Elliot’s First Birthday Party.

He got to go dressed as a superhero (ninja Turtle) and was excited as could be! And talked and talked and talked about it for the days leading up to it! 🙂

Here are some pics they sent us, and I couldn’t help to share them!

Can’t believe he’s so grown up!! It never stops!
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The Arts Festival!

This years arts festival was again a fun night to be apart of!

Bad part was that it started at 4:00 way before Toph get’s home from work! So he missed out on a majority of the fun. And I was busy with balancing the children, so not to many pictures! But another fun night of ‘art’!

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Sunday Goodness…

Love when the weather is good and we can walk.

This day, two neighbors and our three boys were all walking home together…there is something darling about boys in their sunday clothes walking home, that is just the cutest thing ever to me!

And then playing together after dinner.
Could that laugh get any cuter?

And this boy Elliot has got some moves!

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Talk in Primary

So proud of this boy, and the choices he is making.
Here is practicing his talk for Primary, he was asked to talk about an example from the scriptures, in choosing the right.

He is such a good kid, and I love to hear his testimony at the end.

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I’ve learned that kabobs are the best things for children.

Put it on a kabob stick, and it’s fun to eat. So we’ve been eating lots of things off of sticks.

And it all started here with a reminder from our Sweet Tucker:

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Good News, Good News.

A yearly appointment with Truman’s Eye Surgeon and Eye Doctor wielded GREAT news.

The anatomy of the eye has not changed, and he has 20/20 vision.
There was talk of glasses, but ultimately, he was able to dodge that bullet for now!

But after having his eyes dilated, he did get to get these nifty sunglasses 🙂

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All time record score…

On scrabble, and it had to be documented.


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Hit me on the Head, OVER and OVER and OVER???

Everyonce in a while, I get the feeling that Heavenly Father is really trying to tell me something, like when I hear/see/experience the same thing like 15 times in a day, for like a week!

Yeah, this was one of those weeks…
the lesson for me to be learned?


First in the comic section:

Then in a lesson I was teaching/preparing for Young Womens…

And then there simple prompting when I am Teaching the kids how to clean, right! (I am teaching them, and it takes practice over and over and over!)

The Visiting Teaching Message, can’t remember the details, but remember it was about being a good parent, and parenting is a gift.

Then SO many blog posts. TAKE THE TIME TO READ THEM! YOU won’t regret it!
My friend Rachelle from College:

And the last paragraph in this awesome blog post.

I love the reminder that our children aren’t always going to be squishy, and idolize us.

Another friend from college, and the reminder to let them be little.

Chrsitopher shared this on Facebook today, a great list on parenting:

On a recent car trip Christopher and I discussed finances, and doing the things we thought were best for our children. Thru a long discussion, a huge ‘a-ha moment’ occurred to me. Right now, we may be constantly scrimping and saving, and counting the pennies, and we may not be able to do everything we have ‘dreams’ of doing, like keeping the perfectly up-kept decorated house, or dream vacations, but I AM PRESENT for my children. I am not working for those extra things. He is a great provider. And I get to be a stay at home mom. And as Christopher’s Mom said, ‘that is the best gift you can give your children, is being their own present mom.’ And somehow, since then, there is pure joy in all of my life’s little moments.

EXAMPLE, a discovery about cleaning houses, and pure excitement. Seriously, did you know when you actually attach the Vacuums wand to the hose, (instead of just using the plain hose), it seriously increases the amount of ‘suck-age’ and crap you get, and you don’t have to spend like 20 hours, going over it like 20,000 times? I used to think it was just a waste of time to even put the wands on, but now I know, and just saved myself hours of time over my life time! 🙂

AND POINT NUMBER TWO, setting the timer on my phone for 10 minutes before my children arrive home. It allows time for me to finish up whatever project/cleaning I am working on, and get calming music for the kids on, as well as a snack ready–for when they get home. I know it’s stupid, but I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of a project when they happily come thru the door excited to tell me about my day, and they don’t have my full attention when they tell me about their day, and I am just trying to finish up my mess, before the afternoon chaos begins. 🙂 But not anymore! I love being in control of my time!

I wish I was better at articulating my thoughts and feelings, but I am overwhelmingly grateful for the Chaos I have been given, the chaos of a home full of healthy children, and a wonderful husband. And it is enough for me to do, in keeping up with them.

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When Dad is Away, We will PLAY!


{Here’s Lorelei, pushing her new bunny around in her stroller….(If it would have been my boys, they would have been ramming into each other with it!) She is a natural nurturer, and a cleaner. She loves to help, and it’s fun to see the ‘feminine’ side of it all!}
and Play~

and Play!

and PLAY!!

(Well all of us did play, but apparently I mostly got video of (A half dressed) Elliot playing! 🙂 )

And a funny video of Elliot telling me dad needed to fix something, since he was out of town, I needed to record it and send it to him…

And I wish I could have gotten a video of Lorelei watching Toph’s ‘video’ for her. She loves to face time with Toph, and he made a fake FaceTime, (really just a video) that Lorelei watched, and watched and watched. She sure loves her daddy!
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?????? ??????

Yeah, sometimes when I grab my phone for a quick pic…

the video camera is on, and I accidentally make a movie. (instead of taking picture!)

Unfortuantely, this happens SO OFTEN! And most the time, it’s no big deal, and I just flip it over, and take a pic. But this day, I couldn’t just do that. The little girl was off faster than I could get it.

That day, Tucker showed her how to wear the sunglasses and the two of them, we’re pretty happy with themselves, and who wouldn’t be?

Here are those two cuties.

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