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10 Reasons why we love sister Emily….

(no this post is not about me, Emily. This is about my sis-in-law Emily…. Let’s just clarify that from the start! 🙂 ) And yes it is another list. See? I am a chronic list maker.

Anyways, drumroll please…

1–she brings her children to our house, and comes and stays with us.
2–her children are darling, and our kids have such a great time together.
3–I get to stay up late having great conversations, about things like child birth 🙂
4–she just might like the show, Gilmore Girls.
5–she lets us borrow her car, (as ours has been in the shop for a week) so we can do essential things like take Truman to preschool.
6–she gets excited when she gets to go pick up Tuck from school.
7–she can make Ninja Eggs. Yep. Just ask her about it.
8–when she found out we weren’t doing anything big for Toph’s birthday, she stayed an extra day so we could go on a date, and she watched our kids.
9–she gets excited about our DI book finds. (almost as excited as Toph and me)
10–she is a good teacher, and helped me with my bread making phobia, and made these,

they were yummy trust me…

Thanks again Emily for a great few days. Tell you husband to go out of town more often, so you can come hang out with us again. 🙂

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Ah shucks- you are to nice. Thanks again for letting us come to your house. It was great to hang out with you guys. Love you.

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