A special night.

Tucker still loves to sew, and for along time now, he’s been working on making a quilt, out of the scraps from my fabric pile.

Well, at his school, they have an art’s program called Reflections, where the children are encouraged to create a project then submit it for a contest.

This was enough of an incentive for Tucker to work hard and finish the quilt he’s been working on for awhile now.

Of course it’s full of more robots, and space stuff. That he carefully crafted. He loved this long one.
My favorite was this black square and
this arrow robot.
Here he is with the quilt on awards night.
(Wishing I would have gotten a better shot of the whole quilt. Live and learn.)
Everyone who participated got a ribbon and prize bag. Tucker was thrilled with this.
The children returned to their seats, and then they announced the winners of each group. We had been talking with Tucker before this event, about how lots of kids had entered, and he might not win. We wanted to prepare him, just in case. He was nervous.

But then his name was called.
A medal was awarded
With a gift certificate for an ice cream.

He was mostly proud of the fact that he had gotten a medal with his name engraved on it.

And his proud parents, took zillions of pictures.

We just couldn’t have felt prouder of this Talented amazing boy.

We love you Tuck!

In the next month or so, his quilt will be entered in the State contest. It will be fun to go and see what other children have created, and what is on display. Obviously, more pictures to follow!

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So cute! How are our children growing up so fast??? Sophie has been wanting to make a quilt for my mom so bad – but I talked her into cutting out felt pieces and hand sewing them onto a big felt piece to make a wall hanging (my sewing machine is so old I’m not sure I am ready to let her use it). What a treasure Tuck’s quilt will be (and is) to keep forever!

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