the beginning of the week…. Now we ALL have it stuck in our heads. One of the many things I love about Christopher is that if he doesn’t know the lyrics of a song (or sometimes even when he does know the words) he will make up his own. I love it. The new Lyrics: I like the Truman, Truman or I like the Tucker, Tucker. It is addicting to change the words up. We have all sorts of new versions at our house, so watch this movie your own risk:


I Finished a Triatholon

Three Words I NEVER thought I would hear in the same sentence.
More Details (and Pictures) to Come


My Mothers Day

My Day could not have been more perfect,It started with Breakfast in Bed, and just continued to be more wonderful as the day continued. I am so grateful to be a mother of 2 wonderful boys, and to be married to a fantastic man!