Emily Topher Truman Tucker

Gotta love the Cuz’s

The Evelyn’s were down for a wedding, so Mikey and Madalyn were able to come and play with us for a few hours! It was so much fun, the boys wanted to hold “baby Madalyn” and just take care of her, Madalyn was fine with it at first, but by the time I got the camera, she didn’t want to have anything to do with it! (she was happy the rest of the time!)
Having older cousins is rough on a little girl! It was fun to have a little baby around again,
and of course the boys just ran and played together, and naturally had a good time! mikentru.jpg
Also, this weekend we went to Sunday Dinner with the Greene Fam, and of course the little Greene kids were there, so the kids ran and played and had a good time there too! Cousins are so much fun!
Here is matchy matchy Tuck and Ike–
I LOVE being so close to family, until you move away, you don’t realize the blessing of having a family close. Close enough to see and be with. Did I mention that I love our families? Love you guys, all of you!