Emily Topher Truman

Dear Truman,

This week you started Pre-School.

After watching your brother go to school for the past few years, you have been excited, and often talked of the days when you could go to school too.

Last week we, mom and dad, went to your ‘meet the teacher’, where you some what hesitantly explored the classroom, and learned about your new environment. You found a pirate ship toy, that you liked, but were confused when there were no pirates to play with. Mrs. Vonda showed you the room, where to put your backpack, where the bathrooms were, and your cubby–Which by the way was marked with a frog symbol.

You looked so grown up, and were so ready to be there, but we could tell you still felt a little nervous. Mom and Dad both watched you, and smiled at each other the whole time…we are so proud of you.

So when it came time this week to drop you off, me and you headed to the school, and you told me your teachers name, and asked if your Walley (Beloved stuffed animal) was still secretly stashed in your backpack, which it was. You smiled a little bit about that.

You were excited to see your classroom and teachers again, you entered, placed your backpack (the spiderman one, which looks Ginormous on your little body) in the slot, and looked around at the other children. We kissed goodbye, and I waited outside the door, to make sure you were okay.

I heard you crying, then I shot of fear rushed through my body, as my mind automatically jumped to the worst case scenario…but shortly thereafter I heard you laughing. That silenced my fears.

I left, and anxiously waited when the time would come for me to go pick you up. Our home felt so empty with out the smiles and laughter of my boys! (luckily for me, Owen, Ava and Em were still here to ease the transition…)

I arrived a few minutes early and waited outside your door, eager to hear how my first day of school went for my trubie.

The kids began to pour out the door, and no Truman, and no Truman and no Truman. I began to get that sick feeling in my tummy again…Then you ecstatically exited tell me, “Mom, it was fun. It was SO fun.” It made my heart skip.

This is a big week for you. Starting school is always an exciting thing, and I am so proud of you, and how you are growing and getting so big!

It makes me want to tell you: remember little man, you may be getting bigger, but you’ll always be my little man…but most of all remember that I love you very, very much.