My oldest baby is growing up, and today he’s gone.
ALL. DAY. LONG. (Which is seeming like forever without this sweet face)
First Grade, where did the time go?

And he was so excited to go (He even chose out his ‘awesome-est robot shirt’ to make a good impression with the teacher), And he was ready to go until he remembered about the mean bully Preston. Then he got sick to his stomach, and couldn’t sleep the night before last.
We visited the classroom yesterday, met the teacher, (she’s new this year), and found out Bully Preston wasn’t in his class. (hurray!)

He was excited to see his very own desk,
which he is going to fill with his Robot Pencil box, created by himself, since we couldn’t find a robot one,
And he gets to sit next to our next door neighbor, and a good friend. All wonderful things!

The only bad news is, that Bully Preston is a smart one. He’s got a ‘army’ of classmates, who he recruits to link hands, and go capture others during recess.

Tucker is worried about that army. And can you blame him?

Thank heavens for the Power of the Priesthood, and the comforts of a fathers blessing.

It was the perfect way for him and me, to begin this year.
We headed off this morning, and with no trepidation or looking back, he went right into his classroom and then to his desk.
I can’t wait for him to come home, so I can hear how first grade was…And what he had for lunch…And if he got to use his new school supplies…And how his teacher was….What books they read…. Only 117 minutes to go, ’till I can find out 🙂

And oh yeah, that Preston had better stay far, far away from my boy.

And, no we haven’t finished our summer adventure posts yet…there’s more of those to come! 🙂

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a child in sibling withdrawal already. 🙁 I’m missing my boy too today. I’m actually missing all of them. The house seems so empty with three gone.

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