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Inspired by Rice Krispies…

Yep, that’s what I said, Rice Krispies is encouraging me to be a better momma. And I am always up for that challenge! The ongoing job of growing and learning with your children is something that I look forward to continuing for a long time, and so when I saw the Rice Krispies ad with handy tips, one caught my eye, here’s what it said:
{A great way to enjoy the moments of play is to set a time for 30 minutes. Start off any play time with the thought that “For the next 30 minutes, I’m greally going to throw myself into play.” Lawrence J. Cohen, PHD }
I do play with my children, in fact most days we do it a majority of the day, but when was the last time I spent 30 minutes of uninterrupted play with my kids, where I didn’t stop to put a toy back in the right toy bin, or answer the phone, or door, or whatever the little distraction maybe, and really ‘throw myself’ into being the bad robot or horse, or train? Playind is one of my favorite things to do with my children. I get a glimpse of their souls. So today is the first day of my new summer goal: Daily I am going to take 30 minutes uninterrupted time with my boys. So if I don’t answer the phone, or drive by and see me acting crazy, you’ll have to catch me later. I’m not going to be distracted, I am going to PLAY HARD with my boys, because I love it, and I love them.


My Sister in law Tiffany Rocks!

And not only does she rock, but it’s her birthday this weekend.
She is one of those mothers you admire for her patience, her creativity in helping and inspiring her children, and she is just so much fun to be around. We love her so much, and my boys also love their Aunt Tiff, and look forward to their weekends with her. She is the only in-law (Besides Toph) in the Greene Crew so far, and we’re grateful that she is so kind and loving to us all!
Love you Tiff and Happy Birthday!

Emily Life Truman Tucker

Those Male Genetics are Strong…

Because the boys are all about their tools and their tool benches…
And taking apart our neighbors broken VCR! (Thanks Again, Diane)
**And I bet you can’t guess what the boys are building? Well what else? ROBOTS!***

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Another Greene Weekend!

What a good time we had. I love being an aunt, and spending an extended time with my niece and nephew. I love it.
This weekend, we thought it would be good to get out of the house a little bit, and get out some energies, so we went to a place that had a lot of big bouncey blow up slides and houses, and let the children bounce it all out!
Oh, cousins, Tuck and Belle ready to play–
Look at ’em all, still ready to play!
And bounce we did! First the kids went up
and then
Truman loved doing ‘flips’
Ikey loved the Dinosaurs
I couldn’t help posting this picture, look at Belles face. I wish I would have caught it all!
On the snails,
After watching the children for a few minutes, Toph decided he wanted to play too, and went and got a ticket. Who says boys grow up? 🙂
Smiley Belle
Never get sick of this sweet angelic face…Trubee.
Handsome Ikey,
And the only picture I got of Tucker that’s not blurry. How is it possible for him to be a blur in all the rest? I am going to start calling him Dash…he,he.
What a good time we had jumping, as well as having the Greene’s at our home! Love you guys!

Emily Truman

My big boy Truman…

I don’t know if it is just that he is getting bigger, and I want him to stay little, as he is my ‘baby’, but lately I have noticed my little boy is a full on Preschooler now! He walks around saying all sorts of funny things:

–I let the boys take pictures the other day (Tuck took the above one of me and Tru while I was checking my email), and I love it when the boys hop up on the chair next to me and talk to me when I am doing things on the computer….
Anyways, Truman kept getting frustrated in this picture taking process, and I couldn’t figure out why, the camera appeared to be working fine, when finally he let out a big sigh, and said, “Mom, I just wanted to take a picture of a Human who is a little kid” (Meaning Tucker who didn’t want to have his picture taken).

–Another funny saying, during one of the boys daily bug hunts, Tucker found a big, big earthworm. After Truman discovered this, he followed Tucker repeating this: “Tucker can I please babysit your juicy, juicy worm?” until Tucker finally said ‘okay Truman’, to which Truman sat contently on our patio watching the worm for along time.

Slow down time! I want to be able to absorb these things and fully appreciate them, but they are growing too quickly….

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

Perfect Distraction…

for my boys,
so I could get dinner cooked.
Love moments like this…boys sitting side by side, me cooking dinner, anticipating my sweetheart to come home from work. A Happy Moment.

Emily Topher Tucker


Tuckers first organized sport experience began last night.
Running bases (doesn’t he look happy?):
With Coach Panter:
Practicing Catching:
What a good looking team:
The season is beginning and we had our first practice, we know 7 of the 11 members on the team, and it was fun to sit and socialize as parents, while the kids learned the ropes. Truman was also on the sidelines…watching, and learning, and I am sure wishing he could be there too. Next year Trubee, next year…Until then we are going to practice cheering for our friends! I love T-ball. Everyone wins and no one looses. Perfect introduction into this world of sports!

Emily Life Topher Truman Tucker

The day my brain just broke….

So we all have days like these. One lesson I am learning, (and have learned) over and over again in my life, is sometimes you just can’t worry about things, they are out of your control. Live life, and love it, but sometimes it is hard to stop and remember that….especially when you do stupid things. One after another, after another.

So yesterday was a LONG day, because my brain broke. Pure and simple. Occasionally we all have days like these, but this one was a doozie of a day…and one I want to forget…but yet I know that recording is part of the learning process, and I want to learn this lesson so I don’t have to repeat it again! (and I am sure some day this will be funny.)


