Big brothers have this crazy power, they can convince their younger siblings to do many crazy things (like ride in a cardboard box down the stairs into a wall, sit still while they cut their hair, or drink a bottle of medicine–not that I’m speaking from experience),
this poor guy–

has TWO big brothers who told him these bracelets looked pretty.
Hopefully he’ll be a quick learner…let us all hope, because sometimes those big brothers can be awfully tricky.


Test, test

Testing my new app..
And a video of sleeping baby


A mini-me

Truman’s Slippers–

Truman’s Sweater–

Eating the same snack as Truman– Pear

Earlier in the day Elliot found and used Truman’s toothbrush (gross), while Truman is at school he played with all of Truman’s Christmas toys, and kept asking “Time for truman?” (Is it time to go get Truman from school)

Do you think he likes Truman at all? 🙂


Last blessing day pictures…

I promise…

After the photoshoot and a quick nap, Lorelei was awake, cuddling with grandma phillips, and sister Emily got these shots.

I love them, they’re totally how I want to remember our baby, Lorelei.


Cousins in Blessing Dresses

When you marry into a family, you never know what you’re going to get 🙂 But I’ve been so blessed to be part of the Phillips Family. One blessing of being a Phillips is our Aunt Cathryn. She and my Mother in law, Rhonda, made Lorelei’s blessing dress, and as you’ve seen it was beautiful! (!!!!!!)

After three boys, I kind of had a vision in my head of what the blessing dress was going to look like, and it turned out even more amazing in real life. They worked magic, I tell you.

Well, this dynamic duo, also made baby Emi’s dress, and Aunt Cathryn had one request, take a picture of the girls together in their dresses. (Well sure, I can take a picture if you sew an ENTIRE blessing dress! I 🙂 )

So here are the pictures of these two cute girls together for Aunt Cathryn, they were born about one month apart, and these two girls are the end of the 5 phillips grandchildren born this year.

A big thank you again to Rhonda and Aunt Cathryn. We love you so much! And know this truely will be an heirloom for our daughter.

(And any time you want to sew something for my kids, I’ll trade you for a picture 🙂 )


A Very Special Day

Last week we had an incredible day.

Tucker was baptized, received the holy ghost and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,

and Lorelei was given her name and blessing.

All in one day…and what an amazingly spiritual day it was.

Some of the things I want to remember:
-Tuckers enthusiasm leading up to this day, as we talked and studied about baptism, he was so excited.

-How wonderful to see half of my family dressed in white

-When Tucker came up out of the water after being baptized, he giggled, as he was so happy, almost as if he couldn’t contain the happiness. Then he looked up at Christopher, to make sure he didn’t have to go under the water again.

-The amazing talks, Tucker was the only one this month who was being baptized from our ward, so he got to select the whole program. He thought carefully about whom to ask to do what. Talks were given by Grandpa Greene, and Uncle Patrick. Prayers by Great Grandpa Hunsaker and his little brother Truman (Truman was so nervous to do this, but really wanted to do it for Tucker. It was so sweet to hear him pray during the week before this baptism, that he would be able to ‘say this prayer okay for the baptism’), he had each of his aunts play the piano, lead the music, or help with a musical number. The baptism and confirmation was done by Christopher. It was a very Tucker Baptism, everyone who participated knew Tucker, and loved him, and it showed.

-During the baptism, Elliot kept saying Tucker is in the bathtub, but then when he realized what was going on, for the rest of the day (and continuing week) he stated ‘Tucker Got baptized’, and said it over and over and over. He really realized the significance of the event.

-Something else to remember was the comments from our Bishop. Bishop Keetch shared with us some insight he received when he met with Tucker for his baptismal interview. Bishop began by telling us about how Tucker prayed that all of himself would go under the water, his hair, his clothes and his skin. (Tucker was worried he’d have to be baptized a few times!) He also shared with us Tuckers response to his question “How did you get so smart and where did you learn all this stuff (referring to the questions he’d been asked and was asking)?” Tucker responded by saying: “I learn some at school, and some at church, and some at home, but mostly I learn stuff by listening to my mom talk on the telephone.” Such a funny boy. And it continues, as the Bishop asked him about, what he was most excited about being baptized, he said “Afterwords, we’re going to have a party, and you know Bishop, us Phillips, we know how to Party!”

-He was surrounded by family and friends, which was pointed out by Sister Hatch as she was presenting a picture of John the Baptist to Tucker. Tucker was so excited to stand up in front of everyone, and to when the comment came, that all of these people loved him, that triggered something in his mind, and he began to count how many people were there. I believe the number was something like 53. He was so excited to count all of those people. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all who were there to support our Tucker and Lorelei. How much love just seemed to overflow in our hearts.

-There is something special about watching a baby blessing. Seeing strong priesthood holders surround your tiny infant child, all dressed in white. Using their priesthood power, to giving the baby a name and a blessing, the imagery alone is just amazing. Add to that the spiritual confirmation you feel, and it’s enough to make a mother cry. Which I did.

-The blessing was beautiful that Christopher offered for Lorelei was incredible. I can’t remember too many of the words, but I do remember Christopher talking about the change in our hearts and home since her arrival, the sanctity of womanhood that he spoke of, brought the tears gushing down my face.

-Seeing Lorelei in the dress made by my mother-in-law and her sister, and wrapped in the beautiful blanket from my mother, wearing a bracelet from Aunt Amy, and a hairbow from Aunt JoAnna, was another incredible sight. I hope she’ll treasure these heirlooms, and share them with her children, as a testament of the love her grandmothers, and women who surround her.

-How precious this day was, how much I adore each of my children for different things. How special they each are, and this day I felt a piece of God’s love for my children. A tender mercy. I know he has a plan for each of them, I loves seeing how incredible they each are, how they are an example to me and so many others. I can’t wait to watch them grow up, and change the world. I know they will, just by being themselves.

-I want to remember how Tucker glowed the entire day, and was so happy.

-(For those of you who were able to attend, if I missed something Lorelei or Tucker may want to remember will you please add it to the comments section? Or if you have something else you would like to add to them, will you please go ahead and leave it in the comments? Thank you!)

-Lorelei’s pictures incredible pictures were taken by my sister in law Emily Huff, Thanks Em!


1/2 Smiles

So Lorelei is so funny, while she is sleeping we see just gigantic smiles, and just recently she’s started smiling when she is awake.

She’s still learning how to smile all the way, and right now just gives us these small half smiles.
But I will take it, seeing a happy baby is wonderful any way you look at it.



Are so fun to dress, but I am especially loving that this baby is dressed in a lot of pinks.


the TWO’s are here!

It’s official, Eli’s two years old!
A quick overview of this special day: there were presents

Birthday Eggs

Playing with baby sister

Watching movies in the car with big brother (don’t mind Truman’s grumpy face, he really was happy! He just likes to make that face when I take pictures now…)

Choosing out special toys

And dinner at Chuck-A-Rama, where the birthday boy got to eat whatever he wanted.

Happy Birthday Elliot!


Christmas Break

A little handi-man action (hurray for a new light!)

LOTS of reading

Enjoying cuddles from Lorelei

Lots of Lego Star Wars on the Wii

Silly kids singing songs

Revamping Pictures

Having the boys home, makes me long for summer time, with four kids running around the house, and the adventures that come along with it.