Fun, Fun Movie

And I’ve already listened to it like 12 million times.

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Power Ranger Fever….

Dress ups—this is happening less and less at our home. The big boys have found other interest, instead of ‘playing super heroes’. But recently Tucker discovered Power Rangers, and dress ups have made more of an appearance, and now that they are older, they really get that swords are used for fighting each other.

This Sunday, they spent the evening in their costumes. Elliot insisted he was the red ranger and Tucker was the pink ranger. Tucker knows that the pink ranger is a girl, and it drives him bonkers when Elliot says that. (Which then encourages Elliot to say it more and more, when he see’s Tucker’s reaction.) We kept trying to tell them there could be more than one ranger, but they weren’t having any of it!

As I was filming this, we were trying to show Uncle Dallin Paul (who loves Power Rangers) their costumes on the video chat. So that’s the background noise you hear. 🙂

And then a few weeks later, Lorelei after watching her big brothers, wanted in on the action, and dragged the costume around until I put it on her. So funny!

And then the following day, Elliot spent the day dressed as the red ranger…

And as you can see, he was not always as happy, as his siblings. Ha!

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Teacher Appreciation!

We love our teachers, and I am happy to help them feel appreciated in any way shape or form!
I got to participate this year again in helping decorate doors.
I love the opportunity to be creative!
Here they are for this year:
For the music teacher-
‘Life is a bowl of cherries’.

For the school psychologist-
‘thanks for a banner year’

And the front office ladies-
‘It takes a village to raise a child, thanks for helping us raise ours so well!’

This one was my favorite, there were so many cute little details, that just made it ‘pop!’.

What a great chance to say THANK YOU to the wonderful work they do in helping our children.

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Recently at school, Tucker studied Cubism as a form of art, since then, we have many pieces that look like this:

He tells me it is something he enjoys doing, as it helps him relax…

So fun to watch our budding little artist.

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Super Toph

Why my husband rocks.

1. He takes the two littles to the store, so I can finish cleaning the house with the older two.
2. He actually will go to the store, and do shopping. (and is Happy about it!)
3. He lets the kids choose their cart (the BIG car cart ones, that are a pain to drive!)
4. He remembers everything off the list, and mostly doesn’t buy too many extra things, so we can stick to our budget!)
5. He takes the time to send this cute-ie pa-toot-ie pic to me. ’cause he knew I would love it. yep. I do.


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An author in the family.

Some big news!

A few weeks ago, a story published about Christopher and his family, in this book, arrived on our doorstep! From the book: “Not everyone can have the good fortune of having two brothers with Down Syndrome. Because of Patrick an Dallin Paul, I am a better person and have found an incredible job and a sense of purpose in what I do.” So proud to be called Mrs. Phillips.

Toph did not write the whole book, nor is it entirely about him and his family! He was asked to share his perspective on being an older brother to two brothers with Down Syndrome, and their experiences with religion. His story is contained in one chapter. I am excited to read the remaining 61 Chapters, to discover more about others’ experiences in their own faith (it is not only about the LDS faith), and (hopefully!) be inspired!

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Getting a good picture seems like such an easy thing.

But it really isn’t!

Case and point? Toph trying to snap a pic of Elliot at the convienience store

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Elliot keeps me giggling and laughing…

Every morning I usually have just a few minutes alone with this sweet boy.

He is such an easy going, sweet little boy, and is just happy ‘going with the flow’. So it’s nice to spend time with him, one on one. And let him make choices, and do fun things together.

He is just developing his imagination right now, and it is so fun to see him turning everyday items into spectacular things!

This day I was tub-ing Lorelei, and he came in with his candy necklace. I couldn’t help but giggle and make another quick video.

What a sweetie.

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Early Monday Morning the process began.

She did look pretty cute in her hospital gown/clothes.

After a quick procedure, the tubes were in,

And she came out, sleepy, sleepy tired.

A sweet video of her waking up from the surgery,

and home we went.

So far, the tubes appear to have made a difference! It’s only been a few weeks, but we’re excited to have FEWER ear infections in the future!

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Girl Time.

Occasionally (and very Rarely!) the house will be quiet, and just us girls will be home to play.

And what are girls to do when the boys are away?

A tea party of course!

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