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Vacation Day Eight–Recovering, Balboa and the Beach…

This day, being pregnant became a reality again. I wasn’t able to go out with the family this day, and spent the day recovering on the couch. And honestly, I was grateful, I was able to get to this point, with out being this sick, and having to rest up like this any sooner. This week was the best I had felt this whole pregnancy up to this point! So I didn’t feel to bad about recovering on the couch, although of course I felt back to miss out on the sights and being with the fam!

My understanding of the day was this: They went to Balboa Beach, got a frozen banana and then back to Corona Del Mar Beach, to see if they could dig and find more of those creatures.

They didn’t find any more creatures, but they did make their own pool…

And of course, they found the seaweed:

Obviously not too many pics, but from what I heard, it was a great day.