California: The Beach

This is my last California Post, and I have been waiting to write it, so I could do it justice! We literally spent EVERY SINGLE DAY there, and it truely was pure bliss. The kids ran, and scooped, and splashed to their hearts desires. And because of this, I didn’t have to say the word ‘No’ very often, so California truely was a great place for all of us.

I was grateful, yet again, to be traveling with family. There is a lot of gear when you go to the beach, especially with three children! And with little Eli spending most of his time in the Condo, due to being sick, I was grateful that for family that took turns watching my sweet one.

Here are some of the highlights from the beach…
(As far as documenting each picture goes, let’s just say there was alot of playing in the sand, splashing in the waves, mixed with flying kites, and digging for clams)

And honestly, after looking at these pictures, I am ready to go back. Not only because California was a great place to be together with my family, but because California beaches truely are magical places.