Pretty Blue Eyed Girl

So when you only have one little girl at your house, you can say, ‘where’s the pretty girl?’ And everyone knows who you’re talking about. (although when we’re out in public, sometimes we do get some funny looks!)

After calling her pretty girl at church a few weeks ago, we had a discussion with one of our good friends, and– about how we always just tell Lorelei how pretty she is,and that we had better stop, or she’s going to become vain! So we joked that we had better start calling her Smart and Sweet Spirited too, so she can be a well rounded individual! 🙂

But we do love her to pieces still, and amazing to think that our lives were once without her!
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Blue and Gold Banquet.

Now that scouting has become a routine and regular part of our lives, I often forget to blog about it.

Tucker is still loving scouts, and it was fun to attend the blue and gold banquet together as a family.
As you can see from the orange stained faces, there were cheetos and sandwiches served…

And Toph even got to share a story about being creative as a scout!
(And being left behind on a camping trip in the mountains by his scout leaders!)

It is fun to be part of the scouting program, and look forward to being part of it for YEARS to come! 🙂

As part of the decorations from the banquet, there were balloons, which Lorelei happened to snag one, and continued to play with for almost a week following!


Happy Presidents Day

The morning was spent playing with Neighborhood Friend Andy. Right now the boys are really into drawing mythical creatures, including dragons. So here they are having a ‘drawing party’,

and of course, a snack! (How cute are these individual sized popcorn bags?!?!)

Then we built some robots (It’s been FOREVER since we’ve done that!) Truman showed us his, Tucker didn’t want to share his just yet, as it wasn’t completed, and he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Good old classic lunch of Mac n cheese, Truman sung a song about it and Lorelei, that was to fun not to share:

And Lorelei has figured out how to use a spoon, but we have yet to get it on video! So funny to watch!

Then off to the Dinosaur museum for the afternoon. (Sorry the pics are in random order, and I am not fixing ’em 🙂 )

The evening finished off with cleaning the church. No pics there, but a good way to finish the evening in trying to help our children learn the importance of our building and working hard (or something like that!).