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2 Wonderful Months

“Time doth softly, sweetly glide, when there’s love at home.”


It’s been over two wonderful months since Elliot arrival. He’s brought so much love to our home.

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He is so so SO adorable. I want to kiss his cheeks! I had forgotten how bruised he was – poor sweet little guy. Can hardly wait to meet him for real.

What a cutie! I would have been so nervous seeing such a blue face, just worried about his breathing, but totally relieved that he was ok. You guys are so much better then us all, to even consider calling all those people for your church callings and such! My jaw dropped when I thought of you guys, in the hospital, calling so many people! That is so admirable! We also walked the halls, which I didn’t do with Lucy, (we just stayed in the room) but it was so nice to be away from everything, and I should not be surprised at all that you did it natural! you just amaze me!
OH, and I loved the line about Christopher saying you are doing such a great job. (But how would he know? ) you guys are just so darling!
(Sorry, really just one more thing) I love that paddington bear sweater Elliot is wearing!
So cute!

He is adorable. Congrats on two months. I really loved reading your birth story too. Good for you…natural girl! I’ve never seen anything like his blue face, that must have been scary at first!

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