Emily Topher Truman Tucker

Prime Rib Picnic…

Last Thursday, Tuck, Tru, Andy and I, set out out to SLC. If I had know what an adventure it would have been, I might have stayed at home.
It really wasn’t that bad..but I have forgotten how hard it is to keep track of 3 preschoolers that all have their own idea of what they want to do and where they want to do it at.
We were coming up to have lunch with Topher at his office, so they boys could see where he worked, and decided to stop at the DI in Murrray that was having its grand re-opening.
Lets just say, I never knew how many people/children could fit into a DI. There was a line all the way around the store when we got there at 10:05. It opened at 10:00 so there was already 5 minutes worth of people who had entered the store, by the time I parked the car, the line was lessened considerably, and when I entered with 3 boys, there was only 2 carts left in the cart area.
Anyone who has been to a DI knows that for some reason the Carts there are not regular sized. I put Tru in the seat of the cart, and made Andy and hold the sides, but within 2 seconds they both had let go and were running in directions to get the free balloons that they were handing out. So in order not to loose anyone, I threw both of the 4 year olds in the tiny cart, and began to push them around the PACKED store.
After an hours of making ONE loop around the store, we had acquired 2 Halloween costumes, a movie and some pairs of pants for Tucker. We were all anxious to leave, and I don’t know how the boys stayed inside the cart so long, if I had my camera, you would see a pictures of two boys entangled together inside a cart.
After the DI the kids were overwhelmed, overstimulated, and we were off to the Church Office Building for Lunch (words that should not all be in the same sentence). Thank goodness My sister Amy met us there, and I was grateful for her helping hands, with Toph, each child had an adult hand to help guide him to the cafeteria.
We walked into a grand piano playing beautiful music, and we ate Prime Roast. The kids loved being there, but I felt out of place bringing my crazy children to what felt like and adult restaurant. They did magnificantly, they did not throw food, or burp, they just fought over the apple juice. But I will take it.
After we left, Tucker said we should have more of those “Prime Rib Picnics”.
I agree.
I can’t wait to have lunch with Toph again.
PS-(the favorite part of the day was parking under ground… they talked about it all the way home)