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We are Family…

For Primary last week the boys were encouraged to bring a small family photo or drawing to hang on our ward family tree that was located in the primary room.

When I read the note I realized, we didn’t have a family picture with all five of us in it!! Elliot is over 6 weeks old, but yet, we didn’t have a single snap shot with ALL of us in it. What?!?!

So over the next week I tried numerous times, and talked about it on several occasions, but somehow it just didn’t happen. So, when Sunday morning arrived (Christopher had already left for his early morning meetings, and wasn’t going to be home until right before church), I discussed our options with the boys, and they gladly decided they wanted to draw pictures, and I am so glad they did. Look at these precious family photos.

Trumans Family:

Tuckers Family:

I love children’s artwork, and it makes me smile to see how they view their world: Each of them at the center of their families, a very important place to be, and in my opinion, as it how it should be.

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