Christmas: Christmas Morning…

Waiting on the stairs in anticipation… Did he come?

Yes!! Santa Came! And he brought Candy Canes! (Apparently this is the first year he’s done that, Tucker was excited!)

Highlights and things I want to remember from the morning included:

Continually pulling chocolate wrapped candy (that Santa put in our stockings) out of Elliots’ mouth. I think he liked that tinfoil taste., or maybe it was the hint of chocolate that escaped?

The sense of gratitude that I felt for technology. I am able to record this event both with pictures and video

Elliot clinging to his little people, thanks again Nora! And not really caring about any other presents. (Even if they were just shoes! 🙂 )

Realizing yet again, that Legos are a timeless gift, and all of those little pieces are going to be apart of my life for years and years to come…

Having an super hero in your house, with a crooked little smile.

And remember this year, as the year of the really nice vacuum, that will hopefully not have to be replaced for a LONG time. 🙂 (this is the fourth one of our marriage!)

Oh yeah, and one last thing…the year they SLEPT IN!!! Tuck and Tru are up daily around 6:00 AM. But after their exhausting Christmas Eve Activities, they didn’t get up until close to 8?!?!? Elliot and I just hung out for a couple of hours, waiting for everyone to wake up! Why, oh Why did they choose this day as the day to sleep in?

Silly, Silly boys!

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