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Vacation Day Nine–California Adventure

We weren’t sure if we were going to spend three days of Disneyland and California Adventure, but after watching your children on the rides, and having fun together as a family, it was enough for me. The boys were having a great time, so we headed back for our last day.

I wasn’t feel stellar, but was excited to be there, and again, thanks to the help of the other 5 adults, I didn’t hardly push a stroller, or lift a child. Making it alot easier to be healthier!

Again, the highlights.
The carousel:

Watching the riders:

While walking around we met some characters:


Walle: (They were super excited!!! Tucker even decided to be in this one!)

By the way, Toph didn’t shave the whole time we were on vacation, look at that scruff:


Amy and Tuck:

Love this shot of us all walking:

While the big kids went on the Tower of Terror, mom and the boys and I went to the Playhouse Disney show, and the boys loved it,

we saw Little Einsteins,

Handy Manney,

and Mickey,

It was a fun interactive show, complete with ‘leaves’ falling from the ceiling, bubbles, and a good time!
What’s not to Love about the Bugs Life Section of California Adventure:
Before the movie:

The Heimlich ride:

The bumper bugs:

look at Amy and Erics Funny faces on this one, good laugh:

The twisty teacup lady bugs:

The flying high juicebox ride:

Another one of our favorite rides, was the Buzz Lightyear Shooting ride:
My potato head talks to you:

It was a 3D shooting ride, and lots of fun. Tru and I rocked the house 🙂 :

Another favorite was this soaring ride, so much fun:

There were alot more ‘big kid’ rides at California Adventure, here’s a pic on the Screamer:

With the help of Trumans lifts, he was able to get on all the rides he wanted to go on, besides the Jellyfish one. The man checking height was pretty particular. Tuck and Gramps were able to go though:

The boys, minus Truman, went on this wild ride, not getting as wet as we thought they were going to!

All our days at Disneyland, the boys searched for Wall-E toys, only to be disappointed that the good ones had been totally wiped out. They only had little small yellow plastic wall-e’s and weren’t planning on getting any more or new stuff in until Christmas. What?!?!?!
There was nothing to be found anywhere, so Tucker and Truman had to choose a different toy, Buzz Lightyear, Zurg, their cars, and some of those plastic Wall-E toys. Thanks Grams and Gramps!

The pixar parade was by far one of my favorite moments of our time at Disneyland. And honestly, the funnest parade I have ever seen! So much fun! We saw so many of the characters that the boys love, while they sprayed water at us!! Christopher was behind the camera, but I think I was just as excited as the boys were! I love seeing things they’ll love.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube with the fun Parade:

Yummy, yummy dinner at the Italian Restaurant…

Then all the kids left the park, and my mom and dad stayed to watch the fireworks, and enjoy Disneyland just the two of them.

Hurray for vacation!!