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Answered Prayers

My boys are constantly an example to me. It is no wonder that we are told in the scriptures to look to our children. I wish I was more like them in so many ways.

Case and Point.

We have a wicked awesome car. Wicked awesome for many reasons. One, it’s totally paid off. Two, It’s been with us our entire married life. Three, to use it you must know the wicked awesome tricks…. like how to open the door that has no door handle and how if you smack the ceiling just right you get the internal ceiling light to shut off or even how to move our 3 car seats just right so the doors will close. And lastly, it’s wicked awesome because you have to know the right way to insert the keys to get it to start up.

And even then, when you know the tricks, it’s no guarantee it’s going to start up.

I have been in many different locations trying to coax Rusty (that’s our cars name by the way) into letting me turn the key, and therefore ignite the engine. There has been a few times when we’re running late, or we’re far enough away from help, that I’ve felt overwhelmed by the situations. It is then that my boys always sugguest a prayer. And after these prayers, our car always starts. ALWAYS. They have learned at a young age, the power of prayer.

So it was no wonder that the other evening, when we were expecting some guests, and they hadn’t arrived, that my children suggested a prayer. You see, it was Missionary Month for our ward, and the youth were practicing being missionaries all month long, and one of the concluding events was going to members home for dinner. We had been asked if we would entertain them, and gladly said yes. But When the actual night came we weren’t sure if we were going to get guests or not, but had prepared the house and dinner for them just in case. At the mention of this, our little boys were ecstatic. We live in a and as the time approached for the missionaries arrival, the boys were glued to the window.

A set of missionaries arrived across the street, then a few minutes later another set arrived next door, then a few minutes after that another set arrived at another neighbors home. Then we waited. And waited. It was over a half an hour after their sugguested arrival time, and we began to think they wouldn’t be coming. So we began to prepare our boys, telling them that if we didn’t get missionaries tonight, we could talk about dad’s mission or invite another friend over who had served a mission and he could tell us about his. The looks on the boys faces just about broke my heart…then Tucker had an idea. Let’s pray mom. So we did. Tucker and Truman both offered prayers, and then they went back to the window. And just then when I had given up hope, a car pulled up and two of our youth missionaries hoped out of the car.


I can’t remember what Tucker said later that night, but it was something to the effect of, see mom when we pray, Heavenly Father wants to help us out.

And he’s right. He does, so why do I so often try to do things on my own? Thank goodness for the faith and purity of little ones, and the reminder that Heavenly Father wants to bless our lives. He wants to help us. So why do I sometimes hesitate to ask for his help? My children turn to him first, and I should follow their examples.

Again, I am floored by the things I am learning from being a parent.

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Your stories are so good.

I loved the Tuck and Patti song. Be careful of before long you will start listenting to jazz and then you are hooked. They are married to each other btw.
dad phillips

I love the innocence of it all. As grown ups we often don’t think to pray over small things, or think it is silly to pray. It is very true that we must become as little children and there is a lot we can learn from those little ones. Thanks for sharing your story.

That’s a fun story. What cute boys. You must be happy seeing good things like prayer & faith sink in. Owen got some little knight guys for a castle and he calls them Lamanite guys. I was so happy to know the scripture reading was doing something :).

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