Christmas: Exchanging of Family Gifts.

After Santa Comes, we head upstairs to exchange the presents as a small family unit. This mostly consists of the presents the children have brought home from school for us, as well as the gifts they’ve purchased for one another. Now these purchases aren’t big, and most of them have been made and created in secret, or purchased from the dollar store, but it’s my favorite part of the day, because again, the boys find the joy of giving.

And plus, I am always surprised at how perfect there presents are for each other, and how much they really like them.
Truman loved his cookies, chosen out by Tucker

(My thoughts: Really a package of cookies? That much excitement? Truman has rationed them out, and eaten one every day, and shared one everyday. I think he loves that he gets to have his very own cookies!)
Tucker was thrilled with his checkers set, chosen by Elliot

(My thoughts: He loves it…and is now teaching Truman the correct way to play, I overheard it said, ‘you can even jump people two times, if they are in the right places!’)
Elliot got a giant toothbrush that he loves to chew on, picked out by Truman.

(My thoughts: When this was purchased, I thought it would most likely be in the D.I. box shortly after christmas, but actually has been one of Elliot favorite toys to chew on, and it makes a funny noise when you whack it on the ground.)
Toph got alot of functional things, treats for work, gloves for working out in the garage, a new flashlight..

(My thoughts: He thought he got good presents…that was until I unwrapped mine! )

ME…. A parrot hat, that Truman AND Toph picked out together. Tru tells me it’s perfect for wearing to the zoo.

And another unexpected present?

A nice shot of the family infront of the Tree.

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Fantastic family picture! Merry Christmas! (I’m going to have to find Tyler one of those toothbrushes!)

Your boys are very good present pickers. When I ask Matty what he wants to buy someone for a birthday or Christmas his response is always, “A toy car!” Hmmm, I wonder if he wants a car himself? 😉

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