Christmas: The book find and Christmas Eve

Due to sickness, Elliot and I were not able to attend the Phillips Family Festivities this year in person. But watched and participated over video chat. Thankfully, Toph took lots of pictures. 🙂

Here is the book find (One crazy Phillips Family Tradition, that includes the wrapping and HIDING of books for every family member)…Alot of fun. My book find books are some of my most precious books. (Elliot and I participated the next time we went up on New Years Day.)

The evening is broken up into basically three parts, that take place three times.
For the Children-Step One: The passing out of the wrapping paper. Each book is wrapped in different wrapping paper, and a little slip is saved, and then given out, as a clue to help you find your book.

Step Two: The finding of the books. There have been some crazy hiding places: Inside couch cushions, The front of the piano was taken out, Inside drawers, and this year mine was found in the air intake vent.

Patience is essential. Once you find your book, you must wait patiently again for all the other children to find their books.

Step Three: The opening of the books, Youngest to Oldest.

Once the children are done, the adults have a turn (repeat the above steps)…

Then once the adults are done, then it’s time for Grandma and Grandpa to have a turn (Again, repeat the above steps). Many great memories, and a great family tradition.

The next night, Christmas Eve, of course includes the exchanging of gifts:
Truman had Owen’s name, and in addition to the presents we made and bought, he wrapped presents for weeks.

Including a random stool, McDonalds toys, and some of his favorite things. It was so sweet that he cared so much about it, and truely was amazing to watch him prepare and give that present. He cared more about giving than receiving that night, and as a parent, it was awe inspiring to be part of that process.

This night is always magical too, because it’s the opening of the first real presents…

I can still remember the butterflies in my tummy from when I was a little kid remembering Christmas Eve, the excitement and anticipation.

Following the presents was a few dances, including: ‘A Dance of the Tin Soilders’

and then culminated by a live reenactment of the Nativity.

We provided a Shepard


And unfortunately, Baby Jesus was with me, recovering from being sick..but they were able to improvise with a gingerbread doll…

A great way to end Christmas Eve, and return the focus to where it should be.

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What great pics and posts. You really captured Christmas 2009
Love to all of you,
dad phillips

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