Boys Night Out…

Being around my children, it’s not secret, they are daddy’s boys. They LOVE and ADORE their father. Any chance they get to be with him, they jump at it. On our chart the boys listed a main thing they wanted to do: camping, and wanted to go often. As we looked at our summer schedule, we were surprised to see that a majority of the weekends were full, so we had to squeeze it in where we could.
This particular weekend I had a commitment, but Toph didn’t, so even though I really wanted to go, I had to send my boys off to fish, get dirty, eat popcorn, and then going to sleep in a tent. And when I asked what they did, that’s the story I heard when they returned. Short and concise.
And the pics are here to prove it:
Boys nights out, are a great thing… Thank heavens for a good papa who indulges theses sweet boys every now and again!


The Activity that Changed it all..

I’ve always been grateful for pioneers, I have been on 5 Treks, toured the major historical sights 3 times, as well as driven a majority of the route in our car when we moved to Boston.
I have heard the stories (read the Abraham Hunsaker book), I have pulled handcarts, visited the ‘This is the place monument’, and I’ve gained a sense of respect and reverence for the pioneer ancestry, that I believe has given me so much.
So when the primary in our ward had an activity (an awesome activity, might I add, with fake cow pies,
and pioneer food, music, crafts, and games), and asked if I would help, I was willing and grateful for the opportunity. The activity took place in Early July, and we were asked to dress up. I gladly pulled out my pioneer garb, and drummed up some clothes for the boys too (including an outfit for Elliot)…

As I pulled out my clothes and began to put my pioneer clothes on, I was reminded of my trek experiences, I went as a youth twice, as a youth leader twice, and with my family. Wearing these clothes reminded me of the special experiences I have had, and I believe that is why I keep them buried in the back of my closet, and can’t bear to part with them. While wearing these clothes my testimony has changed. The first time these clothes were worn, I was a youth, with a fragile testimony, now I am a woman, with a family: a husband and three children. So much has changed, but yet the majorly important things are still the same. I know my Savior lives, I have a testimony of this gospel, I know where I can find peace during the trials of my life, and I know where I can look for my inspiration. These things are the same, but yet, the dimensions of which I know these things are different, they are deeper and stronger. It is wonderful time to reflect.
It also reminded me of a pioneer story, I reheard around Christmas time at Christopher’s work party. It resonated with me, and I haven’t forgotten it since. When a group of pioneers, I believe it was the Donner Reed Party, was traveling across the plains, at the beginning, as things began to get tough, the members of the party began to discard things they thought they wouldn’t need. In the heat of the summer, they discarded their warm winter blankets, but kept their precious pianos or organs, thinking they would reach their destination before the blankets/warm clothes were needed. Unfortunately we know that later they did encounter winter weather, and their precious pianos were not able to keep them warm. For me, this story was powerful, we were standing in a spot, near the place where the pioneers crossed the salt flats. I stared at the desolateness of our surroundings, and vowed that I didn’t want to get down the road with my life, with my families life and have it be full of Organs. I wanted the blankets, the important things.
Then as I was carrying Elliot around the activity, changing his diaper, following the children in my charge(I was with the sunbeams), I was brought yet again to the powerful realization of the different life that was lived. I was grateful for those women, the mothers, who were so dedicated.
So I guess for me, I was grateful for this powerful reminder of my heritage, my ancestry, and their dedication. I am remembering and appreciating the things that were done, the legacy that was left for me and my family.
And on a side note, doesn’t Elliot look like he could belong to the pioneer era, and quite angelic?


Truman’s Talk

Written by himself. (Well, I wrote it down, he told me what to write!)
Going to the temple is special.
I can start to get ready now. Even when I am 4.
I can be reverent at church.
I can be obedient by washing the dishes with nobody asking me.
I can read my big Book of Mormon and remember the stories
I can say my prayers.

Not bad for a sunbeam, uh?


Taken Care Of….

So often, I come across this sight:
Elliot SURROUNDED by his big brothers beloved toys. I can’t help but think that part of Elliot’s sunny disposition is due to the fact that he has two older brothers who DOTE on him constantly. Here is Elliot holding Tuckers new stuffed animal, and this day, Truman loved that Pooh Bear Speaking Toy. But they gladly give them up if it will make Elliot happy. I hope Elliot always realizes how his big brothers think the world of him (And I hope they continue to do so!), it’s an awe inspiring thing to watch your children love and sacrifice and grow up.


Belated Birthday Wishes…

Somehow about this time of year, things always get crazy, and I get behind in my blogging.

This year, I am not as behind as previous years, but this post is still belated.

Happiest Birthday Wishes go to…
There is no one so adventurous as Michael! Tucker and Truman love to be with him, as he is constantly where the action is. He loves nature, and can find bugs like no one’s business. We’re grateful for this energetic boy in our life!

