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Sometimes good things, Just Can’t Last….

So the day is Friday—my wonderful husband took the kids, and I spent an Educational and Spritually uplifting day on the BYU Campus for Education Week. While I was gone the carpets got cleaned (the only thing I wanted for my birthday), and the boys spent a fabulous day together. I think that my children would love it if, Toph was the stay at home dad. They always have so much fun while they are together.
I came home refreshed, and loved seeing the clean, clean carpets!
After the family had all climbed into bed, and were asleep, I heard the noise, that I most didn’t want to hear.
The sound of throw-up.
I got down stairs at the same time as Toph, and I was the most unsympathetic person, I feel horrible to admit it. Normally when our children are sick, It makes me sick for them, but when I saw the Blue Gatorade Throwup all over my newly clean carpet, I didn’t feel one ounce of sympathy, (Now I feel incredibly guilty, because at the time I had to “muster up” feelings of sympathy).
I am happy to announce that it was a 24 hour bug, and we didn’t have any more throw-up. And there is only a slight tinge of blue left in the carpet, but that same day Truman did have a few blowout diapers…
But like I said, sometime good things just don’t last.