If my brain was working, I would have not put all 3 sets of keys in different bags, then placed them in the car, instead of putting one in my pocket, or someplace else.

If my brain was working, I would have realized that although my children had been in the car, for what seemed like hours to them and although they were dying to get out and feed the ducks, we really weren’t in that big of a hurry.

If my brain was working I would have not grabbed my camera, food for the ducks, my children, then slammed all the doors. I would have realized that all three sets of keys were inside the car, that I just locked up.

If my brain was working I would have sunblocked the kids and myself before starting the day like I usually do, instead of bringing the sunblock with me in the car.
If my brain was working, I would have realized that the food/drinks we had just purchased to eat for a picnic lunch for my sisters birthday, were sitting on an angle on the front seat of the car just tipping enough to cause the liquid to leak out, especially the Wendys chocolate frosties, to slowly drip onto the seat. Eventually causing a nice little puddle. And it was a hot day, hot enough that I really wanted that frosty. Not the melted one, but the thought of a nice refreshing cold one.
If my brain was working, I would not have asked my sister to bring hangers with her when she came to have lunch (the lunch she never got to eat by the way) so I could try to use those hangers to unlock the car. I don’t know how to use hangers to do that, why would I ask her to bring ’em? Because my brain was broken. Nothing like a birthday picnic with out the food, sorry again Amy!

If my brain had been working, I would have made the children save the bread we had brought to feed the ducks, so they could eat it. Where are my survival skills. It’s a good thing we weren’t just dropped someplace like in the Sahara or something….oh.
If my brain had been working, I would have realized that letting your children run around in the hot sun, chasing the birds, not only makes the children hot but also thirsty. I would have encouraged them to sit under a shady tree, and watch the foul. Nope. Silly Brain.
If my brain had been working, when my sweet sister in law showed up with sunblock and water, I would have applied the sunblock to myself. (I remembered the children). Thank goodness she came, she graciously watched the children at the playground, while I waited, and waited, and waited for the locksmith.

If my brain had been working, I would have not been as frustrated at the situation, and been able to think logically.

If my brain had been working, I would have just been rude to a man who kept driving past me and kept looking at me as I sat pathetically by my car. This man after staring at me, as he circled around many times, then proceeded to get out of his truck blow snot on the grass, then using inappropriate vocabulary, try to start up a conversation and ‘pick me up’. Although his missing front teeth were attractive, (And let’s not forget to mention the fact he was blowing snot, and etc.), I decided to try to end the conversation as quickly as possible, and hope that my sister in law could see me, or the tree hugger man who was feeding the ducks behind me would save me if this weird man tried to abduct me.

If my brain was working I would have realized that the crazy locksmith called from 3 different numbers, came in a car (almost 2 hours later) with a weird license plate, then gave me a receipt with yet another different telephone number on it. My brain was working a little better at this point, and I began to feel a little anxious about this ‘shady man’ and then began to worry he may be try to steal my credit card information.

If my brain had been working, I would have realized that the price he charged me was an large amount of money, and later was informed that often times police will come open it for free.

It my brain had been working, as I loaded my children in the car, I would have realized that Truman was drinking the ranch dressing that was meant to be dipping sauce for his chicken nuggets. Well, lets be honest, maybe at this point I did realize he was drinking it, but at this point, I didn’t care….

If my brain had been working, I would have realized when we picked up the baseball mitt that Tucker needed for T-ball Practice that evening, that it was a LEFTY mitt, and my son is right handed. Yep, I am embarrassed to admit, I even had him try it on…
I didn’t even get to take that good of pictures, so there are a few, but I blame the lack of good pictures on the fact that my brain was broken….I was just glad to climb in bed last night….grateful that for a majority of my life my brain works well, and the remembrance that because of the bitter we know the joy…. Man did today (Wednesday) seem joyful, my brain functioned better. Therefore by default it was a delightful day.

**I forgot to mention that my sweetheart helped me call the locksmiths, and dealt with my crazy, broken brain, thanks sweets! I am sure he was ready for a good nights sleep last night too! **

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It happened, after almost a year of trying, Tucker learned how to do it!
Look how proud he is!
Love these little steps of life…

Emily Life

How Blessed am I,

To have a best friend and a sister like My Amy!!!
It’s her B-day today, and no matter what anyone says, they could never convince me that there is anything as wonderful as a sister. Someone whom you grow up with like I did with my sis Amy, will forever be a cherished person in my life!
Since we were younger, Amy has always known how to ‘push my buttons’ and get me angry, luckily we grew out of that as we got older and more mature. But one thing we didn’t grow out of, and hope we never do if the friendship that just comes so naturally to us.
She doesn’t care that I am not perfect, and loves me anyway. She has known me longer than a majority of the people I associate with, and she still isn’t sick of me! (Amazing I know!) and I can say proudly that I’ve known her, her entire life 🙂 and I will never get sick of her!
She is always helping me with my children, and very willing to do so, and whenever I am in crisis she keeps things in perspective.
And just between you and me, I think she rocks, and hope her day is amazing. She deserves it, because she truely is an amazing person. I love you Amy Becca!