‘Sugar and Spice, and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of’ and this is especially true of our Sophie. Living so far away, we miss not being able to see her as often as we wish, but are so grateful for this beautiful girl in our family.

Dallin Paul
There is nothing like a hug from Dallin Paul, and I might add, there is no one like Dallin Paul. His laughter is contagious, when you see his smile you can’t help but smile, and he is riot.

Patrick Anson
The quiet force behind good in so many of our lives, Patrick is as loveable as it gets, and all the nephews and nieces adore him. Anyone whose met Patrick can attest to the fact that he’s pretty darn loveable.

Happy birthday everyone! We love you all!


7 Months…

And still growing more handsome by the moment.


I think we have another

Robot Lover at this house.
I mean, whose not going to love something that spins, does tricks, and talks to you?
Well, if he’s not a robot lover yet, he will be soon. It’s hopeless in this house, and if nothing else, we know that at least he thinks they taste good.


Look at these faces….

Seeing them, holds so much more emotion than my words ever could. This is the excitement that just bubbled over all night long!
We were in SLC one afternoon for a check up for Truman (Where we got some good news, after having a camera stuck up his nose, we discovered his Adnoids have NOT grown back! Hurray, and Truman was such a good sport about it! What a sweetheart.)
Again, Amy watched the other boys for me, so I could focus on what the Doctor was saying, and not be distracted! 🙂
But that was not what we were so excited about, (although that is exciting for me to know we don’t have to undergo another surgery!) It was actually the Natural History Museum, that elicited so much excitement. It just so happened the day we there, was also a free day at the Museum.
Let me tell you, the boys were in HEAVEN there, and have asked numerous times to return there again.
Some of the highlights:
Digging for bones:
Watching a show about physics:
Tucker being called to come up and help:
Literally running from exhibit to exhibit, just brimming with excitement:
Playing in this goop stuff, not sure the purpose, but the boys liked it:
Seeing ‘real life dinosaur bones, put together and everything’:
I love this picture, it looks like Truman is being eaten by the dino, and look at tucks face, he looks frightened.
Enjoying the frog exhibit,
Inside the frog dome:
I asked the boys to give me there best Frog Faces, here’s Tucks
and Tru’s
One final pic,
*(I was looking over, and realized, there was not one pic of me and Eli, I was behind the camera, and Eli was strapped in the Bjorn, happily along for the ride! 🙂 We were there!)*
Then off to dinner, Toph’s choice:The ‘Chuck-a-rama’. A new favorite among the boys of my home.
Really, I couldn’t have wished for a better day. It’s days like this, when you can’t help, but love being a mommy. I sure do love it, and must remember days like this one!


Swimming Lessons…

Another summer MUST in our family. Learning to swim and the learning the rules of the pool is an important step as most of our vacations include WATER!
We took lessons at our local pool, and thankfully it worked out–you see this the only time (for a span of 2 weeks) that we were home for the whole summer. As you guessed, the kids loved to be in the water, and it was interesting to watch them with their teachers.
And Elliot and I chilled on the sidelines, and watched. I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of his delicious babyness
After week one of lessons, we recruited Aunt Amy to come and swim with us at the pool after the lessons. Thank heavens she was able to come or else I would have been totally outnumbered!

The kids finished their lessons with a bang, and a ride down the big slide.

Again, the kids are already looking forward to next session of lessons!


Our Tradition of spending Independence Day at the Cabin.

Always include
The Rodeo:
(Sitting smashed together with the Hunsaker Clan and eating yummy treats, cheering on the cowboys!)
Getting Dirty:
(In this case, playing in the mud in the front pond)
(And concluding in Tru loosing a shoe, in the bottom of the pond muck. )
Four Wheeler Rides:
(As we left, Tucker decided he’s going to start saving his money for a four wheeler, to drive in our driveway, and he’ll let Tru ride on the back. If they could’ve the boys would love to have spent the day exploring the cabin on these.)
(After being in California at the beaches, the boys loved to be in the hottub. Quite a different swimming experience!)
(There is something soothing about sleeping/napping at the cabin in nature. It’s a wonderfully relaxing place to be!)
Horse back riding:
(Truman got really into Cowgirl this time. He helped Grams brush her down, and get her saddled up. Maybe he’ll by my little cowboy?)
(While the kids went a riding, Toph and Grandpa Hunsaker thought they’d empty out some of the mud from the pond, and look for Tru’s shoe, and miraculously it was found!)
Good Food:
(The fourth of July is a great time for BBQ’s, and the cabin is the perfect place to do it!)
And of Course Being Together as a Family:
(The boys are finally getting old enough to play big board games together. Here they are playing Checkers. They are a pretty even match for each other!)
(And Elliot continued to be the low key baby that he’s always been. So fun to be there with an easy going baby!)
Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa for everything you do to make this tradition so much fun! I’m already looking forward to next year!