Topher Truman

The Tru-Ster is…

literally a sponge, he is absorbing everything around him, constantly learning by watching things around him. It makes you so happy as a parent when you see your child act positively in a situation, that you know could ‘set them off’.
Today at Nursery, another little boy dumped the pitcher of water in Trumans lap, soaking him completely, instead of being angry when I asked him about it, he told me the story, then he reassured me that it was just an accident, and that the other little boy was just trying to help.
Also, Truman is becoming an avid reader, and absorbing the vocabulary from these books. I love when he talks and says things that we have read about in books!
When he gets up in the morning and after quiet time, he always bringing me up books to read to him. His favorites right now are the Maisy series, Bernstein Bears, and pirate books. He could have books read to him all day, I think. Someday we will have to try it…
Sounds like a perfect day to me…

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