A few minutes of fame.

I believe it’s been said, that each of us experience a few minutes of fame. For Tuck, I believe a few of his minutes of fame are beginning. It all started here, then about a month later, a special note arrived in the mail, and invitation to be honored for the creation of his quilt. It seems that his quilt had been chosen as an area representative for the reflection program.

The big night arrived, we celebrated with a dinner out at ‘bishop’s restaurant’ then headed to a local Junior High, where the ceremony began.

As it progressed, his name was called,

He walked to receive his trophy,

And a slide was shown of his quilt (the actual quilt can not be displayed, apparently per reflection rules), and he returned to us,

The ceremony continued, Gramps and Truman thought the trophy was awesome,

Elliot thought it was awesome,

And Tucker? He thought it was pretty awesome too.

And his parents think he is pretty awesome.

And although I can’t speak for them, I’m pretty sure his grandparents, and great grandparents think it’s pretty awesome too!

Thanks Grandma Hunsaker and Grams and Gramps for making the trip to support our sweet Tucker. We sure appreciate you!

Again, as a parent it is so fun to see your child succeed, and be proud of something they have done. We love you Tuck, and are so proud of you!

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We are so proud of you too, Tucker! We know you can do anything you set your mind to and we can’t wait to watch you accomplish so many great things throughout your life! We love you and miss you!

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