Girls Camp : Camp Hashi

Hashi is the indian word meaning Sun. And I happily and excitedly helped in all the preparations leading to camp, but as it got closer, there was a shortage of leaders. So with our bishops approval, Lorelei and I got to go spend the week with the Young Women in the ward. It was an AMAZING week. I am surrounded by girls and leaders who are amazing, and the unity and love just was shared in abundance. I know the girls and leaders, testimonies grew, and I will forever remember this camp, the girls and our campsite in the shadow of the Manti temple.

The YW and other leaders, including the priesthood took such good care of Lorelei. She did phenomenal. (She had a rough night one night, but was EXCELLENT the rest of the week!) We shared a tent together and she was loved and cuddled by so many people (I think she was hardly ever put down!).

I know it was such a great week due to all the hard work put in by so many of the leaders.
One of the YW (Jessie Wind) put together this video

I put a password on this video, because it is not just a majority of me and my family. For those of you in the ward it is our Bishop’s Last Name. Any one else, please leave me a message/comment on this post and I will send it to you, or email me. 🙂

And lastly, the only reason I was able to go and help, was because of an incredibly supportive HUSBAND! and family and friends who helped me watch my older children. A huge thanks to all those who helped with Camp Hashi!